Hump Day & Newbie Runner Alert

Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike.  Guess what day it is? Huuump Dayyy!  (And f you’re fast you can make it a speed hump day)

The past few months, hump day has also been a track workout day.  Today was no different.  The last couple weeks I was doing 800’s, but today I wasn’t feelin it, so I did 400’s and 200’s.  It’s cool, I’m not really training for anything specific right now…just out there to maintain some fitness during the summer heat.

Yes, 400 will be better than 800 today.

Yes, 400 will be better than 800 today.

Even though I wasn’t feelin this workout, I’m glad I got er done.  Ya always feel better after a workout, no matter how crummy you felt going into it.  I’ve never heard anyone say, “I really wish I hadn’t worked out today.”  That’s a dumb thing to waste a wish on.

Anyway, I got some other news.  My brother has decided to join us and become a runner.  My sis has been urging him the past few years to join his siblings in the running community, and now he’s in.

My immediate fams.

Pa, Bro, Me, Sis, Ma, Mumford, and his Sons.  Don’t ask about the alien eyes we have – it was some weird red-eye corrector in the camera.

He signed up for a half marathon this fall!  He didn’t give himself much time to train for it, but he should be all right.  After all, the goal of first race at any distance should be about finishing, and nothing more.

How bout you?  Recruited any new runners?  Having a good hump day? Ever wasted a wish? 


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27 thoughts on “Hump Day & Newbie Runner Alert

  1. What a good lookin’ family! Yay for the bro conversion! My brother also recently started running 🙂 My sister and I have been lifers and it’s so exciting to have him join us!

    • Thank you! Oh yes, I remeber you posting about your bro running! Awesome! Ha, you’re like me and my sis, except I’m a male.

  2. If all your videos are as good as the speed hump, it’s no wonder you have emmy’s 😉

  3. I’ve got a track workout tonight! Agree: always glad I went for a run. That would indeed be a foolish thing to waste a wish on. And I’ve recruited a few new runners in my day–friends and family. Some of them are even still running! One of us….one of us…one of us…. Welcome to your brother!

    • Ahh yes, I remember that you do Wed evening track work, that’s awesome! I wish I could run it in the evenings, but it’s too hot here. Hahahaha, well, nice job in your recruiting efforts! Thank you, I’ll pass it along!

  4. I’m at a family camp right now and a buddy and I who ran a marathon together in March organized a 3k, complete with medals and bibs. Should be pretty fun!

    • Very cool! My buddies organized an unofficial 10k for 4th of July. They did the same with making medals. No bibs tho….I’ll get on them!

  5. That is awesome your brother is going to become a runner. After years of trying, my SIL finally gave it and started running. She couldn’t run 1/4 a mile without having to stop, now she is up to 3 miles 3-4 times a week, I am SO proud of her. She recently ran her first 5k and we are going to run one together in a few weeks! Its such a good feeling when you can share something you love with others!


    My fiance may actually run my next half with me in November. He’s done a few 5ks with me, but nothing more. I really hope he does it!

  7. I’ve got my mother walking but not running, as for my brother? I doubt he will ever run. Now I am trying to recruit a coworker…

  8. That’s awesome that all your siblings run now (and your mom). Hilarious video by the way. Why don’t they call them speed bumps I wonder??

    • Yay, thanks for paying attention! Yes, four of the 5 originals all run. My dad did a 5k, and he walks on the treadmill every day, but hasn’t officially joined us yet. Ha, I have no idea on the speed humps….I saw another sign that called them road humps. Stay tuned for the sequel!

  9. Yaaay!!! So cool your brother signed up for a half marathon! I’m sure he’ll do great!! Can’t wait to hear about his journey!! That’s awesome you’re hitting your speed workouts! You’re dedicated!

    • Thank you!!! Yeah, it’s great alright! Hopefully he’ll catch the bug. Well, my speed workouts aren’t as long as they should be, but at least I’m out there.

  10. So true about how we feel after a workout. No matter how bad the workout was, I’ve never said I wished I hadn’t worked out… except for when I’m injured, but that doesn’t count!

  11. Such a positive influence you are 🙂

  12. I have no idea what your post said, I couldn’t get past how awesomely hilarious your video was!!!

    Ok, I actually did read the entire post but the video, epic!!

    • Haha, thank you so much! My ‘humping’ friends aren’t actors, so they were getting frustrated when it took us like 8 takes to get it down – especially since a patio full of brunchers were watching us.

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