The Running Dead & The Armadillo Alive

Since I’ve upped my game a few weeks back to running 6 days a week, I’m a little more tired. Funny how that works. Add to that the Texas heat, which forces me to wake up before the sun has a chance to be fully erect in the sky.

That early I’m usually half asleep when I start my runs. So I kind of feel like a zombie – The Running Dead.

I'm a Zom-bee. Get it? From a recent Halloween (I think).

From a recent Halloween. I’m a zom-bee, get it?

Also, I gotta say, our town is pretty much overrun by bunny rabbits. On any given run, I’ll probably pass by 30+ of the little carrot eaters. No different this morning…But this time they brought a friend.

As I rounded a corner I could see a couple rabbits up ahead next to the path I was on. But one of them was bigger. As I got closer, I could tell it wasn’t a hare, but it was too dark to make out exactly what it was. I hoped it wasn’t a small bobcat.

Stolen from a friend. These cool cats are around here too.

Stolen from a friend. These cool cats are around here too.

To be safe, I made some loud grunting noises and clapped my hands. Normally that scares them off (and gets me sidways glances from neighbors). But this animal was giving zero F’s. It paid me no mind (too bad cause zombies eat brains).

Fearing it might be a rabid raccoon (yes, we have those here this summer – and yes, they go up to humans when rabid), I moved off the path. But then I saw what it was – an Armadillo! He/she was digging for grubs to eat.

I still kept my distance because they have sharp claws, but it was cool to see one alive. Usually when I see one, it’s roadkill. I also didn’t get too close cause she/he wasn’t as fun loving as the ones I see in local bars.

Yes, they sell these in stores here.

Yes, they sell these in stores here.

This wasn’t as cool as the time I saw a real unicorn on a run, but it was still kewl (my street lingo is totally hip).

How bout you? Seen any different animals recently? Are you a morning person? Would you party with an armadillo?


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27 thoughts on “The Running Dead & The Armadillo Alive

  1. 6 days a week eh? I’m at 5 days/week and my two “rest days” are sacred. Isn’t it exciting when you see an armadillo alive?! I saw one last week rooting around in the grass and actually thought “So that’s what you guys do before you make the suicide attempt to cross the street”. We have an abundance of skunk roadkill around Wylie…nothing like running under the beautiful starry sky with the aroma of freshly run over skunk to guide you through the miles.

    • Ha, yeah, I’m tryin. Been hangin out with a bunch of Boston Qualifiers and those fools run twice a day! Crazy! Infectious too. Hahaha, yeah, judging by how it wasn’t scared of me, I’m sure cars don’t give them much fear either…till they get run over! Oooh, anytime I see a skunk on a run I immediately stop and let him have the right of way! Be careful you don’t get sprayed!

  2. Not that it’s odd to see a dear on the trails, but I almost ran into one the other day. That was a little crazy. I like to run in the mornings best for the reason you stated. However, the kids like to get up early too, so lately it’s been in the afternoon accompanied by 90% humidity. Ugh.

    I might party with an armadillo, assuming the armadillo wasn’t a total tool. Nothing is worse than a jerk who also happens to have wicked claws and smell like grubs.

    • Cool! Growing up in Ohio I saw a lot of deer, but not that many down here. I hear you on the kids, though ours still like to sleep in. I wouldn’t be able to handle afternoon runs in the Texas heat and humidity!
      Ha, yeah, you don’t want to find an armadillo who’s an angry drunk!

  3. I am a morning person! I get to work at 6:30 every day (mostly to avoid the humans).

  4. Kobi would dig all the rabbits you have, but I reckon I’d have to keep her on a leash down there not like in the wilderness up here where she runs free and chases the “hares” – what northern rabbits are called. I haven’t seen any unusual animals here lately. Still haven’t seen a unicorn, I would love to see one of those.

    • Once our dogs killed a baby bunny in our backyard. It made the worst sound! Ha, yes, you’d definitely need a leash here! You haven’t seen a unicorn?!?! Well you gotta! They are amazing! 😉

  5. I almost kicked a bunny this morning. He darted in front of me, froze, and then couldn’t decide which way to run. It’s like playing dodge ball with them some mornings.

    I am the running dead for sure. Marathon training in the summer is just DUMB. I miss 5k’s. Hell I miss running without a watch!

    • I hate it when they do that! Sometimes I’m convinced they’re trying to taunt me by darting back in forth in front of me, like saying they can beat me in a race. Punks.

      Yeah, I feel for people down here training for a fall marathon. I’m just running to keep my fitness up before getting serious in the fall. Shoot, even 5k’s in this heat are tough.

  6. Great job on running 6 days a week!! That’s excellent!! On my runs, I usually see some bunnies, deer, an occasional raccoon, an occasional fox, and sometimes even a possum, and lots and lots of cats!! I’ve also had a few dogs get away from their owners on walks and chase after my while I’m running. Not fun, but in result, my run time is usually faster than I thought it’d be. 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you!!! Wow, you have quite the outdoor zoo going on! I see all the same, except deer. Used to see them in Ohio, but not here. Oh, and I am with you on the dogs. It seems like every other run a dog is off leash and comes at me. I’ve stopped being polite to the owners. I never accept their apology and I usually mumble a few choice words at them. Grrr! You’re right tho, you pick up the pace afterwards!

  7. I am SO not a morning person. During the really hot period we had in July, I was getting up early to run out of necessity, but I’m an afternoon runner at heart. I don’t usually see anything other than bunnies on my runs, but I saw a bear out by my in-laws’ house recently!

    • I’m with you. I love being able to run at lunch whenever the weather allows. I want every last minute of morning sleep! I do like having the run over with though – usually before most people are awake. I feel like I accomplished something and still have the rest of the day – even though I’m going to be dragging from being tired.

  8. I don’t even think I would recognize an armadillo immediately. I’d probably think “what the hell is that” and run the other way.

    • Ha, well they are actually kind of cute, but I know what kind of damage their claws can do. I was hoping I’d scare it enough to curl into a ball, but I guess I’m not that menacing.

  9. Awesome sighting on your run! I like that drunken armadillo. Chicago has a lot of rabbits around here too. The other day Rock and I were running together and one popped out in front of us and got scared and almost darted into traffic. We were pretty funny to watch I am sure….”Oh hi bunny…..wait! No! Stop!” We both looked at each other and shouted, “We almost killed a bunny!”

    • Haha, thanks! They have those freakin stuffed armadillo bottle holders in a surprising amount of places here. Haha, I can imagine you two going though such a range of bunny emotions! I bet you went down in the bunny culture as the ‘bunny terrorizers’!

  10. Morning people rule. I saw a rat outside the metro the other day here in Paris, does that count?

    • No they do not. My wife is one and she learned long ago to not talk to me in the mornings. Can you believe she actually sings and stuff when she wakes up? It takes me a good couple hours to come out of my fog.
      Was the rat a chef in a fancy restaurant like in that disney movie?

  11. WalkToRio

    The only animals I see when I workout are dogs, ducks and cats. Wild boards when I go to the mountains, my dog goes crazy after them, he has yet to bring dinner home.
    Have you ever had armadillo tacos?

    • Wild boars, eh? They are a real problem here in Texas. They are an invasive species that mates like crazy and destroys property. Fortunately I haven’t seen any in the city, but that could change. I bet y’all make some tasty food out of yours tho!
      Hmmmm, I don’t think I have. Have you? A local place has ‘armadillo eggs’, but they are just stuffed jalapenos with chicken and cheese.

  12. runningschlub

    Way to get up early, welcome to the club. Although I’m switching to morning treadmill runs to get my elevation in because there are too many dangers on the trails in the dark.

    Trail running brings tons of animals into the mix. Rabbits, snakes, coyotes, javelina…..but oh my a unicorn….INCREDIBLE!!

    • Thanks bud! Too many dangers? Are you talking snakes and scorpions?

      Ha, yeah, trail running changes the game fo sure! A javelina?!?! I love that word ever since The Royal Tennenbaums.

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  14. I don’t want to see any of those animals while on a run, especially a bobcat. Luckily, the worst I’ve had to contend with is a skunk and I quickly ran in the opposite direction.

    • Oh I’m with you! Every time I see a skunk, I always stop and back away. They don’t seem to be scared of humans either. Bobcats and coyotes on the other hand will run away ususally.

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