3 Day Weekend – An Extra Chance to Sweat

I’m back muther truckers! Things have been crazy around here…what with all the lawyer meetings since I had some personal photos hacked from my cloud and posted on the web this weekend. 😉

Anyway, gotta love three day weekends. This past one was for Labor Day here in the States. It’s a day where all mothers can relax and not puuuuush too hard. (Thank you, I’ll be here all week)

I celebrated by waking up early to go run with the WRRC. I got in 11 sweaty, hilly, humid miles. My shoes were squishing from the sweat build up. I was gross.


Afterwards I got to sweat again – this time coaching the boys’ soccer team practice.

Race to the ball!

Race to the ball!

Even the girl wanted in on the sports action.

She doesn't quite get the 'no hands allowed' concept yet.

She doesn’t quite get the ‘no hands allowed’ concept yet.

Sunday it was bright and early again to run. This time on the trails with a group put on by a local running store. Sorry, they took some pics, but never posted them…

silhouette_photo-missingAfterwards it was on to yoga. Yay, more sweating!

I'm in there somewhere. I think that one lady fell down.

I’m in there somewhere. I think that one lady fell down.

This is a tough workout!

The hardest part of the workout! Oh that’s why she fell – who wears shoes to yoga???

Monday I didn’t do an official workout, but I did spend 3-4 hours on yard work. After that, I was done. Way too much sweat for one weekend. So I rewarded myself with…wait for it…breakfast tacos!

Rudy Rudy Rudy...

This BBQ joint is inside a gas station. And it’s delishus.

All in all it August was a good month. Since I’ve upped to running 6 days a week, my mileage also increased. June I ran 100 miles, August I ran 123! Workin on movin back on up!

See, told ya.

See, told ya.

But now it’s time to get back in the groove, but sometimes it takes a while to get groovy. (Don’t forget to tip your waitress)

How bout you? Did you have a 3 day weekend? Sweat much? Ever eat food from a gas station?


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36 thoughts on “3 Day Weekend – An Extra Chance to Sweat

  1. That’s a busy 3-day weekend! I can’t believe you are running 6 days a week – you’re a beast (in a good way!). Haha. I ran a half marathon on Sunday and it was very sweaty. The only food I eat from a gas station are of the Cheetoh variety 😉

  2. Hey!!! Great running!!! Way to rock out and yoga out!! That’s awesome! I always LOVE looking at your yoga pictures!! So peaceful and cool! Yep, you’re cool!! 😉 😉 Have a fabulous day!!!

    • Why thanks Kristin!!! I’m glad they occasionally snap a few pics of us in practice. And you’re right, I am cool. Or is it kewl? Haha! Have a great weekend!

  3. Woah, awesome monthly mileage! I got 6 miles in on Saturday, and it was great. And then I sweated a lot moving. So yeah, I got good and sweaty this weekend.

  4. Awesome miles! I looove three day weekends. Pretty much the best ever. We ran an awesome 14 miles on Sunday.

    Yum, breakfast tacos!!!

    • Thank you!! It was a great break, but I’ve had trouble getting back to the grind – my schedule is all screwed up. Way to crush the 14 miler!!!
      Yes, breakfast tacos all the way!

  5. Even I know not to wear shoes to a yoga class and I’ve never been to one! Great mileage! And no, no gas station food for me 🙂

    • Haha, well you’ve got her beat then. I was behind her and it was baffling me the whole time. Oh, you can find some gems in some of them gas station restaurants!

  6. Your photos got hacked??!! That sucks! I’m currently trying to find a way to back up my personal photos so words of wisdom appreciated. Tacos look delish as usual. Squishy shoes make me squirt. And you are a BEAST – 6 days a week of running is hardcore in my world. That’s why I like to tri, I have to share the work with two other sports that I like better, lol!

    • ummm… that was supposed to say squirmmmmm, not squirt. Eww.

    • Haha, I’m sorry, I was just joking! I was implying that I was one of the celebs who had all those nudes stolen last weekend.
      The tacos were amazing! Squishy shoes make you squirt??? Oh myyyyy! Haha!
      Thank you! I’ve been influenced by my BQ friends who tell me I need to run more. A lot of them run twice a day!
      I need to get into tris. I do love all sports, and that would be a blast!

  7. Wait. Just one minute. This post has no creepy selfies! Are you ill? I love the pics of the kids though.

    We had a 3 day weekend but I sweat a whole lot. Summer decided to show up here a little late, after we’d drained our pool. I sweated running, rucking, taking the pool down and re-caulking the shower. Good times.

    • Haha, I’m sorry! I’ll try to get some more creepy selfies this weekend! And thanks!

      Wow, sounds like you had a busy weekend too! Way to knock off all those chores. You’re welcome to come over to our house and continue with the chores if you like 😉

  8. Oh you know — just ran a relay. NBD

  9. That is entirely too much activity for a holiday weekend. I am impressed!

  10. runningschlub

    Definitely a sweaty weekend. I got 15.25 miles in on Sunday (that .25 makes a huge difference lol). I was at 112 for the month of August, obviously need to put in more work to catch up to you GUY! BTW good ball on the Labor Day joke lol

    • Nice job on the 15+ miler! Yes, the .25 is huge. I always remember that at mile 26 of a marathon or 10k.
      Great job on the mileage! And hahaha, glad you caught my joke. Nobody else seemed to – or else they just didn’t find it funny. Ha!

  11. Nice work coach. I’m with your daughter…rather use the hands. So those were your photos?! I guess I should have known….did you end up joining that photo shoot you came across on the trail early that one morning?

  12. i’m laughing so hard at the wearing shoes to yoga thing and she’s the one that fell thing. I think maybe I’m sleep deprived? I did not have a weekend. I worked the weekend away. I got a good sweat in Saturday morning and then had 2 days without sweat. I try to avoid gas station food. congrats on your increased mileage.

    • Haha, I do not know what she was thinking! So strange! Bummer about your weekend, but glad you got to sweat! Oh man, there’s some good gas station restaurants down here!

  13. We had an awesome labour day in Canada last weekend….loved it so much I took this week off work 😉 Nah, I planned the vacation. I love long weekends. Looks like your kids are loving soccer!!!

    • Oh, I didn’t know y’all celebrated Labor Day too. Or is it different because you spell it with a ‘u’? 😉
      Yes, so far so good with the soccer. I used the squirrel drill you told me about!

  14. Every weekend should be a 3 day weekend. It’s getting pretty cool here so the running has been great. Way to go on the mileage too! Never eaten food from a gas station unless it’s not perishable and in a sealed bag with an expiry date on it.

    • I agree! Some places here work 10 hour days so they can have 3 day weekends, but I dunno…
      You’re lucky to have some milder temps to run in! But you’re missing out with gas station restaurants!

  15. Dang, nice monthly mileage! One day I’ll break 100 miles…

  16. Three day weekends are awesome! I raced during ours and spent a lot of time chasing after my toddler…good times were had by all! You had some great running and an awesome month of mileage!!

    I love seeing little kids playing soccer (of course I am biased bc I played soccer from the time I could walk through college!) My son actually has his first soccer session this weekend, I am SO excited!

    • Agreed! Congrats on your race! And good luck chasing the toddler, I know how that can be! And thank you!!!

      You played in college? Where at? I’ve also played my entire life!!! Loe it!!! Good luck on the season!

  17. Dayyyum! Great job on the mileage!! I’m envious of good soccer players. I’m pretty sure I have no eye-foot coordination.

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