Runnin, workin out and exciting news!

Hey Kids!  Hope everyone is having a great week.  Quick update: After my post yesterday where I touch on Robin Williams, I followed through with what I wrote about revisiting his various productions.  I sat the 5 year old boy down to watch Mork & Mindy.  He found it as funny as I did at his age.  Good stuff!

Anyway, I’m continuing my workouts per uge.  The past few days I’ve gone to yoga, had a weight room session, and gone on trail, road, and track runs.  Boom.

Did I hear something or see something?  You make the call!

Did I hear something or see something? You make the call!

Gotta another couple runs and a lifting session to go until the weekend.  Doin work son!

OH, and some exciting news!!!  I got some new running socks!  Haha, when I was a kid I haaated getting clothes for gifts, but now I am pumped.  We had a tax-free weekend and a local running store was offering a deal – buy three Features, and get one free.  Aaaand I had a $10 off coupon!  I got four pairs of Features for like $20.  I always wear them on my long runs since I discovered them last year – no more blisters for me!

How bout you?  Good week so far?  Varied workouts?  Aren’t you excited about my new socks!


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32 thoughts on “Runnin, workin out and exciting news!

  1. So far a good week over here. New socks are always exciting! What brand did you get? This week workouts have had a lot of variety which is making it go quickly! Love the selfie 🙂

    • Glad to hear! I got Features socks. I came across a few free pairs of them the past few years and have determined that they are key for my runs if I want to avoid blisters as my mileage builds. They’re pretty sweet. Enjoy your workouts, and thanks!

  2. Oh how I love new socks…and running socks even more! Yeah for Happy Feet 🙂 (And no, I did not mean to reference Robin Williams; looks like I’ll be watching that one with my girls this weekend.
    Good week of running but I have some tired legs from hills!

    • I used to wear whatever was cheap at the store…oh how my world has changed! Ya know, I have not seen Happy Feet….on the list now! Keep running the hills…they make you strong!

  3. Who doesn’t love getting new socks!!!

    Your son is cool! I remember watching Mork and Mindy reruns as a kid and loved them.

    • Yeah, he’s aight. 😉 I guess that was back in the day when they really worked hard on each episode of a show instead of cranking them out.

  4. Feetures are my favorite running socks. Great deal! KY doesn’t have a tax free shopping day. Booooooo

    • I got a couple free pairs somehow, but didn’t really know their power till a few months ago when I paid attention to what I was wearing on long runs. Oh mama! What a difference. Tax free weekend is great and all, if you can handle the crowds (I cant)

  5. Love new running socks! I’ve been doing not too much this week as I’m resting after my latest race. I hope to do some yoga tomorrow and get back into a normal “varied” routine next week.

    • It’s funny how any new running gear makes us happy, even socks! Enjoy your rest! Ease your way back and most of all, have fun!

  6. Everyone keeps raving about those socks, I am thinking I should give them a try.

  7. Feetures are the best!! Sounds like you scored a real deal!

  8. WalkToRio

    Week’s been good so far and today is like Friday to us in here, long weekend ahead, so in all a great week.
    I have a post about socks on draft, I’m a bit OCD with socks and I have a good friend who drives me crazy because he just doesn’t care.

  9. Nice deal on the socks! It is amazing what difference a great pair of socks makes (as opposed to, like, a 3-pack from TJ Maxx, which I may have resorted to on multiple occasions, because for $4.99, why not?). My husband swears by Feetures and I may need to try them…

    • LOL, I have plenty of ‘cheap’ socks, but my world changed with Features. Give them a try on a challenging run and see what you think!

  10. Nice score on the socks! I never liked getting clothes I didn’t pick out myself, but running stuff – bring it on!

    • Hahaha, I remember one birthday party where I was so sick of opening clothes that I started punching my own head. Haha. Running clothes has changed my life tho!

  11. You go with those workouts! I am very excited about your socks as well. My socks are terrible and I should really get some new ones. Maybe I need to look into Features.

    • Thanks yo! Haha, glad you share my excitement about foot clothes. I wore ‘cheap’ socks for yeeeeeaaaars and paid for it. I have switched to Features and love em (and no, I am not being compensated)

  12. Dude, nice score on the socks! I haven’t tried Feetures yet, mostly due to the price tag.

    • I’m with you. Like $12 a pair is tough, but I got a few free pairs from our local running store to try out and now I can’t go back.

  13. I totally need new socks!

  14. New socks are da bomb!

  15. I LOVE new socks. I have been lusting after a few new pairs lately. Nothing makes me crazier than seeing holes in the toes, or when one of a pair gets stretched out. I sound a little nuts……

    • Ha, don’t worry about sounding nuts, we all are a little bit. I hadn’t bought any in a looong time, but then on a run the week before I wore a pair that did not do their job – I had a little injury from that run, so I was sure to go out and get some new ones!

  16. I like Feetures socks a lot. I just tried some Injinji ones this weekend and they were ok. I wasn’t crazy about having stuff between my toes. I don’t like flip flops for the same reason.

    • I’ve seen those, but have no desire to wear them. The Feetures have really saved my feet. I wish I had found them earlier.

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