The Ebola Race (Cancelled) & High Impact Yoga

I’ve been a bit out of it ever since I got a case of the Ebola sniffles last week. I’m just now starting to not be light headed all day. Despite this, I was still supposed to run a 15k race the other day – that happened to be near where all the Dallas Ebola stuff is going down…But it had got cancelled. So I ran 14 miles instead.

It looks like a balloon mid-popping.

It looks like a horrible balloon…a horriballoon.

The race didn’t get cancelled because of the Ebola stuff, it got cancelled due to a storm. This storm came through 36 hours before the race, left behind many downed trees and power outages. Too bad too, cause the storm also brought with it some cool temps. The 14 miles I did run, felt easy peasy booty squeezy.

The next day I got up early to meet friends for trail running and yoga. The trails were nice.

So we'll just follow that path then?

So we’ll just follow that path then?

The yoga, however was not what a sick person who just ran 6-7 miles and hadn’t eaten needed. It started with a whole series of ‘mountain to swan dive’ repeats. If you don’t know what that is – basically: stand up, bend over, repeat. Yowza, I was dizzy.

In case you wondered who was in the class.

In case you wondered who was in the class.

The practice went on to be pretty intense. There was lots of shaking, sweating, and grunting going on – it sounded like being in a dorm. Seriously though, it was a great workout.

And of course, I had to help nurse myself back to health with some tacos.

Migas & Independent (veggie)

They look good, but tasted better.

Onward to more!

How bout you? Ever have a race cancelled on you? Any tough yoga classes lately? Are you celebrating Taco Tuesday?


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22 thoughts on “The Ebola Race (Cancelled) & High Impact Yoga

  1. Taco Tuesday is my favorite! I celebrated chips and guacamole Monday pretty hardcore yesterday. I’ve never had a race cancelled but I was supposed to do a half ironman the day after a hurricane came through and there was a lot of flooding/fast currents so I didn’t feel safe doing the river swim and withdrew the day of which was pretty lame 😦

    • Oh man, I love me some Guac. I could crush some every day! Bummer about your 1/2 IM. Sounds like you made a smart choice – even if it was lame. Live to swim another day!

  2. I have never had a race cancel on me, although we got really close to cancelling MCM last year because of the government shutdown, thank goodness that didn’t happen. As for Taco Tuesday, my boys just learned about it from the Lego movie, so now every Tuesday we have tacos 🙂

    • Oh yeah, I remember that. How crazy! Glad the race went on!
      Hahaha, love the Lego Movie. That’s so great that you made Taco Tuesday a thing from it!

  3. OMG “easy peasy booty squeezy” is my new favorite phrase.

  4. runningschlub

    14 miles so soon after being sick?? Watch yourself guy!! Never had a race cancelled on me before, been pretty lucky. Dust celebrate taco Tuesday but did celebrate Chipotle Tuesday!!

    • Oh, I was still sick my man. Snot was everywhere. You’re lucky to have no cancellations yet! Mmmm, I do like Chipotle. One of the only chains I’ll eat at.

  5. That’s too bad about the race, but at least you didn’t have to make a decision about it!

  6. Thankfully I’ve never had a race cancelled on me…but you made the best of it. All those mountain to swans are never a good idea (I just don’t like doing them over and over again.) I have had a few yoga classes where I wondered if I was going to make it through bc I was shaking/sweating so bad. That is one of the things I love about yoga though, it has the power to do so much to you (relax, challenge, etc)

    • Lucky for you! I know right – it makes me light headed just thinking of it!
      I agree!!! People think yoga is easy – they have no idea how challenging it is!

  7. Coming back to health on tacos, now there is a plan. Good for you getting a good run in despite the race cancellation. And never do anything on an empty stomach, blech.

    • Ha, after eating only soup for a couple days, I was hungry for them! Yes, I know, stupid of me. Trying to get smarter.

  8. Great, now my husband has a new fave phrase “easy least booty squeezy”. Thanks? Never had a race cancelled, but I’ve cancelled my appearance at a few before and run the “race” at home for “unplanned carb overload” the evening before. Was actually an unofficial PR at the time so yeah for me 🙂

    • Haha, sorry, it just came to me. Seemed more appropriate than ‘lemon squeezy’. LOL, well I hope your fans weren’t too disappointed at your cancelled appearances. Ha, gotta love the ‘unplanned “carb” overloads’!!!! 😉

  9. I’m going to my first yoga class on Sunday!!! I have to run 20 miles that morning so hopefully I don’t repeat what you did…

  10. I celebrated taco Thursday today. Does that count?

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