Sweaty Miles & Sexy Yoga

This weekend I got in a couple extremely sweaty runs.  First up I met up Saturday morning with the White Rock Running Co-op.  I know several of the members of this group, but it ws the first time I’ve been able to join them for a run.  I’m glad I did!

This run they were meeting at a member’s house so we could run his hood.  I’ve always loved when I’ve had someone visit our place and I get to take them on a run of my usual routes, so I really liked this concept for a run.  The local had routes mapped out from 6-10 miles.  I did 8.

There were some speedy folks in this group – it seemed like everyone was wearing Boston Marathon swag.  But there were other paces too – even walkers.  I ran with a group that said they would do an 8:30 pace – they lied.  We did closer to 8:00-8:15.  But it’s good to go faster than you maybe wanted to.  If you want to get faster, sometimes it’s helps to run faster.  Doy.

After the extremely humid run they had a pool party – funzies!

It took me 4 days to stop sweating.

It took me 4 days to stop sweating.

It didn’t cool me down much though.  Haha, in fact, the only problem with the experience was that after I went in their house to grab some grub, they had to mop the floor to clean up my sweat (serisouly)!  I felt bad, but I wasn’t alone in sweating up the floor (honestly).

Sunday I got in another 4 humid miles.  This time I took a cold shower after…it didn’t help.  I was still sweating afterwards.  But it was OK, because I went to yoga practice where I got even more sweatier…which of course makes you sexier.


#NotCreepyatAll  BTW, that wasn’t my hand.

It was a really good class, and left me pretty sore.  But I was already sore from the runs, so now I’m even sore-ier.  It’s good to be sore…lets you know you did some work son!

Anyway, the rest of the weekend included yardwork, housework, toddler time, World Cup, taking off the kiddo’s bike training wheels, and Father’s Day sushi.  Not too shabby.

How bout you?  Ever take anyone on a running tour of your hood?  Find any fun run groups lately?  How sexy is that yoga picture?


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34 thoughts on “Sweaty Miles & Sexy Yoga

  1. I am going to find myself a running group when we move, I’ve never had one but it sounds awesome. I’m extra sore from all the stupid mountain running but like you said, sore is good 😉

    • You should! I’ve run with several groups and they all have their pluses. Each one is a little different. Where are you moving to? Ha, yes, sore is good. Enjoy those mountains!

  2. It’s official: Pirate’s yoga pic pose is taking over the duck lips selfies.

  3. I’m coming to the next pool party!! How far is TX from NY?

  4. You kill me. As always. And I have Running Group Envy. There. I said it.

  5. I’m in love with my running group–love, love, them!!

  6. That’s a cool concept – meeting at different people’s houses and then running their routes. Even though it didn’t help, a pool party after a run sounds like fun (I always wish I had a pool at the end of the hot/sweaty/humid runs. How refreshing to just jump in after.). Sounds like another great weekend. I really need to find a running group in my area!! Your pictures crack me up!

    • Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool! Yeah, it’s just been so hot and humid that no matter what I do after a run I stay sweating for a few hours afterwards. Need to figure out a way to cool down that internal temp! Yes, find a group – they are so beneficial! Haha, thank you, I try to have fun with the pics!

  7. Happy belated Father’s Day to you!! Sounds like a fun weekend. 🙂 You know I just started to branch out and run with groups a little more. I wish one of them would have a pool party! I hope that they invite you back over after you sweated all over their floor.

    That is one creepy/sexy yoga picture! hahaha!

    • Thanks Salt! It was pretty decent. Yes, I read about your group, I hope you can keep going! Maybe you can organize a pool party for yours. Haha, I doubt I’ll be invited back! 😉

      Oh yes, creesexy! Ha!

  8. Part of me would love running in a group, the other part fears I’d be too slow. I got someone to run my route once and never again. They said there were too many hills 😦

    • All the groups I’ve ever run with have had people of all paces. Check one out! Haha, sorry about your friend, but glad to hear you run a tough route!

  9. Yikes, I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with humidity!

  10. Is that your Dr Evil pose with your pinkie finger on your lip? Should the world be worried about your demands for a million dollars?

    • Haha, one of my friends said the same thing. Yes, one million dollars or I will destroy the earth with my “laser”

  11. You’ve convinced me never to do yoga again! Lmao. Well, I’m pretty much MIA on the running beat in my parts but I did get some light walking on my treadmill. Alas, not worthy of much sweat but it’s doctors orders for now. 😦

    • Haha, oh no!!! Keep going to yoga, just skip the classes I’m in! 😉 Keep at it slow and steady. You’ll be back soon!

  12. Love the idea of a pool part after a run. That’s sounds perfect! I need to get involved in our local running groups. I have been so bad about running lately and need to bite the bullet and get back into it. The yoga picture is interesting…..

    • It was a great idea! I didn’t go all in, but it felt good to sit on the side with my feet in. Yes, bite the bullet already!
      Interesting….haha, nice way to dodge the question.

  13. Awesome group run. One of the groups in our area does pool parties after their long runs. Haven’t been able to attend but sounds like fun.

    No comment on the yoga pic lol.

  14. PAHAHA “that wasn’t my hand!!!” That’s what made that sexy 😉 I can’t shower right after a run because I’ll still be sweating after it (even if it’s cold). It’s so gross! I can’t wait till I move and find local running groups!

    • LOL, glad you picked up on that! Yes, I’m with you – I take a cold shower thinking it will help, but it doesn’t. Gotta wait a while to cool down I guess. Where are you moving to???

      • I’m moving to Dublin! It’s only about 20ish minutes from where I grew up/where my parents live. We’ll be in a cute neighborhood, very close to running trails!

      • Wait, there’s a Dublin Cali? There was a Dublin near my hometown. But the best Dublin I’ve ever been to was Ireland. Hands down.

      • Lol this Dublin is pretty cool for suburbia. They even give us a discount for the St. Patrick’s Day 5K because we live in Dublin.

    • Besides a house I mean – are you moving far?

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