Running Stare Down & USA Wins the World Cup*

*I know it was only their first match of the tournament that they won, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to write that for realz!?! A boy can dream, can’t he?

Anyway, to watch the match I met up with my dad and elusive bro at a local pub.  This was the scene when they scored the winning goal…

I love how soccer has become so popular in the States recently.  I wish when I was a kid that they had a pro league and showed Euro Leagues and World Cup matches on TV.  Oh well, I’m enjoying it now!

Still on the winning high, I got up this morning for my run.  Despite only getting a few hours sleep due to a certain 2 year old waking up at 4am, I still had a pretty good run.  That is until I was going through ‘my’ park and I saw two German Shepherds hauling arse across the field.  I stopped in my tracks not wanting them to chase me.  I didn’t see any owners.  Then I thought maybe I saw them wrong, maybe they are coyotes.  Time to assess the situation.  But then I saw the owners…

A male and female couple.  They came around the corner.  They were throwing balls for the dogs to chase.  Clearly violating the leash law.  I gave them a stare down to let them know it was not cool that they were interrupting my run.  I still wasn’t moving because I didn’t know if the dogs wouldn’t come after me.  I kept staring until they finally waved at me.  I did not wave back.  I know, rude much.  But they were rude for not having their dogs on a leash when there’s runners and kids around.  I waited till the dogs were going in the opposite direction and continued on my way.

I’m glad to report I made it home safely.  Crisis adverted.  You can breath easy now.

How bout you?  Did you see the US victory in their opening match?  Give anyone a stare down lately?  How many bar flies did I catch in my mouth?




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46 thoughts on “Running Stare Down & USA Wins the World Cup*

  1. TartanJogger

    Good game! I reckon that will definitely be the fastest goal of the tournament. My sis has them in the sweep, so she’s on some cash! Just about to watch Brazil v Mexico now….

  2. I’m a total fail and missed the game, but followed peoples’ reactions to it on Facebook so I knew when it happened and then was kicking myself for not watching. I need to follow World Cup more closely. Someone at my race the other day struck up a conversation with me about it and I was just like uhhhhhhh….

    I’m afraid of big dogs so that is totally uncool of those owners. I wouldn’t have waved either.

    • Oh no! How could you!?!? It was very stressful, but turned out great! Make sure to watch on Sunday! Haha, well there’s 3 games a day going on right now, so there’s plenty to watch! Get up on it!

      I stared at them purposely to let them know that someone was watching them and affected by them. Blurgh.

  3. I didn’t! Sorry! I heard about the win though! Our team lost, we stayed up till 11pm to watch it live…and Spain lost theirs. I’m routing for Spain and England.

  4. Despite being American, I’ve cheered for England my whole life (not the best if you want o avoid disappointment) and my husband’s family is from Spain so we cheer for them…obviously this was not a great first round for me then. But really, I’m just a massive massive fan of the sport who spends every weekend watching all the BPL and La Liga games and I love every single second of the World Cup and there’s no way I’m missing any of the games.

    • Traitor! Ha, jk. Oh no, you did have a bad first round so far. But Spain has had a lot of success before, so I don’t feel too bad. 😉 That’s so awesome that you love it so much. I am totally the same! I still can’t believe how they started showing BPL on NBC this year! So awesome!

  5. That was such an awesome win! And the video makes me a little dizzy haha. I’ve never paid much attention to futbol until recently, but I’ve definitely got World Cup fever like everyone else right now. Scary about the German Shepherds. I LOVE dogs, but I’ve had 2 scary run-ins with loose doggies (both came ofter mine!) so I will freeze in my tracks when I see off-leash dogs running around-especially with no owner in sight. Glad you were safe!

    • Ha, sorry about the video…I was excited! That’s so great that you’ve gotten into it. There is so much involved – from the sport, to playing for your country, to the politics…etc. It’s awesome! Yes, I seem to have a run in with dogs weekly. It drives me nuts. Glad you’re safe too!

  6. US winning was AWESOME!!! Wow that is a pretty tense situation with the dogs. Glad you made it home ok. I felt the same way when I saw some javelina on my trail run. Scary!

    • It was a fun game! A javelina? Really? Crazy! We have horrible ferrel hogs here, but I have yet to run across one luckily.

  7. I didn’t watch, but saw the highlights via social media. Good thing there wasn’t a gnat swarm happening in that pub or you’d have caught a lot.

  8. Dude, you’re making me dizzy! I got home late, but was able to catch the second half. When Ghana tied it up I was gonna have a heart attack but then in comes Brooks to save the day! Yeah buddy!

    • Ha, ok, you’re the 2nd to say that, I apologize! I know right, wasn’t it stressful!?!? So glad they pulled it out!

  9. I was at work when the game was on but all of my American coworkers all had to leave work early! Glad that they are doing so well – I don’t have ESPN so can’t wait til all the games are on regular tv. And unleashed dogs are my biggest pet peeve. If I’m very grumpy I will give out to the owners. Your special little snowflake of a dog needs to be on a leash because it’s the law and they aren’t well behaved. RANT over.

    • Haha, I think all of Dallas went to the pubs for the match. It was packed EVERYWHERE! Well, good news is that some of the matches are on ABC, so you can watch them. Hahaha, yes, I’ve had so many run ins with dogs that I’m out of patience like you. The only thing that gives me pause is a local mailman actually threw a rock at a dog that attacked him and the dog died and now he’s under investigation from the police and may go to jail. Yikes!

  10. Loose dogs make me crazy! I’ve been attacked by one, rushed by another and the puppy was attacked once too. I have to admit that I have not watched a single world cup game…oops.

    • Oh no! Sounds like dogs like you, or you smell like bacon! I was bit once, and the dog got a swift kick to the head! I hope your world cup viewing habits have changed!

  11. Haven’t been watching the World Cup, not a big sports watcher. I’ve had unleashed dogs jump onto me while I’m running, it’s so annoying! And I would be ticked if I had kids with me and we encountered unleashed dogs.

    • Ahh, well it can be fun to see all the drama go down. Quite stressful at times! Yes, it is annoyng, I don’t know why people think they have control of their dogs when they’re off leash.

  12. I must admit that I’m one of those people who just let the world cup breeze over me… I know it’s happening, but it just doesn’t grab me. I’m much more entertained by people’s reactions to it than the event itself, and you have totally just added to that! 😀 As for the pesky canines, I have also had my fair share encounters with dogs on runs that have left me feeling seriously unnerved. I own a dog myself and love them to bits, but it’s just not cool when something massive comes bouncing up to you, clearly out of control. I really wish that dog owners would take more responsibility. A lot of them do, but it’s the few that don’t which cause all the problems. Sure, they might know that Dobbin is just playing, but how on earth am I supposed to know that?

    • Haha, thanks! You shoulda seen everyone at the pub yesterday – people were going nuts!!!
      I agree totally! They need to take responsibility. I never take ours off leash, and they are very well trained. Ha, yes, I’ve been bitten and I’ve had friends bitten by dogs that are ‘very friendly’. Um nope!

  13. elihawkins6

    ‘Round here, they’ve taken to showing all the games on a super-large screen on a building in the very epi-center of downtown Cincinnati: Fountain Square. People gather and have drinks outside and watch the games on the building. The scene here when the goal was hit was AMAZING! I’m loving these games fore sure!

    • Very cool! How fun! They did that here in Dallas over the weekend and had 5000 people show up! Awesome! Yes, the matches have been fun and I hope the US can continue marching on!

      • elihawkins6

        The US usually does really, really well in the World Cup. Especially the Women’s team, but its hard to find any match info on the ladies most of the time.

        Enjoy the games!

      • Well, they do OK, nothing too spectacular yet. Oh yes, the women’s team kick arse!
        Thanks, you too!

  14. Oh pet peeve! I hate it when people let their dogs off leash in inappropriate places. Our dog is dog aggressive and nothing sucks more than having to run away from dogs running at you because your dog wants to eat the dog chasing you. Leash your pets people! I didn’t see any bar flies this time but I would be careful next time!

    • Agreed!!!! People need to keep them on leash – it’s just common sense. You never know how a dog will react to a certain person or other dog.

  15. Hmm…I am such a sports fan and soccer just doesn’t work for me. But I have been following a little bit (mostly from Colbert’s tweets). That video of you in the bar is pretty awesome. You are your own awesome film crew! The dog thing…I love dogs, but c’mon dog people!

    • Ha, well give it another try. The drama in some of these matches is insane! Especially if you’re invested in your home country!
      Ha, thanks! I try to have fun with Vine from time to time.
      Yes, totally, dogs need to stay on leash unless they’re in a dog park. Even then it can get hairy tho.

  16. Caught bits of the U.S. game and the Mexico/Brazil game–double yays!!!

  17. I am a dog lover (I have two myself), but hate when people disobey the leash laws. If you’d like to play with your dog off leash, then take it to a dog park where it is legal. It’s not only for the safety of others (you just never know what might set a dog off, even the nice ones), but also for the dog’s safety. What were to happen if a ball goes into the street, the dog chases it, and gets hit by a car? OR… goes after someone and bites them? Laws are there for a reason. This goes for big and small dogs alike. I don’t care if your dog is only 5 pounds, it needs to be leashed and trained, just like larger dogs. Just because it’s small doesn’t give it the right to be off leash (I’ve found in my neighborhood that the smaller dogs are more aggressive than the larger ones, because their owners don’t train them or think it matters because their small. Small dog bites hurt and do damage too, people.). While I’m at it, I’m not a fan of those leashes that extend super far, which is basically the dog off leash, anyway. End rant.

    On a happier note, USA! USA! USA! Haha.

    • I’m with you (I have two as well). YES, take them to a dog park where they can run wild, not a public park!!! I totally agree with everything you wrote. And yes, small dogs too – I was once bit by a small dog and it sucked! Yes, it’s true, smaller dogs can be more aggressive to make up for their size, but that gets them in trouble when they do meet up with a big dog that fights back! Yes to the long leashes too – I hate running up on them and have to slow down while they reel them back in. Ugh.

      Yes, USA all the way!

  18. UGH! The leash laws are there for a reason!!! Nicely done on the stare down. I gave someone a stare down for running on the wrong side of the trail and making me move. We’re not in England people!

  19. I’m a dog mommy and dog lover, but I’m TERRIFIED of dogs when I run. NYC allows dogs off leash before 9 am in city parks. I’ve found most owners do a great job of keeping them away from the roads where most of the runners are. But elsewhere? Not always. BTW, if you stare down as well as you victory scream, I’m sure they got the message “)

    • Oh really, I didn’t know that about NYC. I must say tho that every visit to the NYC I am impressed with how calm the dogs are – I guess their used to the constant noise and action and it doesn’t get the all worked up like a dog from here would – geez, when someone rings our doorbell ours go NUTS! Hahaha, thanks! I’ll try screaming next time!

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