Call Me ‘Coach’, Runnin & More Tacos!

Howdy Folks!  So something happened.  I’m now in charge of a bunch of utes.  What had happened was that we signed our 5 year old up for a soccer league.  Well, on the entry form it asked if I’d be willing to volunteer coach if needed.  I said, “Sure.”  Not thinking they would really need me.  Well, they did and they do.

All I had to do was pass the background check.  Luckily I did…whew!

Would you trust

Would you trust this…man?

Luckily I’ve played my entire life, so I should be aight.

And I have coached before.  For several years I volunteered with a couple different organizations to help coach people training for half and full marathons.

As for futbol, I have coached kids soccer before, tho it’s been several years.  But the orientation I went to last night did get me a bit excited for it.

Bend it like Evans.  I can beat you with one arm tied behind my back.

Bend it like Evans. I can beat you with one arm tied behind my back.

As for running, a few weeks back I upped my game.  I’ve gone from running 5 days a week to 6.  I’m digging it – it’s easier to get more mileage this way!

And the more I run, the more tacos I get to eat.  I’ve already had several of these bad boys this week.

Vegetarian tacos!!!  Get in my taco hole!

Vegetarian tacos!!! Get in my taco hole!

Tacos, running, soccer.  All of that is right up my alley, right there.

How bout you?  Ever coached anything?  Got any advice/drills for coaching soccer kids?  When are you coming to visit so we can get tacos?


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32 thoughts on “Call Me ‘Coach’, Runnin & More Tacos!

  1. Will they call you Coach Pirate Bobcat ? Years ago I coaches U12, U14 and High School soccer and LOVED it…I really miss it but am sure I’ll get into coaching with my girls. Yum…tacos!

    My daughter loves this squirrel game (Have four nests in different parts of the field or 18 yard box, divide up the team. The kids become squirrels and their food/nuts (balls) are in the center of the nests. Taking turns, they have to run out and get a ball, dribble it back to their nest, high five their team mate and the next person goes. After all the food/balls are gone, they can then start taking their food/balls from another nest. End the game and count which team of squirrels has the most food/balls).

    • Haha, nice! Taht’s so cool that you coached too! These are under 6 boys, so it should be interesting!

      That is an awesome game, thanks so much for the tips!!! I think I might make it a competition, like which team can empty their nest first! Thanks again!!!!!!

  2. I think I’m coming to visit ASAP so we can go for a run and then eat tacos. I’m getting sick of seeing all the delish photos on your IG account, knowing I don’t get any!
    SO fun to coach little kids soccer!! They kill me! I think you’ll be awesome with your fun personality.
    My sis is a teacher and I helped her coach her elementary school’s track and cross-country running teams for three or four years. It was a blast!
    What races do you have coming up, or are you just upping your game to be ready?

    • Do it! I challenge you to come visit!!! We’ll eat all the tacos!
      Thank you so much! My dad used to coach my teams as a kid too, so keeping it going.
      That’s very cool you helped your sister out! That would be fun!
      I haven’t registered for anything, but I’m eyeballing some fall races around here. I’ve also been running with a bunch of Boston Qualifiers and they are kind of infectious. They run alllll the time. Like twice a day!

  3. I’ve coached tennis and softball but never that young, I coached high school level. How do you keep their attention? Good luck, it sounds like fun!

  4. That’s going to be awesome! I’ve never coached anything, but I started playing sports when I was in like first grade (although I always hated soccer), and I think it’s a really great thing for kids to get involved with. Plus they’re just so damn cute.

    • Thank you! I think it’s going to be fun, but times have changed. Everything is organized online in a kind facebook like site. I haven’t emailed the team yet cause I haven’t figured out how to use the site!!! Working on it!

  5. Questions: Do you sleep? How do you fit it all in?
    Advice: Don’t wear makeup when you coach the kiddos…or ever.

    • Good question. I almost thought about telling them I can’t do it, but I think I should be able to work it out…I hope.
      Hahaha, I’ll try to go make up free!

  6. I’ve never coached soccer but I was a dance teacher for several years, same thing right? Those tacos look so good, I need to come visit soley for the food.

  7. Most frightening picture ever.

    Congrats Coach! I placed various sports growing up, but you could never, ever, in a million years get me to coach little kids.

  8. Jane Likes to Run

    I coached an adult softball team once. They were terrible. Lol. Good luck with the little ones! I’m interested to see how running 6 days a week goes, so keep us updated. I’m a little afraid that I would burn out doing that.

    • Haha, isn’t adult softball just another word for ‘drinking in a park’? Ya know, I’ve done it the past few weeks, and it’s not bad. Sometimes that bed is hard to get out of though!

  9. I coached a swim team for a couple of years. Best job of my life. All downhill since.

    Good luck. And don’t let those kids forget: winning is everything.

    • Haha, well, if it’s anything like a swim coach I had when I was younger…he told us to start swimming laps and then just sat by the pool listening to his radio. He was livin the dream!

      Gotcha! They don’t allow goalies in this league, so I’m going to try and get them to run up the score as high as possible!

  10. I have never coached a thing, but I think it sounds like you will be great at it! Congrats on the new gig! I would probably not wear that much makeup to the practices/games though.

    And I will be there for tacos ASAP.

    • I bet you’d be a good coach tho! Thanks!! And good tip on the make up…I’ll have to remember to remove it before practice.

      Come get some tacos Lauren!

  11. Haha more running=more tacos! Why else would one want to run??

  12. Coaching soccer will be fun. Not that I’ve done it, but watching those little guys chasing the ball is awesome fun. I will one day make it to Texas for tacos. I have to!!

    • Luckily they are all young, so hopefully it will just be fun for everyone and not stressful for anyone involved (including me). Let me know when you want to come to texas for a race and tacos!

  13. Looks awesome coach! Congrats on the gig. I think you will be great at it. As for coaching, I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. I briefly even taught football to the son of a certain quarterback for the Patriots. Don’t tell anyone but I stink at throwing and catching 😉

  14. WalkToRio

    No doubt you’ll make a good coach. You look like a pro on that pic.
    The only team sport I’ve only played was Volleyball, I don’t like to play team sports, get too fired up and it can be dangerous lol. Even with volley I’ve been kicked out of the court.
    I’ve “coached” track, used to volunteer back in NYC and was involved with hockey with the Paralympics for a couple of years.
    You keep killing me with the taco pictures.

    • Thank you sir!
      I love volleyball! I’m techincally considered professional because I was on a team that won a sand volleyball tournament once and the prize was money! So I got paid to play. Haha! But remind me not to ever play with you! We don’t want any fist fights on the court!
      That’s very cool about all your volunteering!
      Come get some tacos anytime!

  15. I just signed up to be a running buddy for Girls on the Run either this fall or in the spring. I’ve never been a coach because I never did sports as a youngun.

    My son played soccer and now that he’s in college he sometime kicks around the ball with friends. It’s a fun sport.

    • Very cool! I was a ‘coach’ for a local running store. Basically though they just wanted volunteers to babysit the different pace groups. I tried my best to help teach them though.
      I flippin love soccer.

  16. So exciting!! You’ll be a great coach (sans makeup)! Lol when you said “utes” I immediately thought of My Cousin Vinny…

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