Mornin Running & Man-Panties Cont’d

As I wrote earlier, Kindergarten started this week. No, not for me, (I already failed that grade), but for the Grifster. It’s been a whole new adventure waiting to happen. Gone are the days of casually strolling into daycare a couple hours late. Nope, now there’s a new four letter word – “Tardy” – And it’s a no-no.

Sooo, what does that mean for my running. Welp, I have to get up an hour earlier on the weekdays than I was. I’m going to miss that hour. We had some dreamy times together. But I have to be home before the sun comes up.

Run Dun B4 Da Sun. Looks like I'm the only star on the track this morning.

Run Dun B4 Da Sun. Looks like I’m the only star on the track this morning.

It’s not so bad (once you get past the not being able to see the ground thing). The roads are pretty empty. The stars are there to guide me. And I come across the occasional cross country team in training.

Anyway you sickos, I noticed another fool found my blog with ANOTHER man-panty google search. I always get a chuckle out of that. People are weird.


2014, the year of the man panty. It’s about time they got equal rights.

Anyway, I’m still adjusting to the new sleep schedule (so are the kiddos), but it will be a good thing, I think. It is def nice to have them actually go to bed at a somewhat decent hour, I’ll tell you that much! An advantage of waking up early…you fall asleep early too! Boom!

How bout you? Has school started where you are? Has it changed your schedule (even if you don’t have kids – I know school zones always mess with my commute!)? How will you support the Year of the Man-Panty?


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32 thoughts on “Mornin Running & Man-Panties Cont’d

  1. School starts next Tuesday in this neck of the woods, except the teachers are kind of on strike so it might not really start. I think you should do a draw and the prize should be man-panties.

  2. Ugh early wake ups are tough to get used to. But quiet runs are the best. I love that there is such an interest in man panties….as long as my husband doesn’t get on board.

    • Ooh, good point. The quiet streets are a nice change! Yes, I don’t know what the deal is with the man panties, but I’m sorry to let you know that your husband already private messaged me asking where one could get some (for a friend, he said)

  3. Ben started student teaching this week, which means he gets up before I do, so his alarm wakes me up every morning before I have to be up. Uggh. The things I put up with for love…

    • Ha, that’s the worst. I try to be as quiet as possible when I’m up before everyone, but it doesn’t seem like others in our house do the same for me. Maybe it’s just my groggy perspective…

  4. yes, school has started and Buses suck! They always put on their blinky red lights waaayyyy ahead of time and I never know when to stop. I will take that over losing an hour of sleep ANY DAY! I feel for you :’ (

    • Ha, yes, the buses can be cornfusing! What is worse for me is all the school zones I have to drive through. It’s hard to only go 20 mph. And cops looooove to hang out near them to catch people speeding.

      • omg you’re so right! They are 15mph here and they turn them on a week before school even starts to “get you ready” its so annoying driving through with no buses or children anywhere in sight! haha

      • A week before?!?! What a pain!

  5. School started a week ago here and the traffic is so not fun. Who decided to put a high school right off the freeway?! I actually hit 2 of those on my commute.

    • Oh man, bummer about that! We also have on right on the highway! I don’t usually have to go that way, but on my commute I pass through four of them – used to be three, but they added a new school this summer.

  6. My commute has been a little bit of a train wreck. And it’s a matter of time before I run over an Ivy League College Student who’s walking, texting, networking and solving cold fusion while completely unaware of their surroundings. They’re killing me.

  7. IIIIIII’m just gonna skip right over the man-panties.

    Luckily, school going back doesn’t affect me. I work 9:45-6:00 (which sucks, but oh well) so the buses are already done by the time I’m going to or coming from work.

    • Not bad. At least you get to miss the rush hour traffic. I used to work in a spot that I had no choice but to sit in it. I hated it so much that after work I would pop into a pub for an hour just to let all the traffic go away.

  8. WalkToRio

    School doesn’t start here till September (next week). It doesn’t affect the area where I live, there are no schools around. However, things at home change, because the other person is a teacher and we don’t know where is gonna be working this school year. Some village in the middle of nowhere I’m sure, that’s how the government work.

    • Hmm, that’s crazy. I always assumed teachers were hired by a school and stayed there. But I learned this year that they may be moved around to different schools depending on how many students there are. Good luck!!

  9. I support the year of the Man Panty as long as it is not accompanied by pictures.

  10. That’s a hilarious search term, lol. Yep, school started for me on Monday. Now I have to change my running schedule in the opposite way. I have morning classes, so I have to run in the afternoon now (which I kinda prefer).

    • Good luck on the new school year! I wouldn’t mind running in afternoons if it wasn’t so hawt. Soon enough though I’ll be able to squeeze some in!

  11. Now I want to do man panty searches just to mess with you… but I won’t because I’m worried about what else will come up in the search results.

    • Ha, I posted one of the search pics on Instagram with the hash tag #manpanty and made the mistake of clicking on the hash tag. Some things can’t be unseen.

  12. runningschlub

    School has started around us but hasn’t changed my schedule. If anything it has helped since we go to bed much earlier now. Yikes, man panties…there are some strange searches going on out there lol

    • I must admit it is very nice to get the kids on a time schedule for once! Ha, I have no idea about the searches. Oh well, people, ya know.

  13. Props for the morning running! I can’t ever seem to get up and make it work.

  14. School started here yesterday, which meant it took me over 2 hours to get home from work instead of the normal 1.5 hours. I am an early morning runner, so I miss the morning commute traffic. I love it because I am able to get it done before most people are even awake, and I have no excuse later in the day! And…the man panties saga continues…

    • Ha, I hear you. The summer and holiday breaks are always so great for my commute too! I’m with you on the morning runs. I hate when the alarm goes off, but I always love getting it done while everyone else is sleeping! Ha, yes, the man panties tale lives on.

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