Fake Partner Yoga, Snakes on a Trail, & Sweaty Runs

Another weekend jammed packed with workouts.  It all culminated with some fake partner yoga, but I’ll get to that.

We call this one the "toddler superman" pose.

We call this one the “Spread Eagle Toddler Superman” pose.

The weekend of workouts kicked off with the Thursday Night Social Run.  We met up this time at a great local TexMex joint – Chiladas.  I got in 4 sweaty & hilly miles.

Afterwards we were being social and it was exciting to talk to a bunch of these folks because some were heading to Deadwood, SD for a marathon/half and others were off to San Diego for a marathon/half there.  I hope they all had great races!

I like to relax right before we run.

I like to relax right before we run.

On Saturday I got up for my long run, and it got ugly.  I had planned to go 8-10, but that didn’t happen.  It was so hot and muggy – 90% humidity.  Just gross.  It was a struggle to run though that pea soup.  But I managed to make it 7 miles – I had to – because it put me at exactly 100 miles run in May!

But dude, was I soaked with sweat glow.  It looked like I had jumped in a lake!  I think my clothes are still drying.  And I know they aren’t daisy fresh.

Who wants some?

Who wants some?

On Sunday I got up early to meet with some friends to run trails.  As we move into the warmer months, the wildlife are getting more active.  On the trails today we had to jump over one turtle…and one snake!  Luckily it wasn’t a poisonous one, but when you see a snake under your feet, you don’t stop to ask questions – you jump!  Haha, I about gave the dude behind me a heart attack.  All told, ended up going 6 miles.

After the run, we grabbed a quick bite before going to a power yoga class.  It was a really great practice!  But before it started we were hanging out when my friend who looks like an elf asked, “You want to do partner yoga?”  I replied, “I don’t know how, but sure.”  She answered, “Neither do I, let’s make it up.”  So we did.  Hahaha!

I call this one 'Egret Getting Sun While Squatting on Uncomfortable Bench"

I call this one ‘Egret Getting Sun While Squatting on Uncomfortable Bench”

Then other people got in on the gag…

"Reclining Elf on Planking Bear Back"

“Reclining Elf on Planking Bear Back”

Luckily none of us take ourselves too seriously, or get easily embarrassed, because most of the room was laughing at with us.

All in all it was a pretty good little weekend of working out.  Now I’m sore.  I like it that way.

How bout you?  See an animals on your runs lately?  Ever do partner yoga (legit or not)?  Do you have any better names for our poses? 


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50 thoughts on “Fake Partner Yoga, Snakes on a Trail, & Sweaty Runs

  1. My friend saw a bear while running and I kid you not, I would never run outside again. I’ve seen lots of snakes, foxes, etc though. I just take a very wide berth if I think it’s a copperhead or cottonmouth. I’ve never tried partner yoga but you guys make it look like a blast 😉

    • Oh wow, I don’t blame you!!! Ha, yeah, down here it’s a lot of coyotes and bobcats. I’m with you, copperheads I stay clear of. Ha, yeah, they started class a little late, so we started goofing around.

  2. BAHAHA love your partner yoga poses!

  3. This morning I ran past a painted turtle on the road. My dog was very, very curious of it!

  4. Reclining Elf is the best…she looks so tiny!

    • Ha, yeah, she is pretty tiny, but the dude she was on there is a former bodybuilder, so that helps the illusion!

  5. Okay, I’m seriously loving the partner yoga stuff!!! Soooo awesome!!! Looks like some cool poses for sure!!! 😉 Great job on your workouts!!!

  6. LOL – excellent partner yoga poses. Also, 90% humidity? Ugh. I don’t know how people do it.

    • Ha, thank you!! I was surprised at the loud laughs we got from the room. We were just having some fun. Yes, 90% was so gross. So gross.

  7. Your posts always make me happy, you make the concept of working out so easy and enjoyable. My sister-in-law (who lives with me) just bought a DVD to practice yoga at home, we will see how that goes!

    • Thank you so much!!! Your pictures always make me happy!
      Ha, working out is never really ‘easy’, but it can be fun. Just like getting the right photo is never exactly ‘easy’ is it?
      Yay! let me know how you like the yoga!

  8. I’ve definitely run in to a few snakes on trails before, it’s so startling! Good for you for making it 7 miles in the heat and especially humidity, it’s more than I would be able to do! I was in Arizona this past weekend and tried to run-it was miserable!

    • Yeah, it’s not so bad if I see them coming in the distance, then I can just go around them, but when you turn a corner and it’s under you….
      Thanks! It was tough, but I couldn’t leave it so close to 100. Yeah, AZ, TX, FL, etc. Kind of tough to run in the southern summers.

  9. LOL those poses are THE BEST! OMG I almost died of a heart attack just thinking about hopping over a snake. On Saturday I almost killed a squirrel. It ran halfway on to the trail, was a few feet in front of me and then turned around to head the other direction, then freaked out and started to run back in front of me (at this point only about a foot away from me), but then turned back around and ran off the trail. I think he was training for when he does this in front of cars.

    • Haha, thank you! I’m glad someone else appreciated them as much as I did. We were having some fun! Hahaha, to your squirrel story! They freak me out when they’re in the branches above my head on a run and I get convinced they’re going to fall and land on my head and start scratching and biting!

  10. LOVE that your group run met at a tex-mex place – YUM! And your partner yoga is fantastic, well done! : )

    • They meet at a different place each week, but that place takes care of us each time.
      Thanks! Ha, I thought you might appreciate our ‘backyard’ partner yoga.

  11. I love how you guys always take group photo’s. Looks like you have a fun group of yogi friends 🙂

    • Ha, yeah, they always do that right before we start the run. (you don’t want to see the after picture)
      Are we allowed to call ourselves ‘yogis’? Is that like someone calling themselves a ‘chef’ when they are really a cook?

  12. missadventuresinrunning

    You have to make working out fun, and it looks like you do a great job! In New Jersey, I see a lot of turkeys out on my runs. That was definitely something I was not expecting when I moved here!

    • Ha, yes, we entertain ourselves for sure! Turkeys eh? Hmm, I seem to remember wild turkeys when I was growing up in Ohio. As I got older it transitioned to Wild Turkey. 😉

  13. LMAO over you comment about your running clothes not being daisy fresh. Mine have smelled so bad after a long, sweaty run that Ian’s threatened to “kill them with fire” a couple of times.


    • Hahaha, yes, kill them like frankensteins!
      I’m sure you’re like me – I have a second hamper just for my running clothes. The wife appreciates that.


  14. Fake partner yoga sounds delish! It reminds me of my modern dance classes from college where we had to do very similar things! I haven’t seen any animals on the trails lately but I’m fairly sure if I saw a snake I would PR on my way back to the car. Glad you had fun!

    • Ha, it was delish! And we didn’t injure ourselves…score! Hmmm, I need to see these modern dances…video?
      Ha, yeah, it’s a little freaky each time we see a snake because ever stick and root after that looks just like one in your head! Most of them are nice tho.

  15. One time Rock and I were running on a dirt road and a snake puffed up like a cobra. Rock grabbed me and shoved me off the road and I didn’t know what was going on. I had to explain it was a puff adder and not a cobra…pretty scary. I hate snakes!

    • Oh wow, what a crazy story!!! Once I was shooting a show about snake bites in AZ and the snake handler had a rattler and accidentally got venom on his hand and had to leave to wash it off. Then it was just me and the snake in an empty room. We sat and stared at each other till her came back! Haha!

  16. Looks like fun times down in Texas. When I was (a lot) younger my brother and I used to do partner yoga – although I didn’t know that’s what it’s called. When you grow up in Ireland you have to entertain yourself indoors a lot! And snakes on the trail – so scary!

    • Haha, nice! You mean you didn’t have some sort of musical instrument to practice?!?!
      I do that superman pose with my kids, just as my parents did with me. I don’t know why it’s so fun. Although I will say, I think I offended my partner when I told her she was much heavier than what I was used to. Haha!
      I don’t mind the snakes if I see them ahead of time. It just freaks me when I almost step on them!

  17. I run across 1 snake and that was 1 too many. I’m having enough troubles working on my yoga dvd let alone partner yoga, but it looks you all had a great time 🙂

    • Ha, I see them pretty frequently here. The trick is to remember that they’re scared of you and don’t want to mess with you, so just leave them alone. Good luck with yoga! Let me know how it goes! I haven’t advanced to partner yoga yet, we were just goofing around!

  18. I would probably freak out if I ever saw a snake while running! My husband once saw a coyote while he was out running, luckily there wasn’t an incident. Yikes. Great yoga poses! Ha!

    • Snakes aren’t so bad…unless you step on them! I’ve seen several coyotes and bobcats here on my runs…they’re usually scared of humans, and I try to keep it that way. I yell and wave my arms when I see them. Don’t want them to lose the fear!
      Thanks! We were having some fun!

  19. I want to go to yoga with your crew!

  20. Haha. In the reclining elf pose, the guy sitting in the yellow shirt doesn’t look like he enjoys your partner yoga!

  21. Your partner yoga looks so much more fun than regular yoga. I could totally get into that.

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