The Running Week That Was

Quick recap of the week.  It all started on Saturday with an extremely humid 7 mile run.  That got me to 100 miles for the month of May…hooray.

Sunday saw another 7 miles, but on trails.  Afterwards we did an hour of power yoga.  That’s when we tried out some experimental and improvised fake partner yoga.

I call this one 'Egret Getting Sun While Squatting on Uncomfortable Bench"

I call this one ‘Egret Getting Sun While Squatting on Uncomfortable Bench”

We call this one the "toddler superman" pose.

We call this one the “toddler superman” pose.

Tuesday saw a quick 3 mile run.  Nothing much to report there.

Wednesday was National Running Day and I met up with a group to partake.  I finished off the day with an hour of weights.

Thursday was Social Run day.  Another quick 3 miles followed by some swapping of run stories.

Stretchin back four tables deep yo.

Stretchin back four tables deep yo.

I also ran into an old friend at our socializing part of the run.  We did our best prom pose for a photo.  We thought it’d be funny cause I was so casually dressed compared to her.

I'm a cheap prom date.

I wore the same outfit to my real prom back in the day.

That brings us to Friday.  Rest Day.  But it won’t last long.

Saturday I’m getting up suuuuper early to get my run in before going to work.  I’m supposed to interview USA Olympic Superstar Softball Pitcher Jennie Finch.

Give her an finch and she'll take a mile.

Give her a Finch and she’ll take a mile.

If you have any questions you’d like me to ask her, you best hurry up and let me know!!!

Anyway, that’s about it.  Pretty low key, but a good week.

How bout you?  Have a good week?  Any questions for Jennie?  Any ideas for new yoga poses we can try?


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22 thoughts on “The Running Week That Was

  1. As weird as this sounds, for a moment I thought you were holding a drumstick in your hand in the table picture! Jennie Finch! That’s awesome, I grew up playing softball for years, meeting her would be great!

    • Ha, no chicken wings that night – or did you mean an actual drum stick?
      Oh, very cool! I remember watching her in all the Olympic runs, very cool to meet these people!

  2. TartanJogger

    Oooh, excellent!

  3. Neato!!!!! Have fun with the interview!!!! I love your recap!!! Awesome pictures!! Completely LOVING the prom picture!!! Haha, yes, I AM loving it!! Have a fab weekend!!!

    • Thanks, I surely did! And thanks, I try to have fun with the pictures – it helps when you’re a born ham! 😉 Ha, the only think cut out was her bright red heels, it looked pretty funny as I had just finished a run – we didn’t exactly match!

  4. I saw an awesome video of her striking out a bunch of major leaguers once, she’s a badass. Have fun with the interview!

  5. Yaay for 100 miles in May! Like the prom photo too. I’m too late to suggest any questions for your interview this AM. I’m sure you’ll have some good ones prepared.

    • Ha, yeah, when I saw I was at 93, I knew I wouldn’t stop until I reached triple digits. The interview did go pretty well!

  6. You always have the most fun and exciting running weeks. Slightly jealous, minus the humidity!

    • Ha, I try to have fun! The runs are always that exciting, but I try to find the brights spots! Don’t remind me about the humidity, ugh.

  7. What kind of work do you do that you get to interview Olympians? Anyway, it sounds like you had a fantastic week of running. 🙂

    • I’m a TV producer/editor/writer/videographer/host/actor/ etc etc etc. Yes, it was a pretty good week! Thanks!

  8. How awesome, good luck with your interview!

  9. That’s exciting about your interview! I hope it went well, and congrats on 100 miles!

    • Thank you! It was pretty exciting, and it did go well! I wasn’t aiming for 100, but when I saw I was close, I had to get there!

  10. Congrats on the 100 miles. Very cool that you are interviewing Jenny Finch, look forward to reading.

  11. Looks like you had another great week! Way to go 🙂

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