The 3rd Annual TNSR Beer Mile – Race Preview

Tonight I get to run a race! It’s the 3rd Annual Thursday Night Social Run Beer Mile.  This is an unofficial race. It’s not a sanctioned event, but then again, how many Beer Miles are?

I ran this race last year (it was my first ever Beer Mile) and I was fortunate enough to finish in 2nd place!  You can read my recap of that race HERE.

A trophy, yay!

A trophy, yay!

Oh wait, I forgot to explain what a Beer Mile is. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. The clock starts.
  2. Everyone drinks a 12 oz beer as fast as they can (it is a race afterall).
  3. Run ¼ mile lap as fast as you can.
  4. Repeat until you finish four laps/beers.

Last year I finished the Beer Mile in 9:49.  Being that this is a race, I hope to do well and try for a PR.  I’m hoping the experience from last year’s race will help me.  I know not to go out too fast, as pretty much everyone last year who did crashed by the 2nd lap.  Kind of like a normal race, huh?

~~~Run with your head the first half, run with your heart the second half~~~

Hopefully the track work I've been doing will translate to the Beer Mile!

Hopefully the track work I’ve been doing will translate to the Beer Mile!

That said, I’m still planning on just having fun with it.  I remember it wasn’t the most pleasant race I’ve ever run, what with all that brew sloshing around in my tummy.  But it should be a blast anyway!  Stay tuned for the recap!

Questions:  Have you ever run a Beer Mile?  Any strategy tips?  Any other advice?


PS – Congrats to the USA advancing today in the World Cup!!!!  We got out of the “Group of Death” and we’re on to the knockout stage! I hope we knock someone out! #ibelievethatwewillwin

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19 thoughts on “The 3rd Annual TNSR Beer Mile – Race Preview

  1. That sounds like an AMAZING race–plus, it’s a mile so totally doable. Beer 5Ks, too much. Beer one milers? Sign me up! I know most prefer wine, but on the rare occasion I do drink, a cold beer is what I like.

    • It’s tough, but a fun challenge! I was shocked I finished ahead of so many fast people last year, but many of them were puking, haha! Oh yes, a 5k would be tough! I like some wine too, but yeah, when it’s hot out a cold beer is nice.

  2. Sub-10 beer mile is no joke. I think the secret is to work on your drinking skills, the speed will follow.

    • Thanks bud! I didn’t realize how well I did last year until I failed miserably this year. That is one tough race.

  3. Omg this is epically awesome!! I read about the world beer run championship about two months ago and thought is was awesome. So cool you have a local event. Going back to read your first year recap. Good luck!

    • Ha, thanks! I heard a guy broke the world record a couple months ago. Crazy! Maybe you can organize a local one in your area!

  4. I’ve never done a beer mile. I think you should do beer drinking intervals (drinking as fast as you can) and then pace yourself through the run. I hope you do well again this year!

    • Ha, thanks! It was hard chugging those beers, especially when your body is conflicted by also running. Not to mention being out of breath.

  5. OMG! I can’t even describe the vomit that would happen if I tried this. Yikes!

  6. Sounds fun and slightly sickening. Definitely worth “training” for. I thought you were going to say that you were running the second half with your liver 🙂 This is coming from the girl who is having her marathoners over for beer after our long Saturday run…which this week is only 5 miles. 9am beer anyone?!

    • Good description, it is both! Haha, yes on the second half! Oh I am the same. All of our groups here like to have a bevvie after a weekend long run. But when we’ve already been up for so many hours, 9 am feels like lunch time! No judgement here!

  7. OMG! I think it would take me a couple of hours to down four beers. I read about the world record for this recently, and I think the guy did it in less than 5 minutes.

  8. Sounds like fun…and could lead to some trouble!

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  10. Hahahaha I could never, even though it sounds so incredibly fun (I had friends in college who would do this late at night). 1.5 beers typically gets me drunk so 4 + running would surely = barf party

    • Haha, well we had one guy who is a total lightweight. He was in bad shape after this race. Don’t worry, we took care of him.

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