Running, Sausage and Such

It’s been a crazy week, kids.  So busy.  It was hard to keep up.  I almost went inside this place to get me some extra man juice…

I need an injection to get me through this week.

I might need an injection to get me through this week.

Saturday: 11 mile run

Sunday: 4 mile run thunderstorm & yoga class

Monday: 3 mile run

Tuesday: 4 mile run + weights

Wednesday: 4 mile run of mostly hill repeats

Thursday: 3 mile run + weights

On top of that, I also had a funeral to go to.

And we’ve been getting the boy ready to start kindergarten.

After meeting the teacher.

After meeting the teacher.

I also stopped by a new restaurant where my buddies are the chefs in charge.  It’s called Scotch & Sausage.  Can you guess what they serve there?

My photo didn't look as good as this one I found on the internet.

My photo didn’t look as good as this one I found on the internet.

And get this, some of it was pretty healthy too.  Even a selection of veggie sausages.  I got the turduckin mole though.

My buddy Trevor, the head chef.

My buddy Trevor, the head chef.

It was some pretty tasty stuff, I gotta say!

My other chef buddy workin the line.

My other chef buddy, Joey, workin the line.

I had to eat other meals in during the week, of course.  Like this block of cheese.

You are what you eat.  That explains my cheesy sense of humor.

You are what you eat. That explains my cheesy sense of humor.

And to sum up how wiped out I was this week, when I finally crashed on the couch one night, I was tooooo tired/lazy to change the channel when an old episode of Blossom came on.

I hope she solves her dramatic teen problems!

I hope she solves her dramatic teen problems!

Yes, I ended up watching the whole episode.  I really do need that testosterone shot now.

How bout you?  Busy week?  You want some scotch and sausage?  Who’s ready for school to start?


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33 thoughts on “Running, Sausage and Such

  1. Hehe!!! Blossom!! That’s so awesome!! Love it!! Also, great job on your runs!! Cute pictures!! Wow, food looks amazing!

  2. Thats a lot of running! Good job and no wonder you were tired. Those sausages look pretty gourmet.

  3. Your posts always make me hungry for food I can’t have, haha. This week was a little hectic- I got to meet my new boss.

  4. That is one heck of a week. Awesome! I can see a tired night on the couch with Blossom. I might get trapped out of curiosity. Just why did we watch this show?! Congrats on the new kindergartener. That’s some big deal stuff!

    • Why thank you! I was really bewildered as to why I just kept watching! It seemed hip back in the day though, but now it seems kinda weird. Thanks! It’s hard to imagine he’s that old!

  5. I’ll take the cheese, the Scotch and the sausage, but hold the Blossom!

  6. Blossom?!? Cheese makes everything better 🙂 I’m not a sausage fan. As far as I’m concerned there’s way too many of them in this neck of the woods (all these Germans!) but my husband would go out of his way to find that sausage restaurant lol. Congrats on making it to the kindergarten stage- new ventures ahead!

    • Ha, I know! Yes, cheese can be gouda! Ahhhh, Germans, eh? We had are fair share growing up in Ohio, and there’s a long history of them settling in Texas too. I dont’ generally eat much meat, but had to give these a try. When else will I get a turduckin mole sausage? Thanks, it’s exciting for sure!

  7. WalkToRio

    I’l take the scotch tonight, I’ll need, gotta deal with the (man, I don’t even know how to say it, but I’ll try) the family of the girl my brother in law is marrying. They gonna sit me at the same table than them, I’ll need lots of alcohol or taser, they are Spanish rednecks.
    Sorry, I’m whining about it wherever I can, I gotta vent!

    • I hope you got your scotch, that sounds like a not so fun time! Haha, I’d hate to meet Spanish rednecks! Good luck to you!

  8. Very busy week! That restaurant sounds pretty cool.

  9. The one dude looks like a sausage magician posing like that… The other dude looks like he could be a Sheen. Unless you yanked those pictures from the internet. I never know…

    • Well, I know the ladies love him, so maybe he is a sausage magician? Ha, I’ll have to tell him that next time I see him. And yes, I do know them fo realz, yo. I can post pics of us together if you want verification.

  10. You have been quite the busy bee! If you are what you eat does that mean you are a taco?

  11. Urban Running Girl

    Yay “Boy” for him starting Kindergarten. Yeah, it seems the sausage or specialty hot dog trend is over here as well.

    • Thanks! Let’s hear it for the ‘boy’! Really? I hadn’t known it was spreading. My chef friend said he just wanted to continue his German heritage, but fancier. His grandpa and mom both have German restaurants in Dallas.

  12. Scotch and Sausage sounds like my kind of place! They should open an outpost in VT.

  13. runningschlub

    Busy week, that really can cause a case of Low T. Nothing wrong with Blossom lol

    • Ha, true dat! Well, I’ll take your word for the whole Blossom thing. It was one thing to watch it as a kid, another to watch it now, haha!

  14. Nice running week! There’s a place in Santa Barbara that opened that has sausages like that, and I always get the veggie ones. They are so good, and made of all veggie stuff and not fake meat. They also have lots of German beer on tap, it’s great.

    • Very cool! But I’d expect that in CA…I wonder if my chef friend worked there – was living in LA for a while before just moving back. He’s all about farm to table stuff. Love it! Mmmm, German beer!

  15. We go to school year round over here so there’s really no difference to me. Congrats on having a kindergartner!!!! I’m not big on sausage, but that actually sounds pretty good.

    • Fo realz? Yowza! Thank you!!! It’s exciting and scary! Yeah, I hardly eat any meat at all, but I had to try some of these – turduckin mole….where else will I get that?!?!

  16. Ooo, if that place has vegetarian sausages I would like to check it out! Is it the place on Oak Lawn Ave?

    • Yes, it is on Oak Lawn! And funny story, I had no idea it was a gayborhood. I’ve lived here so long and didn’t realize. It makes sense looking back at my visit tho. You should check it out and tell Chefs Trevor and Joey I said hi!

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