Weekend Group Long Run, Tacos, & Taco Aftermath

On Saturday I met up at 6am at a taco joint with the WRRC for a long run. Did I mention the meeting spot was a taco joint? Of course they weren’t open that early, but I knew they soon would be, and that is some incentive right there to get the run dun.

The lake + some.

The lake + some.

Wheweeee! This was a hawt one. Even at that hour. But I pushed through and ended up going 11 sweaty miles with some nice hills thrown in the last few.

I definitely had some runger going on afterwards. But did I mention meeting spot was a taco joint? I took full advantage!

Sometimes it's good to be fuzzy.

Sometimes it’s good to be fuzzy.

Of course, there are sometimes side effects to eating tacos. And I recruited the boy to demonstrate in a 6 second video (put on your headphones for all the classy sound effects)…

Yes, we’re very mature. I know this.

How bout you? Ever get the runger? Get in a long run this weekend? Have any taco consequences stories?


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46 thoughts on “Weekend Group Long Run, Tacos, & Taco Aftermath

  1. You made your adorable little boy do that!

  2. Always have the runger when I’m running. I get it when I swim too or is that called swunger? That sounds weird. I have yet to suffer any taco consequences as we have no tacos up where I live. Guess I have to make some.

    • Haha, do you swim with a snorkel? If so, maybe someone can pour soup down it while you swim. Should help with the swinger Yes, make some tacos! Do they sell tortillas up there?

  3. Love this post and definitely love to eat after a nice run!! I ran 8 miles yesterday and running 10 tomorrow!! Getting ready for my half in October!! Tacos are soooo good!! Glad you had a great run, despite the hot weather!! Have a great week!!

    • Nice job on the distances! You’ll crush the half! Yeah, it was hot, but I still poured hot sauce on my tacos! haha! You have a great one too!

  4. Usually I am have the “runger” after a race, but this week I went to the grocery store after my 10 miler. Such a bad idea, I wanted to put everything in the cart!

  5. Farts are always funny. Always.

  6. Thankfully I did not have any ill effects from yesterday’s taco extravaganza. I did learn, however, that you have the right idea with all this taco eating. It was probably the best post-race meal I’ve had in a long time.

  7. Omg those tacos and potatoes look amaaazing.

    • They were soooo needed at that point. I was running on an empty stomach. I had laid out some snacks, but forgot to bring them. Ouch!

  8. WalkToRio

    The video was hilarious, saw it on Instagram earlier.
    I live hungry. Those tacos, those tacos!!

  9. Major runger happened at about Mile 10ish on Saturday. A GU helped a little but then all I could think about for the remaining 4 Miles was frappucinos.

  10. Sadly no long runs, but instead an awesome long hike! Thankfully the hike did end in tacos! Fajita tacos to be accurate. Delish! Your video is truly fantabulous, and very explanatory. Kudos.

  11. Fuzzy’s! They opened one up in Athens, GA shortly after I moved and whenever I visit I question going there since I’d never heard of it, but I always end up sticking to the same places. Looks good though!

  12. You had tacos? No. You lie.

  13. I am starting to wonder if every in Texas uses taco joints as meeting places. I saw that our Dallas extension of Team Momentum meets at a taco place for their runs. I made Rock watch that video multiple times and we couldn’t stop laughing. Maturity is overrated.

  14. Do you say tacos with a Spanish accent? Just wondering…

    Lol, a taco finishing meeting place is the best idea ever.

  15. HAHAHAHA the video…shouldn’t have watched at work cause I def LOLed

  16. Runger—- such a love hate relationship. I love not feeling bad about the massive amount of calories but I also hate what a monster it turns me into. After our run saturday we hit a local brewery and demolished some delicious food. Also, that video is so goofy thanks for making my day a little more entertaining.

    • I hear you! It’s hard to not overdo it. I know a lot of people get in to running to lose weight, but get frustrated when they don’t. I think it has something to do with pigging out after a run! Oooh, gotta love local brewpubs! Ha, glad you appreciated the video!

  17. elihawkins6

    I did 20 miles last Friday, and it was like the world couldn’t produce enough food for me… that is pretty common for my longer long runs. Somewhere around mile 17, I tend to start craving a big ol’ delicious burger. By the time I’ve finished the run, I’m pretty certain there isn’t even a burger in the world that would match what dream I’ve come up with… Needless to say, long runs are followed by a burger run. 🙂 But, that’s pretty much the only time I get to have one, so…. it’s a treat! MMmmmMMMmm… burger. 😀

    • Haha, nice! I hear you on the burgers. I rarely eat much meat, but there’s a burger place here that is pretty baddd! They make exotic ones – even beaver meat. It always smells so good when I run past it! Hmmmm, not I’m hungry!

      • elihawkins6

        Ha! I’ll try an “interesting” burger…

      • They specialize in exotic animal meat – like the beaver I mentioned. They were on Guy’s Diner Drive-ins and dives one time. Cool place.

      • elihawkins6

        You know, those places that make it on that show aren’t bad! We have a burger joint up here called “Terry’s Turf Burger” … real kitchy place, but the burgers were really good! It’s thing is the “build your own” deal. they just provide the options…

  18. Video=awesome.
    Little boy humor is the BEST.

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