Tuff Trail Run & Mastering Yoga

I almost titled this post “Crappy Trails to You”. I ain’t gonna lie…I had a hard time on this run.

The day after my long hot group run, I met up with another group for a hot trail run. A local running store organized it, and I was glad to see a bunch of familiar friendly faces there.

Some of the group, but not all of the group.

Some of the group, but not all of the group.

I don’t know if it was the heat, the humidity, the hills, the previous day’s run, or the fact that I went out way too fast trying to keep up with my super-fast friend (his last 13.1=1:07), but I just wasn’t feelin it this day.

But hey, I got through it…And after the run we had pancakes waiting for us!

See, flap jacks.  I like the range of expressions in this photo.

See, flap jacks. I like the range of expressions in this photo – from stone faced to ecstatic to skeptical to pancake faced. 

We ate, throwed the Frisbee, and had a sweaty good time. It was fun to catch up with a bunch of friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

Then it was off to yoga with some other friends.  And I’m proud to say I finally mastered the ‘chair pose’.

Nailed it.

Nailed it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the community pool with the fams.  These kids loooove to swim.



After those two days, I was wiped out.  Bed time came early.  And I’m ok with that.

How bout you?  Any tough runs lately?  Mastered any yoga poses?  Who wants flap jacks?


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38 thoughts on “Tuff Trail Run & Mastering Yoga

  1. I am such a wuss when it comes to running in the heat/humidity. Props to you!

    I haven’t completely mastered Standing Bow, but I’m improving! And I’m not sure if your Chair Pose counts…seems a bit suspicious to me….

    I would love some chocolate chip pancakes now. Please and thank you!

    • Thanks, it really does drain your energy.

      Keep working on that bow! What?!? Of course my chair pose is legit. Totes! 😉

      Go get you sum!!

  2. If you boxed for cross training, you could hang in the heat. Just sayin’. Ok that’s a total lie. Running this weekend was AWFUL in the humidity.

  3. It’s almost like you were born to yoga.

  4. Will run for pancakes.

    But seriously, it seems like you have the best group runs with the best food. I’m jealous!

    • Ha, the pancakes were popular!

      Yeah, I think I’ve found some good groups to run with! And there’s plenty others I haven’t run with yet. I’m pretty lucky!

  5. Best chair pose evah!!!! LOL.

    Oh, man, how do you manage to run so much in the heat and humidity? I don’t have anything near what you have and I whimper and die.

    We seem to be on some sort of food sync. I had pancakes on Sunday. It had strawberries and whipped cream. Delicious!

    • Haha, thank you!

      I don’t manage it very well. It’s pretty frustrating when I’m struggling to go just a couple miles. Makes me feel like I’m completely out of shape. But it will make us all the faster when the cool temps come, right!

      Fo realz? Yours sound a lot mo fancier than ours. But I guess there’s not much variety when you’re out in the woods.

  6. I want to know why you are the only one flaunting your banana… and since I don’t do yoga, your chair pose totally counts in my world!!
    Seriously though, I keep saying I need to find me some running friends who also know how to eat! Jealous over here. Although you can be jealous of my beatiful 65 degree run this morning sans humidity 🙂

    • Ha, I thought it’d be funny to whip that thing out. And you don’t have to know yoga to know that I nailed it! 😉
      Yes, go find some running foodies! And double yes, I’m jealous of your temps!!!

  7. haha, excellent chair pose! Trying to keep up with a 1:07 half marathoner sounds…tiring!

    • Ha, why thanks!
      And yeah. I try to run with him sometimes, but I usually can only last a couple miles before making an excuse to turn off.

  8. All my runs have been tough lately…I think it’s just cause I’m so exhausted from all the stuff goin on! When I was little, my grandma asked me if I wanted flap jacks for breakfast one time and I said no because I didn’t know that they were pancakes. It took me many visits to finally figure out what a flap jack is haha.

    • Oh yes, I’m sure your body is feelin it from all that stuff you got going on! Haha, was you grandma a lumberjack? She seems to have the lumberjack lingo down!

  9. Buah ha ha. Your chair pose kills me 🙂 And your face in the second pic 😉

  10. What fun runs!!!
    (and lol at “throwed the frisbee”!!–it’s the English teacher in me)

    • They were!!!
      Ha, I’m glad somebody caught that! My grandma always used to tell me about this diner somewhere down south that served ‘throwed rolls’ . they actually threw buttered rolls across the diner and you’re supposed to catch them.

  11. Super impressed with your chair pose 😉

  12. Love the chair pose! Have you heard of the lion pose? I remember coming across it in a yoga dvd. SO WEIRD! You get on your hands and knees, look up at your “third eye” and make a strange noise. Once again, SO WEIRD.

    • Ha, thanks! I haven’t heard of lion! But it sounds….interesting. Haha, there’s a lot of that in yoga. sometimes it’s hard to let go and just dive out of the comfort zone there!

  13. That’s an awesome chair pose. I was struggling with eagle pose at yoga today. My last tough run was those long hills in the wilderness and the heat and the humidity. I think this is the most humid summer we’ve ever had. Still not Texas hot and humid, but hot for here.

    • Ha, thank you! Eagle can be tough on the balance. It’s funny how it varies from day to day. I have to agree!!! This summer has been really humid down here too! But thanks for sending the polar vortex down here again this week to cool things off!

  14. Pancakes make everything better! The only yoga pose I’ve mastered is falling over.

  15. I definitely need to find people to run with that end the run with pancakes. That should definitely happen.

  16. Can I just say that you have one heck of a chair pose?! Fabulous! I am always in awe of how many cool running groups you have around you. It is nice to see such a big running community. And who doesn’t want to finish off a weekend with two adorable ones like that?!

    • Why thank you!!! 😉 Yeah, I have settled in to some pretty cool groups. It’s pretty fortunate. Yeah, the kiddos are kind of cute, I guess. 😉

  17. Your kids are too cute. Nice job on the group run, even though the humidity is killing us.

  18. Yep, bad runs happen. And they stink. But at least you got pancakes out of it!

  19. Your kids are so damn adorable. They look like trouble 🙂

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