Blog Birthday, Fly Fight, Drew Carey & Tacos

Hey kids, guess what? I just noticed that a few posts ago I wrote my 300th blog entry here. Now I’m at like 306 or something. So that’s good I guess. I just wonder where I’d be at if I didn’t ever take my “break”.

What had happened was that when I started training for my first marathon in 2007, I got bombarded with the same question every day, “How’s your training going?” I decided it’d just be easier to write a blog about it so people could follow along. And so I did…for a few years. But then I had a minor freak out about personal thoughts on the net and deleted the entire thing. All of it gone.

Fast forward a couple years and I got back in the game. It’s been fun. I hope to keep it going. So happy birthday Blog…here’s a cake.

My friend's "Walmart Cake" I love this. So much.

My friend’s “Walmart Cake” I love this. So much.

I was just telling Amy over at Fitness Meets Frosting about that cake, and now she knows I wasn’t making it up!

Anyway, this morning I was on my run and came along the path where I saw the nude photo shoot a few weeks back.

There were no budding artists this time, but there was a horsefly. This thing followed me for a good quarter mile and kept nipping at my head. I got pretty frustrated and started yelling at it.

“Seriously dude?!?”

“Come on man, knock it off!”

And finally, “That’s it, you want to come at me bro?!?” I stopped running and turned to fight it.

After a few seconds of flapping my arms about in a manly way, I finally scared it off. I also scared something else. I didn’t realize that behind me was some dude jogging. He had turned the corner to see me swatting at the air and yelling at an invisible foe. He looked at me sideways as he ran past.

Oh well, what ya gonna do?

In other news, Jason over at Must Love Jogs keeps mentioning that he doubts my claims of having met Drew Carey before. Well here’s your proof. (It’s before he lost all the weight.)

Just two Ohio boys hanging out at a soccer match in Texas.

Just a couple Ohio boys hanging out at a soccer match in Texas. Good thing I had my fake Drew Carey glasses handy.

I actually saw him another time at the Disney Marathon (yes, he’s a runner too!). But he was injured and couldn’t run, so instead he was cheering for everyone and high fiving. Pretty cool guy.

And finally, I’ve eaten at like 5 different taco joints this week. Here’s a pic of my favorite.

Oh yes. eggs, avocados, spicy things and more!

Oh yes. eggs, avocados, spicy things and more!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

How bout you? Anyone else want to question any of my former claims? Ever fight with an insect on a run? Ever get a “Walmart Cake”?


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55 thoughts on “Blog Birthday, Fly Fight, Drew Carey & Tacos

  1. haha that cake is ridiculous! Congrats on your blog birthday! I’m glad you decided to pick it back up again. I don’t know what the world would be like without your posts! I no former claim questions and have definitely battle a bug or two before. I usually accidently run into them or eat them, so I automatically win. Definitely haven’t ever gotten a Walmart cake and now I’m not sure I ever will! Have an awesome weekend!

    • Ha, thanks! I’ve loved that cake since she sent me the pic of it a few years back. And thanks so much! I’m glad to be back and to have ‘met’ people like you through it! Ha, I’m like you, I usually eat a few gnats, but this fly was a pain!
      Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. haha haven’t had a horsefly bug me yet while running but I have had it during hiking trips to Algonquin Park way back in the day! Did you actually get a cake made for your blog? That’s awesome lol! I used to LOVE the Drew Carey show as well as his improve show of which the name I cant think of right now!

    • I had to google your park…looks amazing, despite the flys. Haha, no, that cake was from my friend’s birthday a few years back. Always cracks me up. Yes, teh Drew Carey show was great! Who’s Line is it Anyway was the improv show. It’s back now on the CW here in the states, but Aisha Tyler is the new host.

  3. I had a blog once. It had lots of hits. It kind of got me deported so I deleted it. True story.

    I knew you liked the footy, didn’t know you were that into it. I’ve only been to a handful of MLS matches and needless to say, I was in no state to remember – how else are you supposed to make them passable as a soccer match?

    • Hahaha, fo real? Were you writing about all sorts of conspiracy stuff? Or anarchy? Or was it perverted in nature? Probably all three.

      Oh yes, I’ve been in love with soccer since I was 3 or 4 when I first learned of it. I agree, the MLS is nowhere close to EPL, but we live about 2 miles from FC Dallas stadium, so it’s convenient to go to matches.

      • Lucky. I wish there was a stadium that close. New England plays 2-3 hours from here, but I never did understand driving to a function as such…

        It was a spite filled, angry American blog while I was working abroad. Needless to say some of the ire was directed at boss and co-workers and when someone got wind… Not pretty.

      • Ha, ahh yeah, that will do it!

      • Yeah… It can get kind of scary when your visa gets cancelled and you’re in an interrogation room with two scary ass dudes and only one of them speaks broken English…

      • Now I’m getting the feeling that the FBI is probably investigating me just for having on-line ties to you. Great.

      • Sorry. I hate when I check my stats and see someone from Arlington with a .gov address checking in… Slightly disconcerting.

  4. Here you go fighting animals again. Wasn’t it a kangaroo or something at your sister’s job that wanted to attack?!? You never fail at making me LOL.

  5. Well played, my friend. Well played.

  6. Such a great picture of you and Drew Carey!! That’s really cool!! Neat that Drew runs, too!! I like it!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Um, that cake is fabulous!! AND hehehe, horseflies are soooo annoying!! I’ve had some annoying dudes bother me this week!! Ugh, I yell at them, too!! Have a great weekend!!

    • He was such a cool guy! In fact at Disney, he was buying people beers in the pub in Epcot! Ha, yes, that cake is my FAVE!!! Dudes bothering you, eh? Hope it’s nothing too bad! Hope your weekend was great!

  7. I once sat next to Drew Carey, ring side, at a heavy weight title fight at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

    Yeah. I’m a baller.

  8. I fight with insects all the time and often have witnesses. Sigh.

  9. Never had a Walmart cake! Although I’ve had cakes from Save-On, which is kind of similar, and I hate to admit it but I really like them. They’re good in a cheap, shitty kind of way.

  10. Happy blogiversary! That cake is hysterical. I feel like it should be on Cake Wrecks or whatever that website is called.

    I literally LOL’d at your story about fighting the fly. I could totally picture that guy’s face.

    • Why thanks! Yes, that cake cracks me up every time! Oh, there’s a site called that? I’ll have to research it!

      Haha, I’m glad you got a chuckle! It was an odd situation for sure!

  11. Happy Blog Birthday! That cake. The Cake Boss would have a heart attack!

  12. I’m impressed you started blogging in 2007, it must have been a different world back then. Happy 300!

  13. Happy birthday! I haaate the flies! They are so obnoxious and I wave my arms like a crazy person just trying to get them to go away. I’ve had three bites this summer running. Awesome photo with Drew.

    • Thank you!!! Haha, yes, the flies are so annoying at times. And the bites hurt! Sorry about your experiences this summer! Ha, thanks!

  14. Classic birthday cake!!!

    And I think it is safe to say you have a taco addiction!! But it’s a great addiction to have πŸ™‚

  15. Happy blog birthday! Love the cake πŸ˜‰

  16. I think I would’ve been a bit tentative to run by you, too, after seeing you acting all crazy alone πŸ™‚
    That’s an awesome photo of you and Drew, and super cool he cheered at the Disney race even though he was injured and couldn’t run.
    I got a bug in my eye (under my sunglasses!) on my run this morning. I still haven’t fished it out, over six hours later!

    • Haha, yeah, like the comedian says, “when walking into a spider web or being chased by a bee, nobody else knows why your flipping out.’
      Thanks! He’s a super cool guy in person!
      OH NO! I’m sure by now it has burrowed into your brain and laid eggs! πŸ˜‰ I hope you were able to dig him out!

  17. WalkToRio

    I keep fighting mosquitoes but do does everybody around me, so I don’t like a crazy person. Although once a guy thought I was blinking at him, something went into my eye and I keep blinking, you know, I don’t rub it cuz I hear my mom’s voice telling me not tu rub my eyes. Anyhow, I ket blinking as he was coming towards me, he smiled and blinked back. I scored! Don’t know if I should be that happy but better that than a punch right?
    Happy 300+ pots.

    • Ha, well if you’re all swatting at bugs, I guess there’s no oddball looks. Haha, well I’m glad you made a new friend with your winking. You should make that your thing – just wink at everyone you pass and see what kinds of reactions you get.

  18. Your bug fight had me laughing (sorry it was at your expense) but it made total sense to me. I got bit by a horse fly very early on at the Boston Marathon this year and that bite hurt for over 2 freaking weeks, it was no joke! I would have loved to know what that other runner was thinking though! Happy over 300 posts and that cake is awesome! Sadly I’ve never had a Walmart cake before!

    • Haha, no wories! Laugh at me anytime, that’s why I’m here. Oh no! Sorry to hear about that Boston bite! Why thanks! Ha, that cake cracks me up always!

  19. Happy Blog Birthday Blog Friend!
    And PS: I still think you have the craziest life ever and vicariously live through you and your random celebrity sightings. Hook a girl up!

    • Thanks lady!
      Ha, my life probably isn’t any more crazy, but I do notice and appreciate the craziness more than other people.
      Ha, who is it you want to meet? I’ll see what I can do. πŸ˜‰

  20. runningschlub

    OMG that had to be the craziest sight ever. Turn the corner and there is some guy girlishly flailing at the air lol…AWESOME!

    A few weeks back I was chased up the mountain by a bee, towards the top he got tired of me swatting him away and stung me on the back of the neck. Thank goodness it was only one, a full hive may have thrown me right off the mountain.

    • Hahaha, yeah, I can only imagine his thoughts at that sight!
      Ah man, bummer about the bee! I had accidentally stepped on one barefoot yesterday, luckily I didn’t get stung! Buuuut then all these other bees started chasing me trying to get their revenge! I got away though!

  21. Horseflies piss me off like no other. I hate how they just follow and circle. I’m certain I look like a mad woman running and swatting and swearing πŸ™‚

  22. HAHAHA best. cake. ever. Is it weird that I want to order a cake from Walmart now, just to see if something weird like that happens?

  23. Haha. Everything about this post is awesome.

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