Beer Mile Recap

Blergh, this was a wonderfully awful experience.  It was wonderful hanging with cool runner folks.  It was awful trying to sprint 400’s after chugging beers.

The happy group pre-race.

The happy group pre-race.

In my preview, I wrote how last year I finished 2nd overall in this race with a time of 9:49.  Wow, did I have a far worse go of it this year.

And we're off!!!  Apparently my arm was already cramping.

And we’re off!!! I decided to deploy the deadly right arm chicken wing attack.

After the first beer/lap I was hurting.  My belly was distended…pregnant with a huge bubble of air/carbonation pressing against my diaphragm.  I thought I might hurl and moved to the bushes.  But I burped it out and was able to continue.  However, each lap/beer left me with the same bloated belly.  It was not pleasant.

I finished about four and a half minutes slower than last year’s time – 14:16.

I think my face sums it up.

I think my face/posture sums up how I felt.

In the end, we still had fun.  I need to give big ups to Thursday Night Social Run for hosting this race and to Tory and Josh for putting it on and providing the post run BBQ.

Meat me at the courtyard.

Meat me at the courtyard.

It was definitely a learning experience.  Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to run a few miles to warm up before hand.  Maybe my choice of beer (Shiner Bock) was not good for this event.  But this was only my second Beer Mile.  We’ll see if the future holds any more.

Post run.  Shiny happy people.

Post run. Shiny happy people.

Warning, if you do one of these races, it’s not easy.  Prepare yourself.  And the beers kind of start hitting you by the third lap.  In fact, one friend there had the quote of the night, “My vision is definitely compromised.”

Questions:  Seriously, any tips for Beer Mile?  How would you do drinking four beers while you sprint four 1/4 miles?  Talk to me!



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54 thoughts on “Beer Mile Recap

  1. I would 100% get sick…it would not be pretty!
    Well done buddy!

  2. Are you sure your “deadly right arm chicken wing attack” isn’t more “I’m a little teapot”?

  3. OMG that sounds horrifying.

  4. No way in the world I would try this!

  5. That looks like so much fun! And lots of heartburn, haha!

  6. charissarunning

    Huge congrats and props to you for doing the beer mile! I would definitely get sick. Bring on the wine instead? Except that would be hard to chug haha

    • Ha, I found myself wishing it was shots instead of full beers. I’d rather have 4 oz of hard liquor in my belly then 48 oz of sloshing beer!

  7. If I had a nice, shiny, happy, boozy bunch of running buddies I TOTALLY WOULD! BTW. That semi blurry, nauseous picture of you by the bushes is fantastic. Love it. Burp it out, Scott. Burp it out.

    • Haha, maybe you need to mobilize and organize a group! As we were running we kept saying to eachother, “this is awful” and it was! Haha! I tried everything I could to burp it out…everything!

  8. Yikes, tough race. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap to the race and admit it kicked your ass. I don’t think I have any tips, id try to drink and run as fast as I can and hope I don’t end up passing out or hurling lol

  9. Yikes, I’d so injur myself. Lol great job!

  10. Just reading that made me slightly nauseous, congrats on just getting through it!

  11. I would throw up! Haha sounds like a fun event though

  12. Oh I would have throw up. Guaranteed.

  13. Shiner Bock’s good stuff. But no way would I even attempt this. Yep I’m out! Congrats on finishing a tough race!

  14. Good job! I’d hurl after the first beer and lap and if not then, for sure by the second.

  15. Oh man, definitely does not look like something I’d try. I don’t think I’d make it very far!! You’re a champ!! Wow, what an amazing race to finish!! Way to goooo!!! 🙂 🙂 XOXO!! Hope you’re having a great weekend!!

    • Oh I’m sure you’d do fine! Last year I finished 2nd and 4 mins faster. This year I was just glad to finish! Thanks! Hope you had a great one too! XOXO

  16. Cat

    I read about how the guy who just broke the beer mile record had to train for months beforehand, learning to run while drinking carbonated drinks. Sounds hideous! Good on you for doing it though, I would vomit for sure!

    • Ahh yes, I saw he broke the record, but didn’t see how he did. Good to know. It was pretty horrid, but like anything though – afterwards I was glad I did it!

  17. Awesome recap. Part of me thinks this looks like so much fun. But it sucks enough when you want to hurl when you are running in general, adding in the carbonated beer component makes it sound awesome and terrible all at the same time.

    • Thank you!! Yes, we combine two activities that can cause hurling into one event. Not the smartest – but people always say that about people who do extreme things (like running marathons). Ha, it was a pretty miserably fun experience!

  18. Oh man. My main issue would be that I can’t chug beer. I love beer but chugging always makes me gag. And then running on a full stomach…yikes. Were there a lot of pukers?

    • Yeah, chugging cold bubbly beer is tough. Then to feel it sitting in your stomach sloshing around….ouch! Last year there were 3 pukers – this year zero! But we did have several DNF’s.

  19. This is definitely not for me – guaranteed vomiting I think! You look so sad and dejected in the third picture – I think you just need to drink more beer over the next 12 months to prep for next year.

    • Ha, it is one tuff race! I felt so awful at that point of the race – running can be fun, beer can be fun, but they aren’t much fun when combined.

  20. Nice job! I love the idea but I would definitely puke!!!

  21. OMG that’s crazy. I felt all nauseous reading about it. Then again I’m not a beer drinker. I’d be all in for a wine mile though!

    • Ha, I think I would MUCH prefer that. The carbonation and sheer number of ounces of the beer made it tuuuuffff!
      Again, whenever you visit – I’ll add wine mile to the list of to-do’s along with tacos and the Salt bar!

  22. I don’t know about the chicken wing attack… I think it might be more of a T-Rex thing!

    9:49 is a pretty good time!! 14:16 is… well… now I’m curious, which time is the real piratebobcat?!

    Also, this post is hilarious.

    • Ha, yes, I mis-wrote. It is a t-rex attack!

      lol, yes, I had a really rough go of it this time around. Must redeem myself!

      Why thank you sir!

  23. PAHAHA hilarious! I’m sorry you didn’t feel well! That sounds rough! I can totally picture this event though and it makes me smile. My vision would have been compromised about 2 laps in unfortunately.

    • Haha, thank you! It was just one of those days where the stars didn’t align for me. I was afraid the beers were starting to kick in by the 3rd lap. I slowed down to make sure I didn’t trip and fall!

  24. The head-hanging photo has you doing a GREAT Charlie Brown impression! To train for next year, bring four beers to each of your track workouts and begin the sess with it. 😉

    • Ha, all we need is that slow piano music. Ugh, not sure about that training plan. This race almost made me want to not drink beer again…almost.

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  26. Yowzas, that sounds rough. It typically takes me an hour to drink a beer haha, so I don’t think such a race would go well for me. You should be proud of that time – still great! Hilarious captions, as always.

    • Well then no, you shouldn’t try it! Haha! Yeah, I didn’t realize how well I did last year until I failed so miserably this year. So glad someone appreciates my captions!

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