Run + Taco + Soccer + Yoga + Celeb + Swan Balloon

It’s been a crazy few days, kids. We had an uhmaizeeng cold front come through. One day it was over 100 degrees, the next day I woke up and it was in the 60’s! All us North Texas runners were absolutely giddy!

I met up with WRRC to run. The group I fell in with went 12 miles at an 8:30 pace, and it felt easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!

It almost looks like a dog.

It almost looks like a dog.

Afterwards I wanted breakfast tacos, of course. So I hit up a taco joint called Taco Joint.

Migas taco. Weird shrimp lookin thing behind me.

Crazy eyes. Migas taco. Weird shrimp lookin thing behind me.

I gotta tell ya, it was like a party up in therre. It was before 9am but it was PACKED with runners from different run groups – as well as a few doctors fresh off the overnight shift. And the bar was open, and the drinks were flowin. It was seriously poppin.

I couldn’t partake tho cause up next I was coaching the boy’s soccer game.

Kick the ball int he goal over there.

Kick the ball in the goal over there.

My parents came out and took some photos.

Aaaand KICK!

Aaaand KICK!

Luckily the boy’s good running form helps him out in soccer too!

He's flying.

He’s flying.

And the day didn’t stop there. My buddy messaged me that he had some extra tix to the FC Dallas pro soccer match. I took him up on it.

My bud with the hook up.

My bud with the hook up.

My dad and brother also joined me. It was a rare men’s night out!

The Evans Lads.

The Evans Lads.

And FC Dallas won the game!!

Go team go!

Go team go! I think that guy in front of us is taking a selfie, too bad the field is in front of him. #turnarounddude

The next morning I was up early again to join my runnin bud Serene for a trail run.

The squiggly part is where I was I was looking for my keys.

The squiggly part is where I was I was looking for my keys.

After the trails we went to yoga. Someone brought their pet.

He's good at 'down dog'

He’s a natural at ‘down dog’

Then I gotta tell ya that something random happened. I ran into Dallas Cowboy legend Charles Haley at the store. Big guy.

Too bad I'm a Browns fan.

Too bad I’m a Browns fan.

Finafreakinly our neighborhood had a block party. Complete with balloon animals.

Stop looking at me swan.

Stop looking at me swan.

I was pooped (not literally). Such a fun weekend, but so much tired. I laid on the couch to wind down with the DVR, but my eyelids promptly closed. Out cold. Dreams of sugar plums (whatever those are).

How bout you? Great weekend? 9 am party-ers out there? What’s your spirit balloon animal?


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36 thoughts on “Run + Taco + Soccer + Yoga + Celeb + Swan Balloon

  1. Sounds like such an awesome action-packed weekend! Love the soccer photo’s…your boy sure can fly and your little girls is sure rocking the balloon hat πŸ™‚
    I had a great running weekend (two PB’s) and time with the whole family – doesn’t get much better then that. Oh wait…it does, I didn’t get a swan balloon 😦

    • Thanks Piper! It was pretty fun adn the kids had a blast.
      I heard about your PB’s, so much congrats! Hahaha, Maybe you can get a swan hat at the next carnival up there…

  2. Tehehehe!! I love the “he’s a natural at down dog”!! Sooo cute!! Wow, lots of great running and yoga and tacos!!! YUM!!! Always LOVE your pictures!! Super adorable!!! Have a great week!! XOXO!! πŸ™‚

    • Haha, thanks for picking up on that lil joke!
      So much running and tacos with some yoga thrown in! Thank you so much, I’m really glad you enjoy them! Thanks, have a great week yourself!!! πŸ™‚ xoxoxoxo

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Glad to hear you finally got your cool weather you’ve been waiting for! I’m a little disturbed by the fact people were eating and drinking in a bar at 9am though! HAHA! Were they at least breakfast tacos and bloody marys?

    • Thanks, it was! Well, we got the cool weather for two days…it’s hot again. Blergh. Ha, well you have to consider that most of the people in there had been up since 4 am to get their runs in. So it was like brunch time for everyone else.

  4. Good grief, your son is going to be a pro athlete. That stride! I’m envious!

  5. I used to be a 9am partier before I had kids. My nurse friends and I used to go out to breakfast and a few beers after a long night shift. Those were the good old days!

    • Ahh, very cool! I used to be able to party all night myself, but those days are long gone. Now I try to sneak in a post morning run beer because I can still get home before the kids are up. Ha!

  6. Good weekend.

    Great photo of your son running on the pitch. I love it. He looks great.

    Seriously I can’t read your posts unless I’m eating because I get too hungry otherwise. Actually sometimes your posts make me not want my nice, healthy meal and instead I want to dig into a taco.

    I brought my puppy to work a couple of times. She’s a big hit with my colleagues. They’re a bit sad when she’s not in.

    • Twas.

      Thanks! And thanks for knowing the correct term ‘pitch’!!!

      Haha, sorry about that! And to be honest, most of my tacos are pretty healthy. They’re almost always vegetarian.

      Ha, that’s cool that you’re allowed to bring your pup to work. I’m sure it always brightens the mood!

  7. Melanie

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention the big Browns victory!

  8. Melissa

    We got that cold front in Austin too. So nice!

  9. That cold front is from me, you’re welcome. Your boy has the most amazing running form. I ran lots this weekend too, no taco post-parties though. I am making my own, but still working on getting the seasoning right. Can you make a balloon squirrel? That would be my spirit balloon animal.

    • Thanks so much! Can you send another one? The first one didn’t last too long. He has crazy good form, I don’t know how he does it! I’m glad you’re able to get your tacos one way or another!!! Ha, I’m sure there’s some balloon squirrels out there. NIce!

  10. getgoing-getrunning

    I reckon the track looks like a bull. Drawn on an etch-a-sketch, by someone who was drunk thanks to 9am margaritas at Taco Joint, while attempting to explain to the balloon man that his spirit balloon animal is a bull because he follows the Dallas Cowboys. That’s what I’m seeing anyway…

  11. WalkToRio

    That’s a busier weekend than any of my weekdays last week.
    How did the kids do this time?
    My weekend was uneventful, biking and walking, putting some mileage under my belt and sleeping.
    Did that dog stay still during the whole Yoga session?

    • I hope you’re able to find some time to relax.
      They won big this time! Griffin had a hat trick.
      Nice weekend – you’ll need a bigger belt soon for all those miles.
      I didn’t notice the dog because I was in total zen mode. Either that or I was distracted by the yoga pants in front of me.

  12. I can’t believe a former Cowboys player was wearing Cowboys clothing. That reminds me of wearing a concert t shirt to the concert of the band on the shirt.

    • Hahaha, nice. he just kind of showed up and started taking pics with peeps and handing out autographed pictures. So random. I work with another former Cowboy star and he keeps autographed pics in his car.

  13. Way to kick butt with that 12 miler! Although I’d probably run fast and far for breakfast tacos, too.

  14. Love the balloon hat! Great work again with the soccer coach! I’m glad you explained those squiggles on your run. I was wondering what the heck happened. I was guessing it was one of those runs where you finished short and were doing circles in the parking lot. Yep I do it all the time. Or back and forth on the street, not at all creepy for the neighbors.

    • Thank you!!! Maybe you can get a balloon hat soon too. Haha, well actually I did one lap of the parking lot to get the last qtr mile in, but the squiggles were the “technical” part of the trail. Lots of turns and hills and bobbing and weaving!

  15. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I would definitely be passed out on the couch at the end of all that too. My crazy 9am party was a 10k race followed by a big plate of WAFFLES! I think pancakes and waffles are to me what tacos are to you.

    • Thanks, it was great! Yay, congrats on your race and your waffles. I used to love this pancake place here, until they gave me food poisoning. Now I stick with tacos. Ha, enjoy!

  16. You make even the most boring things sound like a great time. We had a fantastic weekend with some amazing apple picking and tons of time with friends. It was a great weekend to be outside and enjoying nature!

    • Haha, well, sometimes you just have to keep looking for the fun stuff! That’s so cool you got to pick apples. I remember doing that as a kid in Ohio. So much fun!

  17. Sounds like an awesome weekend…and I want a taco joint like that here in Boston…I’d be making a guest appearance there after my morning runs for sure too if a place was hopping like that!! My weekend was great, we had awesome Fall weather so we spent a lot of time outdoors and had soccer for our little guy, which we are all loving!

    • Thanks! Did the Boston tacos have lobster in it? πŸ˜‰
      Glad you had an awesome weekend and awesome weather. Please send it our way…the cold front left after two days. Blergh

  18. You’re weekends are always so busy! Sounds like me. When are we supposed to relax? πŸ˜‰ Hope you were able to find your keys!

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