Runin, Partyin, Yogain, & Rule Breakin

Ya know how people always annoyingly say that they need a vacation after their vacation? Well, I think many of us exerciser-type people need a weekend after our weekends. Man, weekends are ex-haus-ting.

Saturday I was up early to run with the White Rock Running Co-op. I ended up going 11 miles. There’s some great runners in this group. And we had another rare break in the heat – it was an unheard-for-August-mid-60’s in the morning. Awesome.

Are we runners, or are we human?

Are we runners, or are we human?

Humidity was still hovering around 90% though. Someone commented that it was hard to breath. All I know is my shorts were so heavily soaked in sweat that they were coming down. Hello! Had to keep retying the string tighter.

It’s all good though cause we cooled down after with a pool party.

Got it made in the shade.

Got it made in the shades.

This is such a great idea. It was potluck style, but the hosts also fired up the grill and had a cooler of adult style bevvies.

Sunday I was up early again for a solo trail run. Due to some rain earlier in the week, there was a big sign that read, “Trail Closed”. But something I learned once from my grandma, “It doesn’t say who it’s closed to. That sign could be meant for anybody.”

So I climbed over the barricade and ran. It was nice to have the whole trail to myself – well except for all the critters scurrying about (including the box turtle I had to move off the path).

The trail isn't really that squiggly, I was looking for my keys.

The trail isn’t really that squiggly, I was looking for my keys.

After four sweaty miles, it was time for yoga. Yoga is always more difficult when you’re on tired legs (and arms and torso and brain). But I got through it and that should make all the body and mind parts stronger for next time.

The rest of the weekend it was chores, and playing with the kiddos. If you’ve ever played with toddlers, you know how tiring that can be in itself! They are like full-speed non-stop.

But even though it was all tiring, it was all fun! And luckily I didn’t see any nude photo shoots, like I did the other day.

Onward to more!

How bout you? Any good workouts this weekend? Save any wildlife lately? Do you see a sign and think it’s not necessarily meant for you?  Who else needs a weekend after their weekend?


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34 thoughts on “Runin, Partyin, Yogain, & Rule Breakin

  1. Did some mountain running this weekend – always a fun challenge. And now I’m on the look out for the ashley sign.

  2. Sunday nights always leave me screaming “nooooo! One more day? PLEASE?”

  3. WalkToRio

    That’s why I always get Monday off, no workouts, just eating and sleeping (even at work). Weekend was intense, I’m feeling it, all my muscles aches. And I “played” with a baby too, he’s just 20 days old, doesn’t do much, but I least I put him to sleep.
    Have a nice week!

    • Cool! I usually take Monday off too. Be careful sleeping at work! Haha! Don’t get caught. Glad you had a tough weekend – feeling sore always means you were workin hard!
      Ha, yeah, them little babies are great because they actually like to take a lot of naps…not like toddlers!

  4. There’s a really nice trail by my house with a sign blocking me out. I’ve been sad about it for a while now, and I’m thinking it might just be time to take Grandma’s advice…

  5. Old Chub = delicious. Nice choice.

    And couldn’t agree more. Sometimes our weekend warrior tendencies leave us wiped out on Mondays, ready for another weekend.

    • Ha, thanks! Nice that you picked up on it!

      Yes, we go so hard on the weekends cause we have more time to, but we feel it on Monday!

  6. Ha ha ha, did your Grandma really say that?! That looks like a fun trail, just guessing on how long it took to find your keys 🙂

    I moved a tiny little turtle off of a path on Friday. Sigh. I bet he just walked back on though.

    • Ha, she did indeed! I do like that trail, but usually you have to move for bikers…but there were none that day!

      You saved a turtle too? Twinsies! Nah, I’m sure it scurried off to safety! 😉

  7. Yasss, weekend on top of a weekend would be great!

    I spotted a baby turtle on my lunch break walk last week. One of my coworkers is a wild life rescuer. She took it home was able to release it into the wild the next day.

    I wouldn’t touch it. Afraid of germs!

    • Wouldn’t it!?!

      Wow, that’s nice of your friend went to so much effort for the turtle. Glad it had a happy ending!

      Haha, I don’t think their known for being disease ridden.

  8. YES! We definitely had similar weekends. Pool parties are the most necessary thing ever right about now. Once again you had a way more fun looking run though. I need to start going out with a group.

    I love your glasses!

    • It feels great to cool off in a pool after runs!!! Yes, you need to find some fun run groups! Or find a boring one and make it fun!

      Thanks, got em at the Jimmy Buffett concert for free! Diggin the color!

  9. Totally agree! I most definitely need a weekend after my weekend! I also have not seen any naked photo shoots lately but I will let you know if I do. Did you end up finding your keys? I’m assuming you did since you somehow made it home…

    • Yes, weekends are so exhausting!
      Ha, if you do see a naked photo shoot, only take photos for me if they’re female. 😉 Hahaha, yes, I found the keys – they were under the turtle.

  10. Your route makes me think of snail tracks in beach sand. Sounds like a good weekend!

  11. Jealous of your post-run pool party! I saw some deer on Saturday but one on my running buddies had a rattler encounter that I was happy to miss.

    • Thanks! The party was a blast! Perfect after a run (even if it was 8am. Haha! Oooh, a rattler would be scary. Hopefully the rattle did it’s job!

  12. How did you lose your keys? I second irishrunnerchick, super envious of that pool party. And a weekend after the weekend sounds marvelous. How do we make that happen?

    • The turtle stole them. Ha, the party was a lot of fun! As for the weekend after weekend – maybe we can petition the white house??

  13. Oh man, I had a tough weekend with the kids. I def needed a weekend after my weekend!

  14. Your running group looks like a lot of fun!! It was a race weekend for me so I guess you could say I got a good work-out in and I always need a weekend after a weekend. Yaay for saving the turtle, you have good turtle karma now!!

    • Yes, it’s a great group! Congrats on your race! That’s always a great workout for sure. Oooh, I’ll take any good karma I can get…thanks!

  15. Yep..needed a break…6 miles on Saturday and an 11-miler on Sunday..both in the rain and thunder. Stuck inside due to rain all weekend….We need a new weekend to make up for the one we just lost….

  16. Is Yogain a new hair growth product?

    I like doing yoga on tired legs, although some modifications have to be done from time to time.

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