Run Thru a Party & Parrothead Craziness

(subtitle: Part 2 of why I’ve been MIA)

First off kids, let me say that I’ve had some kind of illness for over a week. I’ve been sexily coughing up mucous, and have general tiredness (do not salute General Tiredness). But I’ve been pushing through. I had to…

Saturday was a big day. It was Happy Jimmy Buffett Day! If you’ve never been to a Buffett experience, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Happy Jimmy Buffett Day!

Happy Jimmy Buffett Day!

To start the day, a group of friends actually meet each year to run around the tailgating grounds. I did the same thing. I got 5 miles in while I scouted out the best party set-ups. And yes, even at 7am they Parrotheads are at it. Grilling and drinking. And yes, they invite you to join them.

After my run, I showered and breakfasted and and collected my supplies and got dropped off at the tailgate. I met up with some friends and the day of adventure was on!

Some of my running friends!

Some of my running friends!

We wandered all day long around the ‘sharking lot’ (sharking as in shark + parking, NOT the sharking they do in Japan)… The creativity that people have there is amazing!

Pirate ship in the parking lot?  Yes, I must get on it.

Pirate ship in the parking lot? Yes, I will captain it.

Of course, people make some ‘creative’ outfit choices as well. But hey, we’re at ‘the beach’ right?!?

He wanted to get rid of his tan lines.

He wanted to get rid of his tan lines.

I almost wore the exact same thing. That would've been embarrassing for her.

I almost wore the exact same thing. That would’ve been embarrassing for her.

I'm pretty sure Uncle is off his meds again.

I’m pretty sure Uncle is off his meds again.

The reason why I love this so much is it’s like you get a tropical vacation at home. Everyone is so chill and they give you free food and drinks everywhere! You could eat an entire meal of crawfish or BBQ, and some desert jell-o shots! Then have a dignified after dinner drink.

These drinks were ice cold!

These drinks were ice cold!

Or if you like, you can relax in a lawn chair or pull up a hammock.

She looks relaxed.

She looks relaxed.

In the end, I probably walked another 5 miles all over the tailgate, with the occasional dance break mixed in.  I was also happy that I got to spend another year with my favorite parrot drinking vessel.  My grandma gave it to me like 15 years ago and it hasn’t missed a Buffet since.  I’ve lost coolers, chairs, hats, etc. But this guy has stuck with me!

The backstage pass he's holding didn't work.

The backstage pass he’s holding didn’t work.

I stopped buying tickets a while back because you can usually find people stuck with extras at the show who will give them to you for free.  That happened again here too, but like I said, I was a bit ill, tired, and sore from running.  Plus I got to see Buffett play two days before, so I was good.  Also, things started to get out of control…

Busted at Buffett.  (Fake btw)

Busted at Buffett. (Fake btw)

I called the wife to pick me up.  And at home the boy and I watched the concert on-line and danced in our living room!  So it was another successful Buffett experience!!!

How bout you?  Ever have a run around a tailgate party?  Ever been to a Buffett tailgate or concert?  Should I have worn those green bottoms?

PS – This is part 2/3 of why I’ve been MIA.  If you missed part one, you can read it HERE.  Part I was pretty epic for me.  Part III is on the way!



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29 thoughts on “Run Thru a Party & Parrothead Craziness

  1. Hilarious! If that’s the tailgate, I’d hate to see what the concert is like!

    • Oh KelsieLou, you have no idea. I didn’t even post the more NSFW photos. It gets crazy all over. Just a fun free for all!

  2. Looks like an amazing party! I love Buffett and wish I had known about this! Does it happen anywhere else in the country aka pennsylvania? Glad you didn’t get arrested for real and can I borrow your parrot dude? He looks fun.

    • Thanks, it is a great party! YES! It does happen ALL over – wherever he plays. And yes PA is a parrothead haven. In fact, my one running friend in the photo is from PA and said she’d been to several of these. I don’t think I can lend out parrot dude unless you chain him to you!!! 😉

  3. And here, I thought you took that picture just for me. Never been to a Buffett show. Lots of Phish shows and a couple Disco Biscuit shows. Definitely need to get to a Sharking Lot at some point though…

    • Ha, you can pretend it was for you. I did share it with you special though! Ooh, I’ve never been to a Phish show, but would love too. Yes, check out Buffett sometime!

  4. OMG! Your pictures though! Too funny xoxo

  5. Sadly I have never run around a tailgate party or been to a Buffett concert. Thanks to you, I have a good idea what they’re all about (sort of). Not so sure about those green bottoms – maybe in a different colour.

    • Ya know, I work with a former Dallas Cowboy and he told me that he always regretted never getting to tailgate cause they were always playing the games. I invite him every year to Buffett but he always has an excuse. Haha!
      Glad I could help you feel a part of it. But it’s the color you have an issue with? 😉

  6. Those pictures look like a crazy amount of fun was had. 🙂

  7. What an awesome tailgate! I haven’t gotten to do it much, but it’s always a fun time. Some of those outfits though… people make some very interesting choices!

  8. Man it looks like you had an amazing time at the tailgate. Only thing I’ve come close to that is football game tailgating but honestly looks like you had a ton more fun. Can’t wait for part 3.

    • Thanks bud!!! It is always an amazing time! Football tailgates are fun too – but it’s hard to find anything that gets as crazy as these!

  9. Lol no, no one should ever wear those green shorts. No one. I’ve never been to a proper tailgate party or Buffett anything. Yep, I’m boring and lame.

    • No one? Ever? Haha! OMG, you need to get out of your boring and lame ways. Hit up a tailgate. Start small and work your way up to Buffett!

  10. Never been to a Buffet concert but ate at his restaurant on my honeymoon in Hawaii 🙂 The only tailgate I’ve done was for a football game (I don’t follow football…) but it was still a lot of fun 🙂

    • Did you really? The Cheeseburger in Paradise? I’ve been to the one in Honolulu!!!
      Football tailgates are fun too! Anytime people are cooking outdoors and chilling, I’m game. And as you found out, the tailgate is about the tailgate – doesn’t have to necessarily be part of the game/concert.

  11. Tehehe!!! You always have soooo much fun!! Not fair!! Not fair!!! Haha!!! JK!!!! You’re awesome!!!! What fabulous fun!!!

    • Thanks Kristin!!!! I try!! I can’t wait to catch up on your blog. It’s on my to do list! Just waiting for all the dust to settle!

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  13. Looks like fun times! Those pictures cracked me up!

  14. Dear lord… all the hooligans!

  15. Whew- sounds like so much fun but so exhausting! Love the outfits 🙂
    I’ve tailgated in NY for a Giants game and a few times in Denver for a Broncos game. I don’t think anything quite like that though!

    • Ha, thanks! It was fun and exhausting!
      Yeah, people get pretty creative at these things.
      Yeah, there’s a different mentality between football tailgaters and parrothead tailgaters!

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