‘Merica, F**k Yeah! July 4th 10k Unsanctioned Fun Run – Recap

Here in the United States of America, the 4th of July is a holiday. It’s a day of patriotism, fireworks and maybe even a party or two. The past couple years I have also run a 5k race on this day.

But this year I decided to join some running friends who were putting on their own little annual fun run.

Pre Run Pic

Pre Run Pic

Now this race wasn’t official (as in it was not sanctioned by anyone other than ourselves – Yes, it’s nice to have that kind of power).  We did have water/gummy bear stops along the way, but other than that, it was pretty much just a group of friends going for a 6 mile jaunt.

It was hot and humid and hilly (Triple H), but we also had a lot of fun (Quad H). And one of the organizers even made us commemorative finisher’s medals!

Censored Bling.

Censored Bling.

Afterwards we got a little patio breakfast nearby and watched as an actual officially sanctioned 4th of July race ran past us. We cheered for the runners, while secretly glad that our run was done before the sun came up (and also that it was free).

Post Run Pic

Post Run Pic

It did get me to thinking (Dangerous, I know). But this was the 2nd unofficial race I’ve done in the past couple weeks. The other being the TNSR Beer Mile. I love how I have friends who organize this sort of thing.

Anyway, good times and a great way to celebrate ‘Murica!

How bout you? Run a 4th of July race? Ever have friends or groups who organize unofficial races? Anyone lose any fingers to fireworks this weekend?


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34 thoughts on “‘Merica, F**k Yeah! July 4th 10k Unsanctioned Fun Run – Recap

  1. Sounds like a great time! No 4th of July race for this Canadian – maybe someday though 🙂

    • Wait, so you neighbors up north don’t celebrate 4th of July in the same way we celebrate Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo??? Fix that!

      • Well we don’t get the day off but I’m sure us Canadians would use the 4th of July as an excuse to have a party 😉

      • What? You mean you don’t celebrate it like we celebrate St. Pats or Cinco De Mayo? I thought Canadians liked to party!

  2. Fun fun fun! Makes me think there should be a real sponsored Team America: World Police race on the fourth some day! I ran a fourth of July race in small town IA 🙂

    • Hahaha, we were talking about that movie on our run and I was shocked that a few of the people didn’t know about it or realized that’s what our run name was based on! Hope you had a great race!

  3. Look likes fun and such a cool medal! I have done a few unofficial races actually. I kind of enjoy them. No fireworks up here as it’s daylight until 2AM and then a little dark and then light again by 3AM. We save all the fireworks for Halloween.

  4. I seriously love the medal and love how much fun you have!! You are such a fun guy!!! So awesome!! Glad you had a great 4th!! XOXO!! Have a wonderful week!!

    • Ha, thank you! I always love to get new race medals! And thank you – we try to have fun! I’m glad they came up with this idea. Glad you had a good fourth too! XOXO!

  5. You’ve found a great bunch of running friends – and that medal is pretty cool!

  6. Sounds like a lot fun- nice that you have such an awesome group of runner friends!
    I wanted to host a 5km race for our fifth anniversary last year and invite our wedding guests, but time got away on me! Maybe 10km for 10 years?!

  7. Sweet medal! That sounds like it was fun, and the free helps too!

  8. Fun! Didn’t do anything for the 4th this year (besides eat the best pasta of my life), but glad to see that so many people celebrated for me back in the States.

    • Oh man, don’t make me jealous! I remember having the best food in my life all over Italy. So fresh and amazing!

  9. I don’t have any friends that run (my pace, that is) so I basically have my own unsanctioned runs all the time. It’s called training. 😉

    • Haha, nice! I’m sure you can find some groups around you. The ones here have ALL paces from 5 minute milers to walkers.

  10. missadventuresinrunning

    I think I need to suggest unofficial races to my running group. Sounds like a lot of fun! Those medals are pretty awesome, too! Also, free is my favorite price.

  11. Jane Likes to Run

    I love those medals! I have had friends who did an unsanctioned beer mile. I decided not to go though because of was on to local track and I had a suspicion that someone might get arrested for public intoxication! I don’t think that happened, but you never know!

    • Thanks! Ha, we did ours in a popular shopping and dining area that has a pond that is a qtr mile around. The beers were drank in an adjacent apartment courtyard, so it was all good. If we did ours at a track, I’d be worried because they’re all connected to schools!

  12. This is soooo awesome! Love the idea. And the happy faces in the picture tell it all. ❤ xoxo

  13. I LOVE this. You guys have the best time down there. I wish I had raced on the 4th, but unfortunately my stupid nerves had other plans. 🙂

    • Yay! I’m sorry about your nerves. I can’t believe that the legendary Salt had self doubts!?!?! You need to come join us for a run soon, please and thank you!

  14. Freedom isn’t free, there’s a hefty freaking fee! Glad you guys got in a good run!

  15. That’s so fun! I need a gang like this. Your medal is awesome. I did not have a race, but I did run 7.4 miles in honor of the holiday and the official end to the Runner’s World Running Streak Challenge (I’ve kept the streak alive so far).

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