25 Solo Miles, Race Advice, & Yoga Pal

First off, congrats to everyone who raced this weekend! In particular, I had a ton of friends (including my sister) at the Chicago Marathon. Looks like everyone had a great time…I’m guessing it’s due to my advice I gave them…

Remember kids...

Took this pic at a marathon in New Orleans the other year. It’s still relevant today.

As for me, I don’t have a race for two weeks, so I’m still getting ready. I got up on Saturday for my long run and it was raining…back to bed it is! When I woke up a second time, the rain was gone, but so was my group I was meant to run with. I had to do 15 miles by my lonesome.

Just me, my shoes, and my thoughts...scary!

Just me, my shoes, and my thoughts…scary!

I’ll tell you what, it’s much more of a mental struggle to run these distances by yourself. The miles don’t fly by like when you’re having conversations with folks. But that will make us stronger come race day, right?

On Sunday I got up to go run trails, but my running co-horts were either out of town or sick, so once again I was on my own. I ended up going 7-8 miles. For you math majors, that’s a good 22-23 for the weekend. If you include the 3 I ran on Friday, then that’s even more (I wasn’t a math major).

Afterwards it was on to power yoga.

I'm in there somewhere.

I’m in there somewhere. Hint: I’m a dude.

And speaking of running and yoga…my run/yoga buddy moved to NYC over the weekend.

With B (in pink) and friends at a recent race.

That’s her (in pink) and other friends at a recent race.

She’s going to be working in fitness, and will be a yoga instructor. Livin the dream in the Big Apple. We had a going away happy hour.

B is off to N-Y-C.

Is any city nicknamed the “Big Grapple”? There should be.

So there you have it, another exhausting weekend. Fun, but busy.

How bout you? Did you race or have friends race? Ever long run by yourself? Is it really okay to poop your pants?


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45 thoughts on “25 Solo Miles, Race Advice, & Yoga Pal

  1. No races for me since I just had one 🙂 I have done long runs by myself and they suck. Props to you for getting it done!

  2. Yup, I sure did race! My 2nd half marathon and it was awesome, hard, then finished with a smile and PB to boot! I do a lot of my long runs by myself – some times I like it and some times I hate it.

    • Oooh, I saw that on IG. I need to catch up with everyone’s blogs. Can’t wait to read all about it!
      I don’t mind the short runs by myself…and the occasional long run is ok, but it’s so much easier with others!

  3. I had a ton of friends run the Army 10 miler over the weekend. I have a couple half marathons in November, both smaller/local races. I end up running lots of 10 mile races and half marathons just so I don’t have to do my weekend long run by myself! Kudos to you for getting out there and doing it! It can be tough getting in those kind of miles without company!

    I’m not sure if it’s “ok” to poop your pants, but it sure is funny! That is possibly the best race sign I’ve ever seen!!!! LOL

    • I love smaller local races. Good luck to you! I wish we had ten mile races here, but they’re hard to come by. Haha, I hear you – I actually go and do my long runs with races sometimes (bandit style – don’t worry, I don’t take a medal or anything, I just want company).

      Ha, yes, my friend told me it’s def not ok, but I have seen it happen. I thought the sign was pretty funny too!

  4. No races for me. I always long run by myself. Maybe that’s part of my problem? Great job getting in those miles!

  5. I used to do all my long runs by myself but now that I’ve found a group to run with I can’t imagine going back to solo!

    • Good for you! I’m with you. I try to always run with others on the long runs if I can, but the rain didn’t let that happen this time.

  6. I always run alone, but I look forward to doing long runs with a group when I eventually join one. Do you listen to music while you run? I feel like so many internet friends ran races this weekend, it was so inspiring! I ran a 10k and it was a lot tougher than when I ran it last year; time to get back in shape!

    • There are so many run groups out there, I’m sure you can find some. I bounce around from group to group depending on my schedule. It’s nice! I do NOT listen to music – gave it up more than a year ago and cannot go back. I tried once, but it was too distracting. Oh yes, 10k’s hurt! I’ve been there!

  7. Well, with your friend in NYC now, you should come up and visit. Then we can eat tacos together.

    My friends ran the Chicago Marathon too.

    • Ya know, I was thinking that same thing! She said I could stay at her place, so I’ll be eyeballing some NYC races now! We’ll eat all the tacos (though I don’t trust texmex north of the Texas border) 😉

  8. Solo miles are definitely tougher especially on those long runs. I guess when you have to go, you have to go lol.

    Raced this weekend, pretty good results for the wife and I. Plus it was just nice to be out at a race. Fellow runners and the atmosphere was great.

    • Yeah, I was surprised how much I was wishing for someone to talk to. I guess 2 plus hours with your own thoughts can be dangerous! Haha!

      Congrats to you both! Can’t wait to catch up with your blog and read all about it!

  9. WalkToRio

    I always run solo. Whenever I’m doing over 12 miles it’s me and my head, I keep singing and scaring people when I hit the high notes of some songs.
    As for pooping your pants, well, recently another American race walker moved to Seville, we workout together one or twice a week. First time I talked to him he told me about the time he had to do IT on a race. And kept going and going and going, even after I told him I wasn’t really interested on the details of his vowel moments.
    Past August, the guy who won the 50km at the European Championships kept putting sponges in his shorts, he would grab the sponges and “create a padding” on his ass, the cameras caught the moment when he was removing the sponges. Gross!
    But he didn’t stop and broke the work record, 3:35:27.
    He surely practiced that before.

    • Ahhh, so you just spend hours on end in a solitary confinement, basically. That explains a lot, haha! What are you singing, Justin Beiber?
      Haha, sorry about your training partner and the record setter. You are right, he must’ve practiced that technique!!! Luckily I’ve never had that problem, but I’ve seen it happen to others in races – not a pleasant sight!

  10. It is ok to poo yourself if you’re at home and got too caught up in the news after drinking a pot of coffee and didn’t quite make it to the toilet, but otherwise, nope. No poo. I don’t know if my swim race counts but I did run before it 🙂 My sister ran the Army 10 miler and had a few friends run Chicago. I’m jealous.

    • OK, that sounds like a personal experience. No more details please. Haha! 😉 Sure, a swim race counts! Congrats to your friends (and mine) I was also jealous! But soon they’ll be jealous of our races, right?

  11. I start off with my running group but I actually prefer to run solo. No idea why. Well, I think I get too concerned that I’m slowing someone down lol!

    • Really? Interesting. I don’t mind running solo, but after a while I wished I had someone to talk to. Ha, I wouldn’t worry about that, maybe they’re making you speed up!

  12. Looks like a lovely weekend!

  13. the poop your pants sign gave me a good chuckle for the day! Thanks!
    Last race was in May! Since I am pregnant I will be chilling out until next September BUT I am super excited and can’t wait to get back to it!

    • Ha, you’re welcome! I thought it was funny when I saw it at the race!
      Congrats on the upcoming baby! Enjoy your “break” and we’ll see you on the streets soon enough!

  14. I love seeing those signs on a race course. Nothing like making a long distance run a little more entertaining with a poop sign! Unfortunately that’s not fun when you have to run those distances alone! Way to go! That’s a lot of dedication. As for me, I’m not running hardly at all, but I am lifting a ton. So this weekend was a much needed rest time. I also have to say I have never pooped my pants…

    • Ha, I always love a good race sign too! Thank you! It was a mental challenge for sure. So you’re getting all swol then? 😉
      And never?????

  15. That’s quite the sign! Interesting advice 🙂

  16. I only run solo because I’m too slow for everyone else I know that runs, so I can understand about the time dragging. Fo sho.

  17. Looks like a great weekend, and good luck to your friend, I hope she loves NYC!!

    Since I had my son, I haven’t been able to run with my running friends because our schedules just don’t match up so I have become a solo runner, which meant this winter I trained for Boston is the MISERABLE ice and snow and freezing cold temps alone, let me tell you, those 15-20 mile runs were so mentally tough I don’t know how I made it through. I’d much rather run with other people!

    • Thank you so much!

      Oh man, I hear you on the kids front. A lot of run groups meet in the evenings around here, and it’s hard for me to meet them. Luckily the morning ones meet super early and I can get home by the kids waking up (most of the time). Good for you for pushing through that ice and snow! I had to do the same down here (yes, we actually had some ice storms). I was preparing for Disney (in Jan) when all my friends here were running Dallas (early Dec) and so after their race, they didn’t want to join me in the cold and ice. Oh well.

  18. Haha I kept checking bloglovin’ on Sunday to see if anyone had posted race recaps since it was a big race day! I need a life…I just love reading race recaps! It is okay to poop your pants if you’re a baby, elderly, or racing 😉

  19. I raced a half over the weekend, eventually I’ll post about it, or not. I like the different race signs you see out there. Never seen the poop one before. It’s okay to poop your pants if you’re a baby and likely really embarrassing if you’re an adult.

    • Well congrats! Ha, I need to catch up with your blog, so can’t wait to read about it, or not. 😉 Yeah, that sign gave me a chuckle. And it is embarrassing if you do it as an adult – I’ve seen it several times in races and I was embarrassed for them!

  20. charissarunning

    Great job on all your solo miles, Scott! I must say, your 15-miler turned out to be pretty beastly 😀

    I nearly always do my runs solo because none of my friends run as much as me…BUT I am going to try out a long training run this weekend at my local running store which I’m excited about! Maybe there will be someone who runs about my pace?? We’ll see!

    • Thank you so much! Luckily the rain also brought cooler temps, which gave a pep in my step!

      Haha, maybe you need to find new friends??? Oh yes, running stores always have good run groups. Have fun!!! Every group I’ve run with has had everyone from walkers to sub-elites. You’ll find some running buddies!

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  22. I love running with my running group. I feel a little lost if I have to run by myself, but there is definitely a time and place for running alone! And wait….you won’t run in the rain?! Really??

    • I’m with you! The running groups are the best! Yes, it definitely test your mental toughness running solo!
      Haha, I love running in the rain. But I also love sleep. And at 430am when the alarm is sounding and you hear the rain pounding, then the bed won out. 😉

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