100 Mile Run Month, Tacos & Weird New Search

First off, I have to give some thanks to my blogging buddy Helly. On the last day of July she did a post about how she made it to 100 miles of running for the month. Well, that prompted me to go and look at my Nike+ app…and realized that after my morning run I was at 96.25 miles. Whaaaaa? I couldn’t let it end like that. So I went on a second run to put it at exactly 100.0 miles. Just squeaked it in.


I know that is a lot of miles for some people, but I also know that it ain’t for others. I mean, look at my buddy Brian’s numbers for July. He ran 400 flippin miles! I also have an elite buddy here in town that runs around 120 miles a WEEK when in marathon training.  So there’s no reason to get cocky no matter how far you go…there’s always someone going further.

Anyway, I did have some friends point out that if the app had been tracking “tacos eaten” instead of “miles ran”, that I would’ve probably been in First Place! Ha!  And speaking of which – here’s the last ones I got to experience…

Got in my belly.

Got in my belly.

And in other news… I happened to be checking something in my blog settings the other day and noticed that somebody had found me using this search: “Why does my anus burn whenever I am wasted?”

Hmm, good question. I can think of a few answers, but I’m more interested in what y’all think?  Haha!

So, can you answer that dude’s question?  Do you know how far you run per month?  Who else knew vegetarian tacos could look so good?


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46 thoughts on “100 Mile Run Month, Tacos & Weird New Search

  1. Heck yes to 100! I had a couple months last year that were 100, but I’ve been trying to be a little more balanced with yoga/strength training this year. Plus I lost my gym so no treadmill this Winter!

    • Hecks yeah!!! Ahhh, got ya on the balancing act. Bummer about the treadmill, but maybe it will force you to become winter runner!

  2. 100 is a nice, even number. I’ve been around 120 most months this year so far, which is crazy for me. But it’ll never be that per WEEK! Um, the burning question? Probably has to do with the drunk food. Here’s hoping.

  3. Yay for 100 miles. I’m not even close but it would be cool to see that number some month. As for that question, wow, no clue to an answer. Maybe he’s not drinking the alcohol…

  4. hahaha that guy is definitely butt chugging. Congrats on hitting 100!

  5. Wow you have some serious runner friends! I cannot imagine 120 miles in one week, that would be a fantastic MONTH for me! 🙂 Great job on 100 miles, especially in the Texas heat! Veggie tacos are awesome, especially cactus tacos! 🙂

    • I know right! They’re full speed ahead! I have a friend who keeps telling me I need to run more miles. I’m working on getting my numbers back up. Oh yes, nopales tacos rule!

  6. Never heard of veggie tacos. They look delish!!! I’m a sucker for the chicken ones when I dine out. I’ll have to try one next time.

  7. You’d totally win the taco challenge. No contest!

  8. EW.

    And I have no idea how many miles I have run this month but I’m fairly certain it’s probably not 100. Great job! Now I have a new goal!

  9. Always someone going further and faster, then again, probably someone going shorter and slower, too. You’ll see 150 before you know it if you keep plugging, and maybe some more anus hits too, heh…

    • True dat! Thanks! I think the most I’ve done is 145 in a month. My BQ friend told me the other day that I should be running 60 a week. I’ll keep working at it. Haha, nice. Butt plug jokes are always appreciated.

      • Haha. Glad you picked up on that. I figured you had that refined sense of humor.

      • Totally. I was driving through FL once and the morning radio dudes called a local auto shop and kept asking for buttplugs. The guy kept asking, ‘sparkplugs’? But they just kept saying ‘buttplugs’. I still laugh 10 years later!

  10. Yeah for 100 miles….my biggest month was 108 km so….67 miles – I got a long way to go 😉
    Ummm…I almost spitted out my food when I read your butt comment. You’ve got some interesting followers 😉

    • Thank you! And you’ll get there if you keep working at it!
      Hahaha, sorry about that. Wait until you see the new search term that popped up today! Yikes!

  11. 100 miles is awesome! Congrats! And you have some seriously talented friends – I can’t imagine doing that kind of mileage. I love your taco photos – if I ever visit Texas I know exactly what I’ll be eating. And I think the guy who searched for that phrase has been doing his yoga all wrong!

    • Thank you!!! Yeah, they really step it up a few notches.
      Come visit any time! We’ll eat all the tacos!!
      Hahahaha, nice one!

  12. Nice job! That’s awesome! You’re totally right about there always being someone that can go farther (or faster). Running is mostly an individual sport, so our feelings about our own accomplishments shouldn’t depend on someone else’s performance. Btw, that taco looks delicious!!!! I think I’m going to make myself a burrito when I get home.

    • Thank you!
      Very well said! I try to never compare myself to anyone, and I hope others don’t to me. Now being inspired by someone else is another story.
      Ha, I hope you made a great burrito!

  13. nicely done on 100 miles. and 400?!!? how does that even happen?

    • Thank you! Yeah, he’s a beast. I believe he runs to and from work. Then runs again at night and in the mornings. He’s nuts.

  14. Well? Did you figure out the answer to that search request? We have got to start checking out how people find us more often! I do keep track of my monthly miles because at the beginning of the year I vowed to see how many I run in a year. I cannot find my February miles darn it. I was very excited this month because I was injured all of May and June and barely ran at all. But I got over 200 this month. Pretty sure I ate that many cupcakes….at least that is what the scale says 🙂

    • Haha, I think the best answer is ‘butt chugging’. Wait until you see the search that came in today!! (teaser alert)
      That’s great about your tracking. Maybe you can find your average and use that for Feb? Yes, 200 is great!! Way to go! I’m gonna start creeping up to your distance! Haha, watch out for the cupcakes!! I think they have more calories than tacos 😉

  15. Yaay for 100 miles! Good job!! Thank you for posting photos of tacos. One day I will go to Texas and eat tacos.

  16. Holy crap, 400 miles? Is he a machine? Congrats on your 100! As always, the tacos look amazing.

  17. Congrats on 100 miles! 400 miles is crazy..at my current pace it would probably take me every waking minute to cover that distance!! I’m probably covering about 70ish per month.. at least that’s what I should be doing anyway 😉 Those tacos look AMAZING

    • Thanks!! Yes, I don’t know how he has time for anything else! You’re always working out, so I bet you’ve got some good miles in there! Thanks, they tasted amazing!

  18. WalkToRio

    Well, I do do some googling myself, but to make things easier I added piratebobcat after the anus question and it took me to this post:
    And it highlights the follow:
    my-anus-m-burn-can-do-should-wasting my-when
    WordPress’ got jokes!
    As for mileage, too many, it’s affecting my brain.

  19. Anus burn… one more reason to add to my list of why it’s good I’m sober now.

    If you create a taco tracking app, my son would probably buy it.

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  21. Searcher guy – lay of the jalapenos appetizers at the bar where you drink.

  22. Haha, the search terms amuse me as well. I’ve gotten a couple of people who seem to have foot fetishes who are searching for “flip flops in the snow”.

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