Full Frontal Running & Not a Taco

This week we’ve had a 2nd summer cold front come through! I had to take full advantage of the front. So I guess you could say I went ‘full frontal’? Is that the right use for that term?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still pretty warm and muggy, but at least it’s not 103 degrees anymore! Compared to last week, my runs this week have been night and day (well, I actually ran mornings).

I felt so fast that I was blurring.

I felt so fast, like I was a blur.

Yesterday I got in a quick 4 miles and today I did some track work.  And get this…while lapping the track, it actually started to rain!!! So for once I wasn’t just sweat wet, but also cool rain wet. It was like heaven (well, except for the out of breathlessness and the puke-y feeling from the 800’s).

Anyway, other than that I know I haven’t posted a taco photo in a while, but here’s an ad I saw for a local Mex fast food joint…

I should have them arrested for this.

I should have them arrested for this.

For those wondering, No, I’m not planning on getting one. Doesn’t look as appetizing as the tacos I normally get.

I'll take these instead please.

I’ll take these instead please.

Though it is free…so I suppose I could get it, take a bite to try it, then throw it away. But that sounds like a lot of effort.  Meh.

Anyhoodle, I hope this front sticks around a bit longer.  Gotta get in some more runs while I can!

How bout you?  Any wet workouts this week?  Would you try the taco burger?  Anyone else go full frontal?


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44 thoughts on “Full Frontal Running & Not a Taco

  1. Awesome about the cooler weather!! That’s great!!! I would try a vegetarian taco burger if that’s even possible!! Haha!! Hope all is well!! XOXO!!!

    • Yes, it was a super nice surprise! Ha, of course you can – they have vegetarian ‘chorizo’ down here in the grocery stores. We can make some up! XOXO

  2. Melissa

    We didn’t get your cold front down here. Hmph.

  3. That burger looks pretty gross. LOL

    Glad to hear you’re having some nicer weather again!

  4. Ewww at taco burgers. Real tacos are where it’s at.

  5. Taco burger reminds me of the cheeseburger hotdog my nephew picked up at a gas station on our way to WV. Processed food nightmare!

  6. If you eat that taco burger, you’ll have to run more than 4 miles!

  7. Tacos look way better than the taco burger – yuck! We’re having a rainy week here and it was kinda nice to run in it this week.

  8. You’re welcome for the cold front! That taco burger looks gross, don’t do it. We had a crazy rainstorm yesterday that lasted about 30 minutes but fortunately I was inside when it happened.

    • Thank you so much! 😉 And I won’t! We also had a storm over night – it was wild with lightning and thunder. Kept me awake. Several houses caught fire. Scary!

  9. Ok, I am about to date myself here, but did the Taco Bells near you ever sell the Bellbeefer? That is what that pic reminds me of. Actual tacos are better all the way.

    • UM, I don’t remember that one. But I haven’t been to a taco bell in probably 10 years. I did enjoy my share of ‘chilitos’ in high school. Yes, real tacos rule!

  10. taco burger? I’m never returning to America.

  11. WalkToRio

    Taco burger? No thanks!
    But those tacos look delicious, good thing I just ate my lunch otherwise it would have been really bad.
    Summer has been kind to us in here too, not a single day over 110, a few days on the low 100’s but then an average of 95, which in here is cold.
    Morning runs are nice, once you get used to the taste of mosquitos.

    • Ha, you are correct to avoid it!
      Yes, they were delicious!!! Wow that’s warm! Usually we’re over 100 all summer, but we’ve been lucky this year!
      Ha, yes, I’ve eaten my fair share of gnats and skeeters!

  12. I think Texas and Colorado are sharing the same cold front (and I appreciate your utilization of “full frontal,” as an English major, it totally works). The different is we have had 36 straight hours of rain, and temps in the low 60s. Very bizzare… enjoy it!

    • You are probably correct! Thanks for sending it down! Ha, glad you liked it. Just don’t google it! Oh wow, 36 straight hours??? Our lakes our only 50% full, so we could use a day like that!

  13. I haven’t had a rainy run in a while, but we’ve been having some nice cool temps here too, which has been lovely! I might at least try the taco burger, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get one.

    • Glad to hear! Enjoy them! Well, there is one near our house. And my foodie friend told me that she actually likes that place. I may have to try.

  14. What is wrong with that thing that they are just giving them away for free? I’m scared of it.

    I haven’t run in the rain for awhile either. I LOVE running in the rain! The only wet weather we have had around here lately though has been really violent thunderstorms so probably better that I stay inside for those.

    • Hahaha, good point! Why are they trying to get rid of them???

      Rain runnin is the best! Yeah, don’t mess with the thunderstorms. We had a really scary one last night. The whole house was rattling. Kept everyone awake!

  15. weird that the weather here in Pennsylvania seems to mimic yours in Texas.. I’m no meteorologist, but that seems weird. I highly enjoyed the 2 cold fronts too btw- PERFECT for running!! This second one made it feel like fall though, and I am NOT ready for that yet.

    • That is weird! I grew up in Ohio and normally the weather is nowhere near the same as Texas. Yes, loving fall weather!
      Luckily our fall can last until December, so I’m ready for it!

  16. We went from high 90’s last week to 50’s and rainy yesterday. Summer cold much?

    PS: My arteries say probably stay away from the burger. Just saying.

  17. I was hesitant to open this post up. The title had me a tad nervous 😉 But I am glad I did because now I am ready to go searching for tacos!

  18. I will eat anything. So, yeah, I’d eat a Taco burger. The fact that the burger talks is awesome.

  19. That taco burger looks like something the school cafeteria would make on the last day of he month with whatever leftover grade D meat they had on hand.

  20. That taco burger looks gross. I had a cheeseburger burrito once and it was actually pretty good, but standard tacos and burritos are my favorite.

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