Runner Mansion Pool Party

I got to meet up again with the White Rock Running Co-op for an early morning long run. We had a pretty big turnout for this one.

The owner of the house told us the hill is their pet cemetery.  Errr, bummer.

The owner of the house told us the hill under us is their pet cemetery. Errr, what?!?

Some of us got there an hour early to get in some extra miles. I settled in with a crew going at a decent pace for me. We went 5 humid and hilly miles. Then we met up with the main group to run some more. By then the sun was coming up and it was hot as crap!

Oh, did I mention this run was hosted at a mansion?!?!

Excuse you have any money that I ca,n like, have?

Excuse me…do you have any money that I can like, have?

I added another 4 miles with the main group (That’s 9 total miles for all you arithmetic-challenged folks). I wanted to go further, but the heat and humidity really zapped my energy.  I had to stop a few times to pour cold water on my head.

Ala Salt, you can see the humidity.

Ala my blogging buddy Salt’s pic, you can see the humidity here too.

Luckily the mansion had a huuuge pool for us to cool off in.

I also got to catch up my pal Virginia (who’s also a runner). That’s another bonus of showing up to group runs ~you never know who you’ll run in to! (see what I did there?)

Yes Virginia, there is a Running Clause.

Yes Virginia, there is a Running Clause.

I also got to make some new friends.  Ya know, cause we all need more people to talk about running with!

I almost wore those same pants.

I almost wore those same pants.

Anyway, like you could maybe see in my Vine above, the pool area also had a full outdoor kitchen with food, a keg, margarita machine, sand volleyball court, outdoor shower, etc. I felt like I was in an episode of Cribs!

I call this one "Boy flying paper plane that is really made out of metal".

I call this one “Boy flying a paper plane that is really made out of metal”.

And being that I’m so sophisticated, I was able to blend in…because I’m fancy as crap!

I've always been Klassy with a capital 'K'.

I’ve always been Klassy with a capital ‘K’.

All in all it was a good time!  Now I just need some more money so I can get a mansion and host runs.  Maybe I’ll start a Kistarter campaign.

How bout you? Hang out at mansions much? How do you handle running in the heat?  Who wants to pledge funds to my Kickstarter?


PS – It’s been crazy busy around here and so I’ve been “offline” the past few days. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone!

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37 thoughts on “Runner Mansion Pool Party

  1. holy mansion!! that pool looks fantastic! I ran next to a river on Sunday and all I wanted to do was run right into it! If it weren’t for the shade I would have melted into the macadam! I’ll help fund your kickstarter if you move to PA and let me swim in your pooool!

    • It was pretty crazy! Ha, you need to jump into the river next time!!! Trust me, I’ve wanted to jump in the lakes here on certain hot runs! Hmmm, not sure I can move it to PA, but seeing as that I’m originally from OH, I could put it there and you could visit whenever!

  2. That’s one big running group, almost looked more like a race group with that many people. Everything is bigger in Texas!

    • Ha, good point! We could’ve just made it an unofficial race, but I woulda got my butt kicked by some of these speedsters! And of course we can’t do anything small down here!!!

  3. Does your mansion friend have any local Denver friends?

  4. WalkToRio

    Man! That haze means one thing only, death!
    When it comes to working out in the heat I cry. I rather say goodbye to my social life over summer, than going out and not being able to wake up at 6am to workout. Because at 8 it’s too out already.
    I was at a mansion this weekend, I didn’t know I was going to a mansion. And get this, they have no kids, the wife loved me and the husband was impressed by my farming skills, I think there’s a good chance they leave that house when they are gone, since they cannot adopt me.
    Fingers crossed.
    Have a nice week!

    • Oh man, I’m with you. Yes, we also have to workout before the sun comes up. Otherwise it’s unbearable. I used to have a bunch of friends I’d go out and socialize with, but now that’s all done in the mornings.
      Haha, you need to keep buttering them up!!! Get yourself on the short list for the mansion in their will!!!

  5. Wow, fancy schmancy! I’d like a pool like that, never mind the house.

  6. That mansion is epic!!!! So jealous. I love cooling off in the water after a hot run. Sometimes I’ll take a dip in a stream or whatnot. Natural ice bath, right? haha

    • That house was crazy huge. You could get lost in there! After the Flying Pirate Half Marathon last year, crept into the cold cold Atlantic Ocean to cool off for a minute, but I’ve never done so in a stream. You crazy! haha!

  7. Holy cow best group run ever! I run by several large houses on my routes but no one has ever invited me in. Fun!

    • It was pretty sweet! Ha, maybe you should try asking? Some races in town run through a very swanky neighborhood. I always ask the folks who live there that are watching the race if I can have some money. They don’t like that. 😉

  8. Honest truth- I am super jealous of your running group and pool parties at mansions. And your new friend’s abs. Man, I feel the urge to move!

    • Haha, well I’m still a newbie with this particular group, but I’m trying to become a regular. They do have a good time! And trust me, there’s a reason my shirt isn’t off in the picture with them. No way, not next to those abs!

  9. Who the f*ck are you? Jay Z? Holy Big Pimpin’. Always green with envy at your phat running groups. This post may be the Phattest.

    • I know right? You’d think I was Burt Reynolds or Henry Winkler or something. Livin large! Yes, it is very p-h-a-t, thanks!

  10. Dude, you get the best post-run parties! What gives?!

  11. You had me at “Runner.” Then you had me at “Mansion.” Then you had me again at “Pool Party.” What the what?! A runner pool party at a mansion??? Where can I sign up? Awesome sauce.

    • LOL! I’m glad I’ve cracked the Karla formula…if only I had added Disney into it somehow! 😉 It was total awesome sauce. Totes my goats awesomesauce!

  12. That’s your house, isn’t it? When should I come visit?

    PS. You are definitely, without a doubt, one of the four fittest people in the picture of you and your new friends.

    • Totally it’s my house. Come visit anytime! Just knock on the door and ask for me.

      Haha, why thaks! There’s a reason I kept my shirt on next to those fools.

  13. I’ll pledge some funds as long as I’m invited! You go to the best parties. I’m sorry to say you don’t win best outfit award though. That guy’s pants are epic.

    I love the days when you can see the humidity. 🙂

    • You’re always invited, mansion or not! Haha, yeah, he always wears some pretty colorful tights to run in. They go well with his pierced nips.

      Ugh, it’s like running through soup!

  14. So fancy! You’re always going to glamorous running parties. Jealous!

  15. How do you make friends like this and where can I find some too? You have the coolest stories! I ran on Saturday and then changed in the back of my car… does that count as cool?

    • Oh you know, I’m a well respected man about town. I go to all the swankiest parties. Haha, nah, good things happen if you go out there and try new things! LOL, that’s totally cool! No joke, I do the same thing at least once a week. Usually after Sundays’ trail run and before yoga. The other day I almost got caught doing it. Oops!

  16. Cool mansion! I wish I could have been there.

  17. Those pants are EPIC!!!!

  18. Love that pool!

    Yes, I hang in mansions from time to time. Don’t live in one, though. No desire to. Too much clutter, lol.

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