Reflections of a Runner (Update)

A few months ago I wrote about a deceased runner memorial that I always see when I do my long runs at White Rock Lake.  Please do take the time to read it if you can, as I give details that I won’t in this post (you can skip about halfway down the post to where I start writing about her).

You can read that post HERE.


Back when I wrote my original post, I didn’t know too much about her.  A lot of readers wrote in the comments that they were curious about her like I was.  I did my best to research her, but couldn’t find too much.  I did find her brother on Facebook and Linkedin.  I sent him friend requests hoping he would accept and then I could reach out to him…unfortunately he hasn’t yet.

That said, if you scroll down in the comments of the post, you’ll see that I have since gotten comments from a couple of her friends.  One was last week.  They actually came across my blog when they were searching for her.

They left some very nice messages.  One also left a link to her obituary.  It was very nice of them to offer some insight into who she was – saying that she was a beautiful person inside and out.  I’m glad to hear it.

This past weekend I got a chance to run at that spot for the first time in months. I usually start/end my run where the plaque is.  This wasn’t by design – I didn’t notice the plaque until well after I had already established this as a good meeting point (as I said in the original post, it is kind of hidden).

When I finished my run, I went to the spot where the plaque is to stretch (like I always do).  I said a few words to her to let her know she wasn’t forgotten by her friends (and even some of us strangers).

Anyway, that’s just a quick update in case any of you were wondering what ever happened with that.  I promise to share if I ever get any more info. If you are reading this and have anything to share, please do!


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25 thoughts on “Reflections of a Runner (Update)

  1. I hope you are able to make some more connects to Sabra’s family. It sounds like this plaque may be doing exactly what it was supposed to do – let you sit and think …. of a friend … of Sabra (an unknown friend)…someone you connect with because of that trail/running spot. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks piper! Hope so too. I like your thoughts. Yes, it makes us think, doesn’t it? And it does make us connect. I’m really happy to have found it. And I’m really happy about your thoughts. Thank you again!

  2. She is not forgotten.

  3. Wow. That’s deep.

    As you learn more information about her, maybe you can organize so type of memorial run in her honor. Just a thought…

    • Thanks you.
      That is a GREAT idea! I wouldn’t want to do it without the family’s involvement tho. I hope I hear from them. Thanks KL!

  4. Precious. Just wonderful of you, S.

  5. So glad you updated us. I love that she has such a pretty memorial in a very pretty place. I’m sure she appreciated your efforts!

    • Thanks Jenna! Glad you remembered. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it is at a pretty spot. And many many races run past it…even the Dallas Marathon.
      I hope you’re right!

  6. Very nice post. There is a memorial on one of the trails I run where an electrical worker passed away. Every time I’m on the trail I stop to pay my respects. I feel it’s just the right thing to do.

  7. This is such a beautiful and touching post. I even chocked up reading it. It is so sad when somebody’s life is cut so short… That being said, it’s nice to see that she left some legacy behind her. It’s reassuring to know than even we’re gone, people do think of us… ❤

    • Oh wow, thank you so much! Yeah, it hit home with me too. She was only 35. You’re right, she definitely had ones who loved her – not only those who left the monument, but those who are still searching for her today. Yes, you’re right, it’s nice to think we won’t be forgotten.

  8. What a nice post. It’s pretty cool that you’re taking the time to find out more about her and sharing what you do know about her.

    • Thanks Angie! Yeah, it’s usually just me there stretching and when I came across her memorial, it really got me to wondering. Unfortunately she passed before social media was real big, so it’s been difficult to find much about her. Working on it!

  9. I remember you writing about her, that is incredible you were able to get a few responses from friends. Thanks for the update 🙂

    • Thanks Jamie! Glad you remember! Yes, it happens randomly that someone will post on it. I’m so glad they do though!

  10. So touching. The world is small and connected due to the internet. It’s pretty cool some of her friends responded. It would be interesting to learn who put the plaque there.

    • Thanks Cynthia! I agree, the world is getting smaller. I’m glad they were able to find my post about her. I hadn’t thought about who put it there, but I will ask if anyone in the know contacts me!

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  12. I remembered the post too and have thought about this woman a few times since then. Thanks for following up.

  13. I love that you wrote that, researched it, and got the info out. The power of the internet is awesome, and works in good ways (sometimes)! Thanks for sharing her story. She is not forgotten! 🙂

    • Thanks you! I wish I knew what she even looked like. Yes, the internet can come in handy! I hope we can find out more. Thanks for your kind words!

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