Sad Stuff, Happy Stuff, & Runspiration

Sad stuff: Today in the States is always a one for reflection. It’s 9/11. That was a sad day. Made even sadder through the fact that at the time I was a producer for a network that made training videos for first responders. I knew a lot of firefighters very well.

At a shoot. I had to get geared up for safety (and for fun).

Years ago at a shoot. I had to get geared up for safety (and for fun).

Happy stuff: Many years later I was flown to NYC by a firefighter friend to make a video about the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. That was an amazing experience. We got to meet some great people from NYFD and shooting some cool stuff around the city.

Brooklyn in da house. Takin it to the bridge.

Brooklyn in da house. Takin it to the bridge.

Fast forward a couple years and I got to produce another video about 9/11. I was also able to incorporate footage we shot in NYC. I’m really proud of this video (it even won an Emmy). Give it a watch if you have a few minutes HERE.

More sad stuff: I just learned that a old friend from high school has passed away from cancer.

He was a senior when I was a freshman. I always looked up to him because he was like all-state or something in Track, Cross Country, and Swimming. I also thought of him a lot because his freshman year of college he had an unfortunate incident which left him as a quadriplegic.



Happy stuff: It never slowed him down. He was always living life to the fullest and inspiring others. You can read his obituary HERE.

He would even come to our high school track meets in his wheelchair and cheer for us. Can you imagine a former champion runner, who was just permanently assigned to a wheelchair, instead of retreating from watching others run, but rather seeking them out?!? Amazing.

Some of my HS friends have been going on tribute runs this week and making makeshift memorials.

From a friend's Facebook page.

From a friend’s Facebook page.

I have many forms of inspiration, but to this day, there was nothing more of a “runspiration” than seeing him sitting behind the fence yelling encouragement. I still think about that on runs sometimes.

Me in high school.

Me in high school.

OK, I hope I balanced enough happy stuff in with the sad. If not, then here’s a bunch of gifs of dudes getting hit in the privates: Enjoy (only if you’re immature).

How bout you? Do you love NYC? Any runspiration stories? Did I balance the sad/happy enough?


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26 thoughts on “Sad Stuff, Happy Stuff, & Runspiration

  1. What a nice post and video. Sad and kind of sad/happy. Everyone loves NYC. I was there when the towers were still there and loved it. I will go back one day and love it some more.

    • Thanks Angie! I didn’t go to NYC until after 9/11, but I did see the towers a week before when I was flying home from Boston and NYC was off in the distance. Not sure when I get to go back, but can’t wait!

  2. I like your balance of happy and sad. I think that’s important.

  3. Good balance of happy/ sad. I love what I know of NYC but have never been there. Maybe someday I will get the chance to go there.

  4. I love NYC, I can’t imagine what it would have been like to make a video for the ten-year anniversary of 9/11. And that is one incredibly inspiring friend you had.

    • It was pretty emotional at times to make that video. We were interviewing a bunch of firefighters who lost either a son or father on 9/11.
      Thank you!

  5. WalkToRio

    Nice post! Good balance between sad and happy.
    Sorry to hear about your friend though.
    NYC is home, I moved to Spain about 5 years, but all my crap is still there. I love The City.

    PS: The guy between the 2 cars, I’m sure his life flashed before his eyes, you can almost see it.

    • Thank you, sir!
      All your stuff is still in NYC? Do you have an apartment there still? If so, can I stay there next visit and host parties?

  6. Definitely a good balance but it never makes reading the sad stuff any easier. You do a great job of focusing on the positive and making sure to highlight the best parts of a situation. I love NYC too and love that you were able to honor so many people with your talents! Keep making the world better one smile at a time!

    • Thanks Jenna! I don’t like to put negative stuff out there in the universe, so I try to keep it positive.
      Agreed…NYC is an amazing city!

  7. Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I don’t know how you do it. I was just about to say that I am terribly sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and then I cracked up that you posted the video at the end. Always a good reminder to keep it in balance. But seriously I am sorry to hear about your friend and I love that he was such an inspiration to many. I will run a few for Brad today.

  9. your happy stuff still made me cry. Haha (IM A SAP) Also, I don’t know HOW they do it, but SOMEHOW EVERY firefighter outfit makes people look sexy. You welcome. Happy Friday!!! : D

  10. Definitely a great happy/sad balance!! I love New York City!!! I LOVE IT!!! What an amazing place!! Also, wow to making the ten year anniversary video and what a wonderful friend you had. Sounds like an amazing man!! XOXO!!

  11. Sorry to hear about your friend. He sounds like an incredible guy! And good job on those videos – that’s a great piece. I can’t believe it’s already been 13 years/

  12. runningschlub

    This time of year is tough. My bday is actually 9/11 so it’s real hard celebrating on a day that is known for so much heartbreak. But it’s getting better, the stand up and fight mentality is moving is forward as a whole.

    So awesome you were involved with so many great project surrounding 9/11, truly amazing.

    Your friend from high school truly is an inspiration. There are many different roads he could have gone down but he chose one of encouragement and inspiration.

    • Oh really? That is hard. And I thought I had it bad for having a birthday the day AFTER St. Pats when everyone is partied out. 😉
      I was honored to be involved in those projects!
      You’re very right. It must’ve been hard to go the route he did, but I’m sure he was glad that he did.

  13. What a great post! That’s pretty amazing that you got to film 9/11 videos! I’m going to watch tonight! I remember the morning of 9/11 and being very confused and shocked (I was only in middle school- did I just make you feel old?). I don’t think the severity (of it all) hit me for a couple days. My dad was also on a flight home that day so I remember being scared and having a lot of family and friends call our house.

    • Thanks Amy! I hope you enjoyed the video!
      I bet that was a scary time for you. I think everyone remembers where they were at that time. And yes, now I feel old. 😉

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