Big Secret Revealed, Quick Run, & Surprising Health Nuts

(subtitle – Part 1 of why I’ve been MIA recently)

Hello All! Apologies for being gone the past few days, but it’s been wacko around these parts! Lemme splain.

First off, I had a pretty cool opportunity the other day. I know I hinted at it on my post last week about having a big secret thing going down that I didn’t want to jinx. Well it did go down…kind of.

Here’s the dillyo: I’m a huge Jimmy Buffet fan. I’ve been going to his concerts for 20 years. I’ve probably seen him live over 25 times – everywhere from Ohio to Vegas to Dallas to Charlotte. I listen to his music, read his books, eat at his restaurants…the whole nine yards.

At one of my first Buffett shows back in the day.

At one of my first Buffett shows back in the day.

So when a fellow TV producer friend called me and asked if I wanted to work behind the scenes on a broadcast of a history-making concert of his, I was like, fo shizzle.

Just a couple of melon heads.

Just a couple of melon heads at a Buffett show a couple years ago.

But runners – don’t worry, I still got in four sweaty quick miles before heading to the show.

Anyway, he was playing a groundbreaking concert at a local drive-in movie theater that was simulcast at other drive-ins around the country. My job was to help shoot and edit a pre-show video for the broadcast. To do this, I needed pretty much an all-access pass. Security was no joke, and so I had to wear credentials out the wazoo.

Credentials part 1.

Credentials part 1.

Credentials part 2 (believe it or not, I had on more that I didn't take photos of)

Credentials part 2 (believe it or not, I had on more that I didn’t take photos of)

Now if you don’t know about Buffett concerts, here’s the thing – a big part of the experience is the pre-show tailgate party. These people go all out – you have no idea! The pre-show fest can last up to three days!!! In fact, many people just go to the party and don’t even make it in to the concert.

Some of the tailgaters - the fins light up at night.

Some of the tailgaters – the fins light up at night.

I was going around getting footage of the tailgaters and met some cool peeps.  Not only the partiers, but I ran into a few other friends who were also working the concert – including model, actress, singer, and buddy of mine – Brooke Becker.

It had been a couple years since we last worked together.

It had been a couple years since we last worked together.

One cool thing was that when Jimmy and the Coral Reefers came out to play their sound-check, they decided to play a mini-concert for the tailgaters there. That was cool of them, and I enjoyed it too!

Sound check 1-2 1-2

Sound check 1-2 1-2

My big secret hope was that I would get to meet Jimmy. And I came so close. I was within about 10 feet of him, but his security was no joke (like I said). They weren’t having it.

I came close a 2nd time when a person from Buffett’s inner circle said he’d take me to meet him, but again, security denied us. I understand they were just doing their job – in fact I chatted with his security later and they said they’d been working with him for 27 years. They have their system down!

This is NOT an uncommon sight at a JB concert.

This is NOT an uncommon sight at a JB concert.

However, during dinner I did get to eat with the Coral Reefers!!!! So cool! I spoke with a few of them and they were very cool. I thought it was bad form to ask for a picture, but I did sneak a pic of the food they had catered.

So so so so good!

So so so so good!

Jimmy and the band are pretty healthy, if you can believe it. Steamed veggies, polenta lasagna, baked grouper, etc. So so good.   I also read that JB can be found doing yoga before his concerts in his dressing room…Probably why he is still able to play concerts all year long at his age.

VIP woot woot!

VIP woot woot!

Anykitandkaboodle, we got the video done with minutes to spare (whew). And security allowed me to watch the first few songs with them up against the stage!

In front of front row baby!

In front of front row baby!

After that I was done working and was able to relax and enjoy the show from the VIP section right in front of the stage. Dancing with strangers and loving life.

So that is Part 1 of why I’ve been MIA from here the last few days. Coming up tomorrow – Part 2 of where I’ve been.

SO, what have I missed? What’s everyone up to? Are you a huuuuge fan of anything – band, celeb, author, TV show, etc and how close have you come to meeting them?


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35 thoughts on “Big Secret Revealed, Quick Run, & Surprising Health Nuts

  1. All of that sounds….pretty freaking amazing!!!!
    I don’t know if there’s anyone I’d die to meet but I love Charles Barkley and think he’d make for a great conversation 🙂 Actually, I’d love to watch a game with him–front row of course

    • Thanks, it was pretty cool!!! Barkley eh? I did have a friend who said he saw him in a bar in Houston back in the day and tried to buy him a drink but he said,’I’m the millionaire, I’ll buy the drinks.” Ha, pretty cool!

  2. So awesome! And look at you all young and sexy 😉 you need to meet one of my good friends, Kristine. I have never seen a Buffett fan as big as she is but you might be right up there with her. We have a tradition of going to margaritaville whenever we see each other after long absences and now I’m craving one big ass margarita!

    • I know, right?!?! Haha! I’d love to meet your friend! Actually I have one that beats both of us, in fact Radio Maragritaville interviewed her this week as the featured Parrothead. She even gave us a shoutout!!! Which Margaritaville do you live near? I’ve been to the ones in Vegas, New Orleans, Orlando, and Key West.

  3. You officially have the coolest job ever.

  4. TartanJogger

    Woop woop! Sounds like fu-un! 🙂

  5. Wayyyy too cool Scott!! Can’t wait for part deux! I don’t think I’m a huuuuuggge fan of anything/anyone in particular. I just like spotting/meeting famous athletes, actors, musicians, etc. in general. I’d be a total awkward turtle though.

    • Thaaankys Amy! Haha, I’d love to see your awkward turtle! Funny story, the hipsters on the crew with me were watching me from afar to make sure I didn’t “fan out” when I got close to Jimmy and the band. They said they were proud of me for keeping it cool.

  6. So very cool! They are shooting a Disney movie where I work now. It is kind of neat. Just saw them doing some of it on my lunch break today.

    • Oh really? Which one? Sometimes it’s fun to watch movies being shot, but most of the time it’s just a bunch of standing around. 😉

  7. That is so very cool. I would absolutely LOVE to meet Billy Joel (musical idol and birthday twin), but I’ve actually never even seen him in concert 😦 Also, totally random, but I met Dom DeLuise at a flea market in Vermont when I was a toddler. So there’s that.

    • Thank you! It was pretty cool! Billy Joel, eh? Interesting. But you’ve never seen him in concert?!?!?! You need to go. I think he just came through Dallas not to long ago.
      Hahahaha, that Dom Del story is hilarious. I’ve had a few random celeb meetings too – so crazy!

  8. Looks like u had a blast! I’m so happy for you that you got to experience all of this!!

    • I surely did! Thanks so much, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity! It was also fascinating to see how it all goes down behind the scenes – so stressful!

  9. Wow, totally amazing experience for ya and an amazing recap!! Loving everything about it!!! Neat!! You always post about cool stuff!! I love how devoted you are to him, too!!! What a fan!! What a fan!!! XOXO!!!

  10. Wow that is way way COOL !!!! And especially since you’re a huge fan! That is one cool job you have!

  11. What a great opportunity and experience! It looks like it was a great weekend! I’ve never really gotten close to meeting anyone I really wanted to just some people by accident. I met a few Harlem Globetrotters once and the band 98 Degrees, at the time didn’t know who any of them were, oops 🙂

    • Thanks so much! Ha, yes, most celeb run-ins are random. Hahaha, nice! 98 degrees – isn’t that Nick Lachey? I ran into Lance Bass once in Tampa, but isn’t he in Backstreet? I don’t remember.

  12. That is so amazing!! If you substitute Nine Inch Nails for me, I’d be in heaven!

  13. totally awesome post. very understandable why you have been MIA. and great job gettin your run in regardless. man so close to JB, maybe another time.

  14. Very very cool!

  15. Too cool!

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  18. Such an awesome opportunity, especially since you are such a big fan! I’ve never seen Jimmy Buffet live, but his concerts seem like such a blast. I have been to Margaritaville though, a few times. Great fish tacos 🙂

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