Robin Williams, Running, & Photos from My First Job

I usually don’t give much mind energy to the news of a passing of a celebrity.  I did though, about Robin Williams.  I’ve been a fan since I was a little child and was watching Mork & Mindy.  I even had a pair of those crazy suspenders that he would wear.

I wasn't old enough to know what suspenders did, but I still wore them.

I wasn’t old enough to know what suspenders did, but I still wore them.  (Note-I’ll check old photo albums later to see if there are any pics of me wearing them)

Judging by all the social media posts and what’s in the news, everyone seems to have been moved by his passing.  He brought a lot of joy and entertainment to a lot of people.  Even running sites were posting about him…

From his high school track days.

From his high school track days.

I knew he was an avid cyclist, but I didn’t know he had been a big runner too.  He even ran the same events as me in high school – 400 & 800.  They said he ran a 1:59 half mile and a 52 second quarter mile.  He would have beat my by about 1-2 seconds in each race.  He certainly had talent everywhere in his life.

He even talked about running in some of his comedy bits – here’s his thoughts on running marathons:

I will mainly remember that time when I worked as a projectionist at a movie theater in Ohio.  While there, both Mrs.. Doubtfire and Alladin were out in theaters.  So I got to watch them over and over while on the job.

Hello ladies.

Hello ladies.

Still rockin the bow tie.

Still rockin the bow tie.

Sometimes I would sneak into the back of the theater when I knew a particular funny scene was coming up…just so I could listen to the room full of strangers howling with laughter together.

So I am sad about this.  But I am going to go back and watch his movies again, which will make me happy. – Nanoo Nanoo –

How bout you?  Did the news affect you?  Any good memories?  What was your first job?


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41 thoughts on “Robin Williams, Running, & Photos from My First Job

  1. I didn’t believe it when I first heard the news yesterday. I totally loved Mork and Mindy. I didn’t have those suspenders, but my friend did. They were the best!

  2. I had wished it was a hoax. God I’m sad. Such a talent. Such wit. I always have said when asked that question—name a person, living or dead you would want to have dinner with—-Robin Williams. Even from when I was a little kid. I would still say that today. Such a loss. 😦

    • I know. It’s been a hard couple days. I think that me, like you, since we’re so into entertaining others, that this hit close to home. That would be ammmmmaaaaaazzzzziiiinnngggg to have dinner with him. Good call.

  3. Melissa

    We’re probably about the same age–Mork and Mindy was a huge favorite of mine too. I’m really devastated by his death.

  4. This was some sad news for sure. I didn’t know he was into running and cycling though, so thanks for sharing those tidbits!

  5. I just realized he played Popeye. It’s one of my favorite childhood movies. I feel the need to watch it again.

  6. I’ve been crying off and on about it today. Basically every time it comes up on the radio or TV. He brought me so much laughter and sometimes tears — like the scene in Good Will Hunting when he tells Will his abuse was not his fault. I don’t think I ever sobbed more in a public place. The world lost a special man. I hope his demons are at peace now.

    • I am with you. I’ve never cried for a celeb loss before, but now it’s been two days of it for me. he was so great comedically and dramatically. Good Will Hunting was a game changer.

  7. I actually half shrieked out loud when a coworker told me. I didn’t believe them until I found it online myself. Then I had a tough time when someone on Facebook posted “oh captain, my captain”. It is so sad,

    • Yes, the ‘Oh captain’ posts killed me. I couldn’t help but post ‘nanu nanu’ cause that’s my first memories. He was such a talent. So sad.

  8. It made me so sad for so many reasons to hear of this passing, and it made it worse that he took his own life. I’m still heartbroken over it. He was one of my absolute favorites. 😦

  9. Those are really great pictures and memories. Aladdin will always hold a special place in my heart!

    • I always loved when he took him on the carpet ride and said, ‘in case of emergency the exits are here and here and here and here and everywhere’

  10. My younger son heard it on Twitter and thought it was a hoax, then I saw a news flash that looked real, and posted about it on Facebook and then BOOM it was everywhere … still hard to believe. So young.

    I was 12 when Mork appeared on Happy Days (, and while it was all bizarre I totally loved him and we added Mork & Mindy to our watching rotation for a couple of years. I saw Garp in high school and Good Morning Vietnam in college. We saw Aladdin in theaters before we had kids …

    Loads of memories, and a reminder of the very real impact of depression.

    • Agreed. Depression is no joke. I don’t have many words. It’s just so sad. All those movies you mentioned are game changers. I’m introducing my kids to them, that’s for sure!

  11. WalkToRio

    I was getting ready to sleep when the push up notification from NYT showed on my phone. I was shocked and sadden to learn it was suicide, so sad to see someone go that way. Depression surely is a nasty thing, that poor man was suffering greatly, really sad indeed. I wasn’t a fan of his movies, but I enjoyed Mrs. Doubtfire.

    • Yes, depression is hardcore. You never know who is battling their own demons. I suspect most everyone is, but some more serious than others. Very sad indeed.

  12. Really sad about this. Interesting to learn about his running though.

  13. It’s definitely really sad. He brought so much joy to so many people. I really want to have a Robin Williams movie watching marathon now.

  14. missadventuresinrunning

    I could barely believe the news when I heard it. He truly was talented in many ways.

  15. Definitely sad news.

    My first job was in a party supply store. I made $5.15/hour. That’s why I don’t live in a mansion like you.

  16. When I first heard the news I was really confused. I loved him and thought he was brilliant, but he just wasn’t on my radar as someone who would pass away. So many of his movies are favorite movies of mine. It was very strange. I can’t believe he used to run too.

    My first job? The gate guard at a swimming pool. Basically like a bouncer. I was the fiercest 13 year old girl around.

    • Yes, he was so ‘healthy’ and vibrant, I never thought he’d be dying either. It was so sad and shocking and I wasn’t ready for it.

      Oh man, I bet you were the fiercest pool bouncer ever!

  17. Gosh, that clip was really funny! Thanks for sharing!

    I was really sad to hear the news of his passing. We saw him perform live here in Chicago in 2008 and my friend Gina and I talked to him in a book store in NYC in 2011 🙂 Good memories 🙂 I think I will be re-watching some of the movies, too!

    • Glad you enjoyed!

      You are soooo lucky to have gotten to see him perform! I’m so jealous. I heard he improved his entire shows! And you met him!?!?! I would be pinching myself!

  18. I’m also really sad about this. This is the first celebrity death that has truly impacted me.

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  20. I thought this was a joke when I saw it Monday night online. I wanted to write something about him, a tweet, a blog post or share a FB picture but I just can’t find the right words/picture. It’s terrible sad, he was/is such a talented man, truely talented. I think I’m just stunned every time I read about it. I have a feeling I’ll be watching some of his movies very soon.
    Great jobs about RW.

    • I know, it was crazy! When I heard I tweeted ‘nanu nanu’. All I could think of. Yes, it made a lot of people sad this week. Luckily we still have the movies he did make though!

  21. I could totally see you dig him. Same suspenders, huh?

    • Ha, yes! That’s right, I need to look for that pic. Digging through photo albums…ugh, why couldn’t I had grown up in the digital age? 😉

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