Race Creepin, Newish Run Route, Yoga & Swimsuit Sale

As I wrote about yesterday, I had a pretty good weekend with the new kindergartner. But I also managed to sneak in my workouts.

Saturday I got up early to run 9 or so miles. It was hot and humid, and I didn’t feel too fast. Buuuut, at mileish 6 I came to a park where I got some pep for my step.

A high school cross country meet was going on. There were tons of teams running all over the park to warm up while others were racing. I normally don’t like seeing high schoolers running when I run – they always seem to have zero percent body fat, and yet to acquire any bad habits, which combine to make them seemingly sprint the whole way. But just being around the energy of the event brought mine up. Of course I didn’t linger too long, didn’t want them to get the wrong idea about the sweaty guy milling about.

On Sunday I woke up early to meet a friend for a run. She suggested we go to the Katy Trail – which is hugely popular in Dallas. However I have only run there once recreationally. The other times were when it was part of a race course.

The guy we're holding up has two heads.  It's a rare defect.

After a Katy Trail Race. The guy we’re holding up has two heads. It’s a rare defect.

Human pyramids are the perfect cool down exercise.

Human pyramids are the perfect cool down exercise after a race.

We ended up going about 6 miles out and back. Halfway we came to a very popular (and very strategically based) patio bar adjacent to the trail. Coincidentally it’s called the Katy Trail Ice House.

It was too early for them to be fully open, but they did have cold water sitting out for the runners. And air conditioned restrooms…can’t forget that! So smart of them to support the running community like that.

It has paid off for them – one time we brought a small group of us to their 2nd location for a run…

I guess we had a decent turnout that day.

I guess we had a decent turnout that day.

Afterwards we went to yoga, which always burns a little bit more when you’ve run beforehand, ya know? But I know it will pay off in the long run!

Anyway, after that I had to make a quick stop at the sporting goods store. And check this out ladies, what a sale, the swimsuits were HALF OFF!

The prices were drastically shaved!

The prices were drastically shaved!

So there ya go, another decent weekend.

How bout you? Ever creep around a race? Ever done a training run at a spot you’ve only raced at? Who’s going to the bikini sale?


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23 thoughts on “Race Creepin, Newish Run Route, Yoga & Swimsuit Sale

  1. I definitely accidentally creep on (and get super jealous) on random races that I manage to stumble upon.

    • I know right?!? Once I was running my normal route and heard a PA system. It was then I realized a 5k was going on and I didn’t know about it! Ah well.

  2. I’ve creeped around races before. Early in January a half marathon went through part of my regular route, so I may or may not have ran alongside them for a bit so I could feel like people were cheering for me…

  3. I definitely creeped around a bit during a local 5/10K. It was in our small and secluded neighborhood up north and there is only one place to run. I definitely cheered as I ran though. That is one heck of a sale…..

    • Very cool, but I’m surprised you didn’t race in it. Ha, once I was on a training run and saw a 5k, I jumped on the course and ran across the finish line with everyone cheering me. It didn’t take them long to realize that I wasn’t official (the clock read 9 minutes, hahaha!)
      It’s a sale not to be missed!

  4. I’ve never had a chance to creep around at a race, I’ll have to add it to my list of things to do though. That’s a great swimsuit sale!!

  5. runningschlub

    Way to get the workouts in even with the family time.

    Wow the ice shop tending to runners is totally awesome. I wish we had one around here. I would totally support that type of business.

    • Thanks man!
      Yeah, they had out cold water coolers and even water in dog bowls! They did have one register open to sell coffee, pretty smart of them.

  6. WalkToRio

    Other than the track I’ve never workout where I’ve raced.
    Well, once, but that doesn’t count.
    I like ro creep around races, I often see familiar faces.
    As for the swimming suits, I’m all about going topless.

    • Ha, I forgot about the track – but I haven’t been in a track meet since high school.
      I also see a ton of familiar faces at races, but this was a high school race. Tho when I got on social media later, I saw friends’ photos of the same race. Somehow I missed them.
      Ha, you Europeans are always going topless!

  7. Drastically shaved. You slay me.

  8. I actually snorted at the “half off”.

    • Haha, glad you appreciate my humor. I was also going to make a video, but the store clerk came and pulled the pants up before I could.

  9. I live really close to a high school and always thing the same thing: skinny, sprinty jerks!

  10. HAHAHA I’ve totally watched a high school (or younger) sporting event as I’ve ran by schools and I always wonder if someone is going to get the wrong idea…

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