Please to Enjoy these Running (and not) Links for You

Short post today. I thought I’d share a few things that have been on my mind.

1.  This runner is totally cracking me up! She’s been running routes based solely on the picture the GPS data will create. Most are not SFW, but they are hilarious! Here’s the link:  Running Drawing

Runners World posted a fascinating article about Robin Williams. It’s about his pre-fame running days in NYC. Hello, can you say 34 minute 10K!?!?! Fascinating:  Robin Williams, the Runner

Finally, I went to a funeral the other day. She was the mom of a friend of mine. They are both entertainers and I’ve been lucky to work with them on several videos. One of his personas, David Chicken, is a family entertainer. He travels the world performing for kiddos. Mama Chicken was always at his side (even rapping in some numbers). Check out some of their videos when you get a chance:  David & Mama Chicken

That’s all I got right now. Hope you like the links. Please let me know your thoughts on them.


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35 thoughts on “Please to Enjoy these Running (and not) Links for You

  1. Running Drawing is hilarious! I like the birkenstock. I had no idea Robin Williams could run that fast. Pretty cool, talented all around he was. And David Chicken is a rockstar!

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend’s mom. Thanks for the other links – very funny/interesting!

  3. I’ve seen those running drawings! They are hilarious!

  4. Holy crap. 34 min 10k! Mind blown! Those run drawings are too creative for me. I would probably enjoy running more if I did that though. hmmm.

  5. The running drawings are HILARIOUS. She’s brilliant. 🙂
    Robin Williams ran a 34 minute 10K??? Just when I thought he couldn’t get any more awesome…he does.

    • She’s totally cracking me up!
      Can you imagine?!?! He did that in Central Park where it’s hilly too. And back then they were probably all in Chuck Taylors.

  6. I had no idea Robin Williams was a runner (and a super fast one at that), so cool.

  7. WalkToRio

    Running Drawings, that girl has talent and patience, I loved the pole dancer.

  8. missadventuresinrunning

    Those running drawings are hilarious! I see she has a theme there, haha! That takes some serious planning there.

  9. The RW article was fantastic, but that drawing runner is my new favorite person. Anyone who runs a penis route has me as a fan!

  10. What a fun idea! Running & Drawing! It must be so entertaining on the run thinking “ok I’m on the shaft, now I’ve rounded the tip.. just back down the shaft, around the balls and I’m done!” hahahaha

  11. P.S. I just checked out Mama Chicken!! How hilarious!!! The website is awesome, and you can’t beat the Mama Chicken song!! awesome. sorry for your’s and David Chicken’s loss : (

  12. runningschlub

    Some of the GPS maps are awesome so I’m going to check that out. Robin Williams the runner, that is crazy! I had no idea!

  13. This doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but for your upcoming races, the only thing I see is a race in May. Is that really your next race?! Be honest – too many tacos? Or is it tacoes? Just kidding, I know it’s tacos. Probably.

  14. The running maps thing is amazing (and happens to be based in SF). Love it.

  15. I was just telling Rock about the run drawing. I think it is hilarious. We runners are a sick bunch that we have to resort to that to mix things up 😉 And I had no idea about Robin Williams and running. That is an awesome 10K!

    • Hahaha, I know! We are pretty sick…I am kicking myself that I didn’t think of it first. Yeah, RW was a talented man all around!

  16. I also meant to comment (grossly, of course, but I can’t resist a nod to such a great movie!)…”Please to make — all over my face!”

  17. I loved the Robin Williams, runner, story. Thank you for linking it.

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