I’m a Sexy Trail & Rain Runner

Firsty, I never check this stuff, but I needed to look at something in my blog settings and I noticed the search term someone had used to find my blog.  I gotta say, whoever he/she is, well, they came to the right place!


Haha, dayum skippy.  They found their man!  If you didn’t know, I’ve been finding that lots of the exercises we do do make us sexy.  Tee hee, I said doo doo.

Secondly, Holy Frijole did we get some rain today!  It was awesome!  We are in a really bad drought here in Tejas, so today was much welcome.  It stormed most of the morning-night and all day.  Only problem – when I was up for my morning run, there was lightning.  We shouldn’t run when there’s lightning.

I waited…and waited…until I thought the lightning had stopped…and went for my run.  It was still raining, which felt uhmaizing!  It’s been a long time since I’ve run in the rain.  However, I have a big but.  (Tee hee, I said big butt.)  BUUUUUUT the lightning hadn’t stopped.  I definitely ducked a few times when I saw the flashes.

Luckily I made it home safe.  However my white tank top was soaked.  I probably would’ve won a wet t-shirt concert if my neighborhood wasn’t so lame and decided to had one.  So sexy.

Anyway, back to whomever was searching for sexy trail runners, I’m sure this is the photo they were looking for…


I hope they were satisfied with their search results.  Hahaha, I wish I could see their reaction.  Oh well.

How bout you?  Rain run much?  Which one of you was searching for ‘sexy trail runners’?  Be honest!


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39 thoughts on “I’m a Sexy Trail & Rain Runner

  1. I laughed a lot when I saw the picture on Instagram haha. You should definitely be proud of that!

  2. Clearly you have the coolest followers 🙂

  3. Sometime between when I read your mention of “doo doo” and your mention of “butt”, my husband farted and it was like your whole blog was in 4D.

    Not sexy. Sorry.

  4. I don’t mind running in a drizzle, which I did Tuesday night, but I’m not a huge fan of running in a downpour. And definitely not with a side of lightning!

  5. Running in the rain is fine but lightning?! Hell no, I only like that from inside a nice safe house.

    • Yeah, I wanted to run so bad that I convinced myself it was over…it wasn’t. I do like sitting in side during a good thunderstorm tho!

  6. Hilarious! I’ve seen some bizarre searches to find my blog. My favorite was “bikini runner” Apparently there used to be a girl who ran in her bikini along one of my running routes. The rain probably felt amazing after dealing with the Texas heat!

    • Haha, well maybe you should become ‘bikini runner II”. Keep it going!
      Oh yes, we went from 100 to 65 in one day… it was miraculous!

  7. Best search term ever…congratulations! I’ve never run in the rain, but it’s on my summer goals list. As a former Boy Scout, any hint of lightning within 30 minutes is a no-go for outdoor activities!

    • Haha, thanks!! You should if you get a chance ~ we don’t get many in N. TX. But you are right, I should’ve stayed in. I kept counting the seconds between the lightning and thunder trying to reassure myself, but I know it was a dumb decision.

  8. Lightning is scary dangerous! I love it, but would not want to run in it.

  9. That’s the sexiest trail running pic I’ve ever seen. 🙂

  10. Haha, I love it! So sexy it’s scary… 😉

  11. Rain running is great–I’d actually rather run in the rain than with blazing sun, high temps and humidity. Also, any time I or anyone else uses the phrase “do do” I giggle inside. That and “duty” (doody).

    • Oh yes, I completely agree! I was so eager to run in it that I ignored the lightning (dumbly). Haha, yeah, ‘reporting to doody.’

  12. Would you hold it against me if I was the one who searched for that?? Lol j/k. That’s pretty funny and I’m sure they were completely satisfied with their search. I’m dying for some rain over here in AZ.

    • Haha, nah, I’d probably respect you more. 😉 Oh, I bet they found what they were looking for, hahaha. I hope you get some rain…Our lakes are still really low, but every bit helps!

  13. You bring a whole new meaning to sexy! It’s awesome. No rain here, but I was out of town for work and it totally rained! I ran for an hour and it was so amazing! I used to hate running in the rain, but this heat has given me a new appreciation for rain. No lightning though.

    • A whole new meaning, eh? Hahaha! Glad you got to run in some rain! I loves it! Yeah, in Ohio growing up I wasn’t as much of a fan, but now I dream of it!

  14. Pretty sure I won’t feel sexy after my 20-miler (maybe 50k) trail race in October. Actually… I know I won’t! A lot of fun but not easy!

    • Haha, well you may not feel sexy, but hopefully you can look it? Good luck in your race! I love trail running, but it is tough (and fun)!

  15. Doodoo, anus and butt – they obviously found the right ‘sexy’ runner blog! Ha! I haven’t run in the rain since March – not much precipitation here in Utah! Can’t say I miss the rain though – growing up in Ireland I think I’ve had my share.

    • Hahaha! I guess my blog has gone juvenile lately. But that is a truer reflection of me, so what can I do? Oh yeah, Utah can be pretty dry – except when I was there and saw the biggest snow flakes of mylife!!! Haha, oh yes, Ireland does get it’s fair share!

      • Ha – you should never change your blog! Snow, snow, snow in winter and then hot as hell in summer! A bit of everything out here.

      • Haha, why thanks! And you get those awesome mountains! I remember taking a random drive from Park City that circled around and ended up at SLC – it was gorgeous!

  16. That’s too funny! It would only happen to you and no one else that you would have a search term like that! Glad you were able to make it home in one piece! I haven’t had much rain running experience but the few times I have it’s been amazing. My first half marathon was in a constant drizzle which was perfect.

    • Haha, thanks Jenna! Yeah, I definitely picked up the pace in the park where it was more of an open field. Oh yes, a drizzle would be nice. I ran the Dallas Half a couple years ago and it was 35 degrees with a DOWNPOUR. It was awful – so so cold. I was soaked in freezing rain.

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  18. I love running in the rain and have totally been caught in lightning storms. Sometimes it looks like it’s just raining when it’s not. It can be very sprint inspiring.

    • Ha, yes, rain is rare here, but I’ve been caught in it by surprise too. And oh yes, I was definitely picking up the pace when I came to open fields!

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