Yoga Anus Strengthing Part II

This past Sunday I continued my recent pattern of going for a morning trail run followed by yoga.  The trail run was hot, but fun.  I was especially stoked because my GPS watch actually latched on to the satellites!!!  It usually has some issues under a thick tree canopy.  It’s good to know exactly how far I’m actually running!

After the run I met up with some friends for yoga at Lululemon.  They took a couple pics of us yogaing.

More bonus points if you can find me.

More bonus points if you can find me. (click to enlarge)

We had the same instructor as last week.  And if you saw my post about it, then you know she occasionally encouraged us to tighten our anuses.  Her words, not mine.  She said it helps with injury prevention.

This week she said it again.  She said it’s how real Yogis are able to fly.  Again, her words, not mine.

Learnin to fly.

Learnin to fly.  Can you find me?

I’m not sure exactly how clenching your anus helps you fly uninjured, but she’s the expert I guess.  Anyway, after two sessions of anus-tightening yoga, I’m really feelin the burn!  Oh wait, that may be the hot wings I ate last night.

How’s everyone doin?  Can you yoga fly yet?  Have you been practicing your clenching technique?  Do we need to create a run/yoga duathlon? 

PS.  Bummer – I forgot to write down the yoga name for it, but I’ll try to get it.

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22 thoughts on “Yoga Anus Strengthing Part II

  1. I’m going to ask my yoga instructor about this clenching technique. If only to make the rest of the class a bit uncomfortable or perhaps they’ll laugh.

    • Haha, yes, you do that! Hopefully they won’t start calling you the anus girl! There seriously is a yoga word for it, going to find it out!

  2. A run/yoga duathlon. I like that idea!

  3. Black shirt on the right in the last row. I could barely see you in the 1st, but spotted you on the 2nd.

  4. The amount of times you manage to say ‘anus’ in your posts is truly impressive and a skill that not many possess.

    • Haha, I was wondering who would notice and if people would be turned off from it. Glad to see you appreciated it…but know I know where your mindset! Haha

  5. To be fair, I’ve never flown before, and I’m betting you haven’t sprouted wings lately…so maybe she is the expert on flying and you should just tighten up and fly right! 😛

    • Ha, I can’t even do a full crow, so I should listen to her I suppose. She was doing all sorts of funky balance poses on her hands.

  6. I went to yoga earlier today and I can report that I cannot as of yet, fly. But I guess maybe I’m not tightening my anus enough. There has to be some kind of learning curve with this.

  7. Ahhahahah! Hot wings… that must be it! And start doing your signature face… It took me 2 pictures to actually spot you… Stop wasting my time LOL! 😀

    • Hahaha, thank you for picking up on that! You’re the only one who did! Aaaand, I’m sorry! I didn’t know when she was taking the pic, but I’ll get back to my blue steel!

  8. Still gets me on how that helps with injury prevention lol. Congrats on the watch catching the sat’s…i hate when I dont know distance and pace.

  9. I’m not sure it’s the same thing, but my husband went to a yoga class in RI where the teacher had this gruff voice and kept shouting that the guys should “suck up yer junk”.

  10. It looks like the girl in the front row is doing yoga in her sneakers? What kind of crazy Texas-style yoga is this? Maybe she’s experienced too many yoga farts and that’s why she has you guys clenching? Ok – I need to stop reading your anus posts.

    • Hahaha, I hadn’t noticed. But now I remember – the instructor asked her to take them off when she noticed. Maybe she was afraid of her foot smell? Hahaha, I think maybe you nailed it! It prevents yoga-farts! I promise not to post another anus post for at least a few days. 😉

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