Group Run, Brunch, & that Time the Popsicle Saved Me

This past Saturday two of my run groups met up for a merged run.  White Rock Running Co-op & Thursday Night Social Run.  Yes, the Thursday group was meeting on a Saturday.  Don’t let it get to your head.

The official run started at 7 am, but some of us met at 6 am for some extra miles (and to beat the heat).  I ended up with a few friends and we went at about an 8:15-8:30 pace in some very hawt and humid conditions for a pre-run 5 miles.

Some of the group.

Some of the group. Brunch joint awaits us behind.

The course took us through some pretty swanky neighborhoods – even passing by the former houses of (supposedly) Tom Cruise, Fred Couples, Deion Sanders, & Troy Aikman.  Them some big houses.  I really don’t know what people do to get that much skrilla (besides the pro athletes), but I wish they’d share some with us!

Anyway, I was hurting after that first 5 miles.  The heat was getting to me.  But I headed out on the 2nd part of the run with the main group.  A half mile in and I wish I was done.  But I kept going.  Made it to the water stop they had put out.  And here’s what was key – they had popsicles too.  I hadn’t had one in I don’t know how long, but I was struggling so much that I gobbled one down.

Holy cow, that made a difference.  I don’t know if it was the coolness, or the sugars, or both, but I felt much better after that.  Ended up going 9 total miles.

I’ve seen our buddy Helly preach the good word about these frozen treats, and now I know why!

Afterwards was probably the best part – brunch!  They had the entire patio reserved for us.  I made a 6 second Vine video…

So there you go, another successful Saturday morning.  And I guess the popsicles in the freezer won’t just be for the rug rats anymore.

How bout you?  Any group runs lately?  Any post running brunches?  Did you know of the power of the Popsicle?


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31 thoughts on “Group Run, Brunch, & that Time the Popsicle Saved Me

  1. Believe in the Power of the Popsicle! (And our pal, Helly!) So jealous of you and your running buds.


  2. Love my group runs!! And yes, the popsicles are amazing after (or during!) a hot run! 😀

  3. There have been some races where I would have loved Popsicles or ice out on the course.

  4. I don’t know how you run in the heat, I have such a hard time with it! Glad to hear the popsicle helped.

  5. Lol I have never tried using the powers of the Popsicle! It makes complete sense that it would work though! I like the guy flipping you off in the video.

    • Ha, it really did save my run.. I was hurtin! Yeah, I got a couple good reactions – I should’ve warned more people and maybe I would’ve got more.

  6. Nice work! Saturday’s heat was king mad awful! My Wednesday night social runs have been doling out the freezer pops and they totally hit the spot after a sweatfest run! They had snow cones at my race on Saturday! Score!!
    Speaking of Popsicles – I know a fun social run that’s having Popsicles and watermelon to kick off the Melon Dash 5K…

    • Yes, it was pretty miserable! Nice ideas on the sno cones and freezer pops! Double score!
      Ahh yes, the Melon DAsh – I’ve been eyeballing it, but have yet to commit. Some friends are tho.

  7. King mad = kinda. But I guess we can go with king mad awful.

    • Haha, I got cha! BTW, some of your crew came out to a trail run I was at on Sunday – I didn’t realize my good buddy from my Ohio home town runs with y’all – Beth Kilgore. Holla!

  8. Great video! I do know the power of the posicle. My freezer is full of freezies. Those are kind of the same right? Or is that just a Canadian term?? I even have healthy choice onces made from Welch’s grapejuice. I hide the icecream bars behind those, gotta work for the icecream.

    • Ha, thanks! I’m not sure what a freezie is, but I’m sure it works! Hahaha, nice idea to hide the ‘bad’ treats behind the ‘good’ ones!

  9. Yes to popsicles! In Utah you usually get a Creamie (totally SFW – Utah-style popsicle) at the end of long races. And I’m really excited to have post-run brunches scheduled for the next two weekends.

    • Haha, not sure what a creamie is, but I’m a little disappointed to hear it’s SFW. Wow, you’re so organized – two weekends in a row planned already? I barely know what I’m doing later today.

  10. It is crazy how awesome popsicles can be for runners. I started brining them for my group training runs and someone told me that it was all she thought about for the last few miles. My husband asked what would have happened if they were all gone and she said she might have cried!

    • I had no idea! Honestly, I knew they were going to be at that water stop as I passed them over first time around, but like your friend, it was all I could think about the next time around! Ha, maybe you can prank her next time — hide them and get her reaction on camera.

  11. Other than the heat, that sounds like some great running! I thinking I need to work a Popsicle into my next run, there’s a gas station a few blocks from my usual route, hmmmm.

  12. I’ve heard about the amazingness of the popsicle, but never witnessed it for myself. I only hear about it in hushed tones in dark corners of the world.

  13. missadventuresinrunning

    Looks like a great group run! I have a group run tonight. We are doing some speedwork. Maybe I should bring some popsicles!

  14. runningschlub

    Wow I didn’t know the power they had. I was pretty upset our running group didn’t have any on Saturday. I’m bringing some next time I meet up with them for sure.

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  16. Why’d that one guy give you the double bird in your video? What’d you do to him?

    I almost tried a popsicle in a recent race, but they had just handed them out and turned to get more as I passed and I didn’t want to pause or slow down. 😦 I think cooling your core temp is their big secret, but I bet he sugar helps too.

    • I stole $40 out of his wallet once. 😉

      Hmmm, it’d be hard to eat them when running a race. Luckily I had time to stop and eat mine! Yeah, the cooling helped – I also poured a bunch of ice water on my head. That felt soo good!

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