Christmas (Weather) in July! I Opened a Running Present.

This week has been amazebutt. North Texas got rain and a few days of cooler temps! I have taken full advantage.

I’ve run pretty much every day this week (including in the rain). I’ve taken the dogs/kids on walks each night. It’s all been so refreshing.

Bailey was not impressed with my imitation of her tongue panting.

Bailey was not impressed with my imitation of her tongue panting.

Today was going to be a rest day, but when I woke up and saw temps in the 60’s – I had to run. We don’t get these chances very often – Just early this week it was 100 degrees – that’s a nice change of pace! Of course, the humidity was 95%, but it still felt pretty cool with the temps and cloud cover.

I’ll take it!   Normally this time of year we are trying to cool down with…



I’m hoping the temps linger on a bit longer – I’d at least like to get in the weekend long runs if possible. Here’s hoping!

How bout you? Taking advantage of the weather where you are (I hope it’s pleasant)?  Weekend plans?  Anyone going for frozen yogurt?


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29 thoughts on “Christmas (Weather) in July! I Opened a Running Present.

  1. We have a weather warning for thunder storms over here. Nice. Oh, and I want frozen yoghurt, too… I think it would be perfectly reasonable to hunker down with a massive pot of FroYo when the tempest arrives… In fact, I am struggling to think of a situation that doesn’t call for frozen yoghurt…

    • Haha, well I hope you get some froyo soon! Sounds like you’re its number one fan! Please send any unwanted rain our way – our water supply lake is still only 50% full. Yikes!

  2. Happy polar vortex! Frozen yogurt is a perfectly acceptable way to celebrate pretty much everything.

  3. Jane Likes to Run

    Oh my. My running temps for the most part were in the upper 50 in the morning. That’s the best. And guess what? Now I am going to Texas (for the first time) for work in September. To Houston. Hopefully it won’t still be 100 degrees them.

    • Oh yes, the 50’s is a great temp for running! I”m jealous.
      Cool, I hope you have fun! It could well be over 100 then – but Houston is worse for its humidity. Oh, and skeeters – Bring your bug spray!

  4. It’s cooled off a lot here too and I ran twice in the rain! It’s been awesome. I was almost chilly during yesterdays run. Love it. Considering the amount of ice cream I’ve been eating I should switch it up for yogurt instead.

    • Haha, nice! And same here – I felt almost chilly before and after. I guess my blood has thinned this summer.
      Ha, full disclosure – that was ice cream in the photo, and I didn’t buy it, and I didn’t eat it either. Saw the photo op and took it!

  5. Hashtag sentence = lol

  6. 60F and overcast for my long run this morning – perfect! I don’t know if I’ve ever even had froyo – but I’ve been eating a crazy amount of ice cream lately.

    • Niiiice! Ha, to be honest, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so I hardly ever eat it. We had an amazing ice cream shop in my home town in Ohio – I do stop there whenever I’m back in town tho.

  7. It’s hot here again today (hot here is like 85-90 and humid) but I’ll take it! Our winters are so terrible that anything warm is a win!

    • Oh I hear you – I grew up in Ohio, so I know how miserable the long winters are up north. Enjoy your ‘hot’ summer!

  8. I just posted about the change in weather last week. I missed out on a great morning on Thursday but that evening wasn’t that bad. Got to take advantage when you can out here in AZ.

    • I hear ya bud! I ran all 6 days that the weather was cooler. I didn’t want to miss that golden opportunity either!

  9. Yay for the Polar Vortex! As a (semi new) North Texan I appreciated the break in the desert hot temps. Temps that can melt hell gets old quickly.

    My bestie Kilax from told me about your blog so here I am! Hi! Pass me some fro-yo, yo.

    • Yay indeed!!! You’re very lucky, this has been the most mild Texas summer since I’ve lived here (since 98).
      Ohh, ok, you’re Kilax’s friend – you run with the North Texas Runners? Is that correct?

      • The McKinney Running Club.

        It is def milder than last year, which was milder than the year before (so I keep hearing)!

      • Ahh yes, OK cool! I kind of bounce around from group to group. Do y’all meet at the Market Street in McKinney?

      • Yes, we do!

      • OK, I sometimes meet a group there too – an unofficial group. I’ll let you know next time I do! This saturday I’m meeting a group at the Breadwinners in Plano. Official run starts at 7am, some are meeting at 6 for extra miles. Come on out!

      • Def let me know when you come out to Market Street. Thanks for the run invite! This Saturday I’m doing a local 10K in the Stonebridge area.

      • Will do! The group I meet that runs there are EARLY starters – like 5am. So usually we are finishing when we see all the other groups warming up. I”m sure I’ve run across you. Good luck in your race!!!

  10. I went for frozen yogurt twice yesterday. It was national ice cream day and I needed to take full advantage.
    The weather here was awesome last week! I can’t really run, but I did what I could. It was just too beautiful out to pass up!

    • Haha, good for you! I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that our 5 year old asks for ice cream. Luckily we’ve got him mostly transitioned to frozen yogurt now!
      I know, it’s a bummer you can’t run, but I’m glad to hear you still took advantage and got out there!!

  11. Our weather was great all last week and it’s back to 90 and humid today. Blah. Trying to look at the weather as a new training obstacle to overcome because the treadmill does not sound appealing!

    • Yeah, same here. So flippin muggy today. After my run it looked as though I had showered in my clothes!
      I’m with you – no treadmill forme. And yes, I assume training in tough conditions will only make us stronger!

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