Running in Sweat, Possible Fart, & Pea

I’m ready for a weather break. This Texas summer has been pretty mild temperature wise, still hot, but we haven’t had the dozens of consecutive 100+ degree days we usually get.

That said, it’s been extremely humid. So much humid. It’s like trying to run through hot pee pea soup.

By the end of my runs, I’m SOAKED in sweat. Yesterday I threw my run shirt on the corner of the bath tub. A few minutes later I heard a leaky faucet. I went to turn it off and realized that it was my shirt dripping sweat. There was a nice stream leading to the drain. I wondered if any bugs gaught caught in the “Great Spider Sized Flood of ’14”

Today's butt sweat - some see Mickey Mouse, some see a heart. Either way it's gross.

Today’s butt sweat – some see Mickey Mouse, some see a heart. Either way it’s gross.

For the past week or so the TV weather folks have been promising a “cold” front. It ain’t came yet. And if it ever does, there’s no telling how long it’ll last.

What HAS arrived however, is some wind. The past two days we’ve had a 20 mph constant hairdrier blowing in our faces. It made today’s track workout interesting…half the track felt like I was running in place, the other half I felt a giddy up.

I made a very hilarious and extremely sophisticated video about the situation. The middle school football team practicing in the field gave me some sideways looks.

I’m not complaining, mind you, I’m just a little frustrated. I haven’t raced in a couple months. And this weather has slowed my pace, despite feeling like I’m working harder. I’m just looking forward to some reasonable fall weather races where I can go for “speed”.

I expect all this muggy weather training to pay off when we do get a break. Till then, it’ll still be minimum 2 showers per day. Rock on, playas.

How bout you? Got Fall yet? Like looking into the clouds, do you see anything in my butt sweat? Ever run in a giant’s fart?


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38 thoughts on “Running in Sweat, Possible Fart, & Pea

  1. I think Michigan got you “cold” front starting with rain today and temperatures in the 60s this weekend. I am so happy about this. So. Happy.
    I also think your butt sweat is trying to show you some love. 🙂

  2. WalkToRio

    Nights are getting better here. Days are still hot and humid.
    I see fall coming because I no longer need my sunglasses when I go for my evening workout, I take them anyway because I like to think they make me look cool.
    I see a butt dew heart. But then, if you look closely, you’ll see a face forming on the right side, a profile not a frontal view.
    That’s how people start seeing things, first hearts, then mice then saints and virgins, soon it’ll be a pilgrimage site. Just saying.

    • Totally wearing your shades at night is cool. Keep doing it!
      Haha, yes, now I see it!
      Great point! I totally agree. I went by there earlier today and I already saw flowers people left there. It will continue to grow, I’m sure!

  3. Thankfully haven’t had too many windy runs, but I’m sure it sucks. We’ve been having cooler nights around here, but daytime temps are still very summery. Can’t wait for fall running weather!

    And apparently your butt loves running.

    • Yeah, the wind was not fun when I turned the corner on the track and it hit me in the face!
      Glad you’re getting cooler temps, I hope it continues.
      Yes, my butt loves running…or at least when it’s over and I get to sit down.

  4. We’re hogging all the cold! It was -2C this AM, very frosty. I think that’s 28F. The days are supposed to warm up, but it’s cold at night. I see a squished butterfly in your butt sweat. Poor butterfly.

    • What?!?!?! That’s way too cold already! It seems like your lakes just melted! Oh now, poor butterfly indeed…Oh I get it, butt-erfly.

  5. That wind sounds awful, unless it’s behind you, then yay! We FINALLY feel fall-ish around here the last couple of days after summer decided to show up just in time for all the kids to go back to school. LOL

    It’s been wonderful to run in this weather again. I hope yours figures itself out soon, otherwise you’ll just have to lay the smack down to Mother Nature.

    • It definitely made for a challenging run! You’re lucky to be in full fall mode soon enough! I bet it helps your runs! Yes, I may have to open a can of whoop arse!

  6. Ummm we may have snow here in Denver Friday. SNOW IN DENVER. Not. OK.

  7. getgoing-getrunning

    Looks like a heart to me. You ‘heart’ sweat. Get it! Very droll I know…
    Have run in pea soup before, but never a giants fart…

  8. I hope it cools down soon for you! And running in headwinds is NO FUN. Last time that happened to me I was yelling profanities at the wind very loudly. Good thing I was alone.

  9. My mantra this summer has been “Hot summer runs lead to cool fall PRs.” It will definitely pay off!! Fall has just about arrived to NYC. I’m still holding my breath. I know another 90 degree muggy day is just around the corner before it autumn settles in for good. Hang in there!

    • That’s a great mantra Karla! I’m really anxious to try out a run in cooler temps. I want to feel fast again!
      Well, as long as you get some nice weather, you can put up with a handful of more muggy ones! Thanks!

  10. Just think. When the Texas temps finally do break, you are going to be super fly fast. Our humidity broke. And I feel like a bolt of Italian Lightning.

    If all else fails, be happy you have a heart shaped ass. Mine is shaped more like Patrick from Sponge Bob.

    • Hellz yeah, super fly fast! Or at least Spanish fly fast.
      You’re lucky! Now go bolt a race!

      LOL, Patrick shaped ass, eh? That’s hot.

  11. Last Saturday was really hot and humid, but now fall weather has arrived. The very mild summer weather makes me think that we missed summer altogether. I wonder what kind of winter we’ll get. I hope it’s not as cold and long as last year’s.

    • I have a feeling it’s going to be a rough winter. We also had a mild summer relatively speaking, I think that will carry over to a colder winter. But I hope not!

  12. I’m ready for fall too. It’s still humid here and like you even running at 630 am I’m covered in sweat :/

  13. Jane Likes to Run

    The butt heart is hilarious. It is 50 degrees here, but unfortunately I am headed to Houston tomorrow for work. I already checked the weather and it seems to be 100 every day. I have not felt that temperature for years! So I don’t know if I will be able to run outside or not.

    • Houston eh? Get ready for heat and humidity!!! You should go for a run to experience what I get to every day! Haha. If you can make it up to Dallas, let me know!

  14. That pic looks like an ultrasound to me…skull is top right! 🙂

  15. Cooler weather is here and humidity is supposed to drop tomorrow. But I live a little more north than you. The butt sweat is gross but think of how fast you are going to be in the cooler weather… you are going to blur you will be so fast 🙂

    • Ha, well send it our way please!
      That’s a good point, I really hope all the tough summer runs will make the fall runs feel like a breeze!!!

  16. haha I do not miss that about the south. Our weather is a pleasant mid 80’s this week and has made me feel like the start of fall is right around the corner. I’m definitely looking forward to digging into some pumpkin recipes once the weather turns!

  17. What a title! SF is super pleasant right now, about 80 degrees. We have the most mild weather every, can’t really complain.

  18. LOL I like WalktoRio’s Butt Dew Heart. I had this up on my computer and the title caused Rock to stop and take a second glance. The whole “fart” thing seems to draw in the male readers apparently.

  19. PAHAHA I have no idea why the word fart makes everyone laugh. I’m still waiting for that fall weather over here. We’ve been having high-90’s days consistently and it’s annoying since we don’t have AC at home.

    • I have a fart sound app on my iphone. Yes, I’m mature. I hope you get fall soon…and AC!
      Our fall only lasted two days. It’s hot again.

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