Man Panties & My New Teen Runnin Besties

After I saw the last crazy search term that lead to my blog, I decided to check those stats a little more regularly.  Welp, I got another one…or, make that two.

I'm pretty sure I've only written posts on 50% of those.

I’m pretty sure I’ve only written posts on 50% of those topics.

I swear I keep my blog totes SFW, so I’m not sure how these types of blue searches end up at me.  I swear, I’m innocent! 😉

Anyhoodle, I’m pretty sure the one looking for nude runners came across my blog because of THIS POST.  But I don’t think whoever came upon my blog looking for man-panties found what they were looking for.  Sorry bro.

In other news…Apparently school is getting ready to start round these parts.  I know because I saw some youngins on my mornin runs this week.

In my part of town, I’m lucky if I see ONE running sole (see what I did there).  But when I arrived at my usual park the other day, I was excited to see a bunch of people out running!  And as I got closer to them, I realized they were a high school co-ed cross country team out for a training run.  Hey kids, I ran CC and track in high school too!  See?!?



I was running ‘upstream’ on the trail, so I passed by the entire team.  At first I was a little worried that they’d think of me as the creepy old guy.  They’d be right.  But a curious thing happened….a few of them said their hellos to me, and then a couple gals said, “Nice job!”

It took me off guard.  But when I regained my composure, I said the same thing to the next HS runners I passed.  They replied, “Thanks, you too!”

I no longer weep for the future.*  The youth are alright alright alright.**

Our interactions left me with a feeling of having some new besties.  And I know this will get me future weird search results to my blog, but yes, they are teens.

So I was very excited on this morning’s run when I came to the park and saw all the cars and water bottles.  “Yes, my friends are here!”  Unfortunately, they were already off in the distance and I never caught up to them.  I wonder if they missed me too.

How bout you?  Ever get a running lift when you come across others?  Did you run in H.S.?  Are you here because you need man-panties?


*Bonus points if you get this movie reference.

**Triple bonus points if you get this one.

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37 thoughts on “Man Panties & My New Teen Runnin Besties

  1. I totally get a running lift when I see others as it makes me feel like maybe the bears won’t just be chasing me. Unfortunately I don’t often see others. We didn’t have track at the teeny tiny school I went to, but they did let us run in the woods for phys ed and I enjoyed it way back then.

    • Haha, yeah, you should carry some meat scented cologne and spray it on the other runners just to be safe! OK, I can just picture your recess – “alright kids, go play in the forest for a while. Don’t get eaten.”

  2. I love seeing the high school kids out this time of year. Although I hate to see summer come to an end it is exciting to see them all back and training. I am wondering if the “Running of the nude” is something like running of the bulls?

    • Oooh, good point. I forgot about summer ending. Man, it has flown by! Haha, that would be funny if there was some streaking going on and everyone else was running next to them in white outfits with red bandanas around their necks trying not to get ‘gored’.

  3. I hate seeing the high school kids, they highlight all the problems I have form wise, I’m jealous! I don’t have any fun search terms for my blog, guess I’m boring 😉 Triple bonus points for Dazed and Confused? We actually quote that at work quite frequently. 🙂

    • Haha, yeah, it’s a little frustrating seeing all those teens with their zero percent body fat and lack of bad habits. Nah, you’re not boring, I’m just weird. Yes, love D&Z! I actually know some folks who were extras in the big party scene (the shot it all in Austin)

  4. Definitely not here for the man panties or nude runners… but I do enjoy getting encouragement from other runners. I always try to smile or wave and if the other runner is receptive I may say something along the lines of “great job!” I never want to come off as creepy but at the same time want to find that camaraderie.

    • That’s great! I usually exchange head nods or waves. I usually don’t say anything to them unless I’m done with my run and just stretching. Then I might clap or say some encouragements to the runners.

  5. WalkToRio

    The running of the nude may have been me, doing research you know. Wanted to see if the guy you saw wrote about his side of the story.
    As for the panty thing, probably someone (me) looking for the Panty Man song, don’t know if you ever heard it. I tried to find the a link to it, but because I’m in Spain, I cannot see the link on the Elvis Duran website.
    But cry not, I found a bit on YouTube.

    As to the running lift, well, there’s a guy on his early 100’s that whenever he sees me he high fives me and yells “Venga marchador! ” or “Go race walker!” in English, he’s my biggest and only fan.

    Have a good weekend!

    • Haha, well thanks for your contribution! I have NOT heard of the Panty Man song, but thanks for sharing!!! I am now fulfilled!
      That’s awesome about the “viejo”! There’s an old man in a wheelchair that I run past sometimes. He sits in his front yard and always gives me some encouragement too, but not as enthusiastically. Don’t worry, I’ll be your fan. Is there a t-shirt or something I should wear? 😉

  6. I got the triple bonus, but not the first one. 🙂

    And damn, you figured out how I found your blog. I just, I’m so curious about those damn man panties. Funny actual story for you – I’m doing my first GORUCK in October. If you look at the gear portion of the website they sell “Ranger Panties”, which are those short shorts the military wear for PT. I find it hysterical that they’re called that! Maybe you should get some. They sell one that’s like the Texas flag!

    • Ha, well the first one is from Ferris Buelers Day Off. The maitre d from the place they eat looks at the teens and says, “I weep for the future” Haha!

      I knew it was you!!! And haha, that’s funny about the military runderwear. We have a running store here that sells little texas flag running shorts, but I don’t have a pair of them…yet.

  7. Whenever I see others running and I am not…I think of man panties….opps I mean, I think good for them and sucks to be me, then wondering how far they are running.

    • Haha, always think of man panties! I’m the same way – whenever I see others running when I’m driving somewhere, I get jealous.

  8. I was on the track team in high school, but I was a thrower, so I didn’t have to run 😉 Except for one mandatory “long run” (4 miles) that the whole team had to do. I managed to finish it and felt like a total badass.

    • You were a thrower, eh? I did a decathlon…ONCE. That’s the only time I got to throw, but it was fun! Heck yeah, you are a bad arse!

  9. Someone found my blog by searching for “topless bars in OBX”. Funny, but I don’t remember writing about that. Lol

  10. Wow…some people are lookign for interesting things on your blog! I ran in HS Indoor/outdoor track and even went to a running camp…totally obsessed runner…not much has changed really. I love seeing other runners its inspiring and it makes me think i wonder what they are training for or what mile they might be on. you should high five them next time haha…

    • Running camp?!? I think I need that now!
      I never did that, though I did go to cheerleading camp in college.
      I agree, seeing other runners is inspiring, and raises many questions. At our social runs everyone is all like, “How far did you run today? What are you training for? Etc etc etc”
      If I see them again, I will try to give them high fives. I just hope they don’t ‘diss’ me. (See, I still got the lingo of the youth)

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  12. I had to laugh with the searches for man panties or nude runners–I want to know, who are these people searching for these terms? I wish there were pingbacks to who these people are…now that would be fun! I didn’t run in HS or college, but I did play soccer in both, so I guess that counts as running 🙂 I usually run in Boston, so there is rarely a run that I don’t see a ton of people and I love smiling at everyone and saying good morning!

    • Haha, yes, who are these people?!? Ahh, a fellow soccer player!! Awesome! That’s my first love. And yes, it involves LOTS of running!
      I used to go to Boston once a month or so for work. I remember well all the active people about. Especially the rowers on the river.

  13. I love your new teen lingo too- it’s totz adorbz :~P I love/hate seeing other runners. Love: to say hi. Hate: I feel pressured not to stop running in their eyesight cuz that would be, well, embarrassing.

    • LOL, thanks for that! I’m so hip! Hahaha, yes, I know what you mean. I always have to make sure I’m out of eyesight before I take a quick break!

  14. TartanJogger

    😮 I have no words!

  15. I have been planning to post the search terms that led to my blog. =) Cool shot of you.


  16. hahaha LOVE IT! I thought the same thing about mine. Where in the hell did that search come from? I ran in high school (the mile) and was horribly slow. If only my track coach could see me now…ha

    • Ha, thaks!! I have no idea why these people look for these things. Though I’m sure my search history is sketchy too. They mile, eh? That’s a tough one. I only ran it one time in track. I remember wishing I could be done at the 400. Maybe you should send your race results to your old coach. Haha!

  17. Man Panties. That’s right there is beautiful. Now you’ve got me wondering…Not about Man Panties, Marv! About how people find my blog! I smell a blog post.

    {Note: using the word “panties” and “smell” in the same response is cringe worthy and frowned upon in some circles.}

  18. hahaha, well, I made the mistake on Instagram of hashtagging the pic with #manpanties. Then I clicked on it. Things cannot be unseen!!!
    Good luck with your search blog post!

    Hahaha, very true! And I’m sure I’ll get some new searches from undesirables with the use of “teens” in the title too.

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