National Running Day #NRD

They say the first Wednesday in June in the United States is National Running Day.  Honestly, who invents this stuff?  Congress?  Some random dude?  And how does it become “official”?  Does some politician make a proclamation?  Or does the crazy shut-in lady down the street start a Go Daddy page declaring Oct. 29th as National Cat Day?

According to this site, so far in June we’ve had:

June 1st

June 2nd

June 3rd

June 4th

Quite a varied list. And get ready, because tomorrow is….

June 5th

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not poo-pooing the idea.  I’m just curious how this randomness comes about.

I do believe it is a good thing.  If it gets more people running, then yes!!!  And I also see a lot of running stores have sales going, as well as race registrations have discounts today.

And yes, I participated of course!  I met a group at Luke’s Locker for a steamy run in the early morning.  Afterwards they had some snacks and refreshments and give-a-ways.

Dang.  Failed again to go one day without creeping people out.

Dang. Failed again to go one day without creeping people out.

And what about our friends who live abroad?  Do they have their own National Running Days?  I’m guessing that in some countries (Kenya, I’m looking at you), every day is National Running Day.

Been seein this all up on social media.  You're supposed to fill in the blank as to why you run.

Been seein this all up on social media. You’re supposed to fill in the blank as to why you run.

But is there a Day we can all come together in the spirit of running?  Well, according to Dr. Google – November 9th is World Run Day.  So hang in there a few months everyone on the planet.  Our day is coming!  Until then, enjoy your gingerbread, folks.

How bout you?  Did you participate in National Running Day?  If you’re a foreigner – do you have a running day in your country?  How would you fill in the blank of “I run …”?



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56 thoughts on “National Running Day #NRD

  1. You mean I missed rocky road day!!!??? Bahahahaha

    • How could you?!?!?! 😉

      • I know (hangs head in shame)… Just don’t let me miss peanut butter day because then I would really hate myself!

      • Haha, make sure to set an alert on your phone!

      • Apparently I’ve missed that too – I have conflicting info from Jan 24th, March 1st and April 2 is PB and Jelly day, lol! I can aim for Peanut butter cookie day on June 12th 🙂

      • Well apparently national peanut butter day was Jan 24th… or March 1st. And PB & Jelly day was April 2nd. But I can look forward to PB cookie day on June 12th 🙂 I’ll alert the masses. Except those that are allergic, that just wouldn’t be nice.

      • SORRY, double post (hangs head in shame AGAIN)

      • For shame. For shame! 😉

      • Haha, yeah, the kiddo’s daycare wouldn’t allow it as it’s a nut free facility. But you should eat all the peanut butter!

  2. That’s an interesting list you have there….I wish I would have known about the “leave work early day” – totally would have taken advantage of that one 😉
    Even though it’s s US thang….I’m celebrating national running day in Canada! We run too!!!

    • Ha, you and me both! Though I’m not sure how official it is.
      Ahh yes, I guess since you’re America Jr, it’s ok to participate. 😉

  3. So glad to know this because I absolutely love gingerbread. Its about time they have a day for that!

  4. I feel like National Gingerbread Day might get a little more attention if it wasn’t in June? That’s an oddly unseasonal choice. But National Heimlich Maneuver Day makes a ton of sense. 🙂

    • Ha, right?!?! Who thinks of gingerbread in June??? Maybe all the other days were taken?
      Yes, you’re right about NHMD! 😉

  5. YUUUM to National Gingerbread Day!! So glad I didn’t miss THAT one!!!! YES!!! Ha, I had a steamy early morning run, too!!! 😉 😉 Glad you had a great one!! XOXO!!

  6. That is a crazy list lol. I participated by registering Mrs and I fir a few discounted races. Attending a group run at our local running store this evening.

  7. I run… for beer!

  8. I DID participate and you better believe that tomorrow I will be eating some gingerbread. I had a steamy run too this morning. Probably not as steamy as yours but at one point I was feeling dehydrated enough that I looked at a random puddle near me and thought…what if…

    • Haha, I cannot believe all the comments about Gingerbread. Maybe cause we’re halfway to Christmas? Congrats on your Northerner steamy run! Hahaha, so I assume you were going to drink the puddle, but I’m secretly hoping you were going to sit in it and bathe yourself like a bird!

  9. I had to google what National Bubba Day was – just a day to celebrate anybody called Bubba. I guess the Bubbas want their recognition.

    I did run today – 59F and 20% humidity – Utah rocks!

    • Hahaha! Funny story, a friend from high school was named Bubba – not his real name, but nobody knew what that was.
      wow, I’m jealous of your Utah temps!

      • Well we are at 4500 ft so that helps! Maybe you should find Bubba on facebook and help him celebrate his day.

      • Haha, oh I did. He’s actually living in NYC now and does some improv comedy – for his birthday he asked everyone to open their refrigerator door and take a picture of the inside and post it on his wall. Haha, OK then!

  10. Hahaha- this is great! I sometimes wonder how in the heck people come up with certain days, too! However, I do love National Running Day because I love reading all the reasons people run!
    My main question- how did I miss Rocky Road Day on June 2?!

    • I know right?!?! I love it too! Anything to get people moving!
      Ha, I bet you could celebrate Rocky Road Day late and nobody would complain!

  11. I participated in national running day by teaching a cycling class! Oh wait that isn’t right… I do like gingerbread though! I run because it brings me to my happy place 🙂

    • Haha, well as long as you thought about running while you were spinning. And you are like the millionth person to comment on the gingerbread! That really struck a cord!
      Ooooh, I like the Happy Place idea!

  12. Darn. I wish I’d known about Natiomal Heimlech Maneuver Day. I’d have given my son one or two just to celebrate. My personal favorite is National Pie Day. I don’t know why because I’m not a big pie eater.

    Were you the kid in school who always made goofy faces in photos?

    • Ha, nice! Would you make him choke first? Or just for practice? Haha, it’s funny how many of the days are dedicated to something un-healthy! Donuts day, hamburger day, etc.
      Oh my yes – my mom haaaaated it!

  13. Ooh, where to find gingerbread tomorrow…

  14. jajaja!! I love the random days!

  15. I had to click on National repeat day, really? Ahh, today was national running day and old maids day? Perfect for me, ha! I did get in a few miles though. Now I kind of want gingerbread tomorrow, hmm…

    • Ha, hope you enjoyed your old maid running! Haha! I also hope you were able to find some gingerbread!! #fingerscrossed

  16. Happy Gingerbread Day! Yesterday was also National Hug Your Cat Day. Of the running and the hugging, I unfortunately only got the hugging part done. I got some random pain in my stomach that hasn’t really gone away since last night so I skipped out on my run for fear of puking. No bueno.

    • Happy Gingerbread Day to you! Hug your cat day??? OK, that’s just silly. Hmmmm, sorry to hear about the belly ache. I hope it was a freaky thing that goes away for good!

  17. So somehow WordPress “unfollowed” you as I was wondering where all your posts had gone. I finally figured it out. I have some catching up to do. I didn’t know about National Running Day until I read about it in all the blogs yesterday. I didn’t run, but did go for a few nice long walks with the hound. I was still protesting the snow.

    • What?!?! Those monsters!!! Have fun catching up – I’m sure you missed some real gems 😉
      Well, some people do walk in races, so I guess that counts on National Running Day. 😉 I’d protest the snow too!

  18. I have a feeling that these days are created by random people. Someone probably decided it would be cool to have a National _______ Day, spread it around a bit amongst their friends and on social media, and got lucky enough that it caught on and became a thing. I liked what some people were saying: “Today is National Running Day, or for runners, Wednesday.”

    • I like your theory…my theory is less positive – I’m sure it’s about money. Like, the some hamburger joints got together to start ‘national hamburger day’.
      Hahaha, I like that – I was going to run anyways too!

  19. Aw man, I missed ‘Leave the Office Early Day’! That bums me out. I was only able to get a mile in, but that’s better than nothing!

  20. You are 100% on these random days.

    Every Wednesday there is a 5k put on by Fit 2 Run in this neck of the woods. Although I was out of town I would have let the participants that I know if I knew to begin with.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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  22. I participated (barely)! Just a tiny bit o running because the knee started acting up- but it still counts!

    And OMG National Heimlich Maneuver Day? That could quickly turn into National Sexual Harassment Day…just sayin.

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