Running with an Elite to get Tacos!

Yesterday morning a local running store (Luke’s Locker) was having a breakfast taco run.  I’ve written before about my love of tacos + running, so yes, I did get up at 5am to partake.

Yes, those are boxes filled with tacos.  Gotta love a taco box!  *Pic stolen from a friend.

Yes, those are boxes filled with tacos. Gotta love a pink taco box! *Pic stolen from a friend.

When I showed up, I was half asleep, but I saw a few friends.  One of them is the super speedy Dr. Logan Sherman.  And when I say he’s speedy, I mean like, his last half marathon was…1:07…he literally races with the Kenyans…

Told ya.

Told ya.

As we started our run, I decided to try and hang with him and a couple other dudes.  I had originally planned on going 5 miles, but they were doing 9.  We had a nice little pack going (luckily Logan slowed down his normal pace quite a bit for us) and were around 7-7:15 per mile when I had to turn to get back to the tacos head back after about 3.5 miles.  I ended up finishing with 7 miles at a 7:30 pace average – pretty good – especially since I hadn’t planned to run that far or that fast that morning!!!

After the run.  I'm pointing at one of the many tacos I was in the middle of devouring.

Our human pack after the run. I’m pointing at one of the many tacos I was in the middle of devouring.

It was great running with those guys and it was very nice of Logan to take it easy on us!  And of course, TACOS!!!!!  All the tacos!  Tacos 4 life!  All day taco day!   …Sorry, I got excited for a sec.

How bout you?  Ever go to a run for an incentive?  Ever try to run with folks who you know might be going further and faster than you normally do?  Is there ever a bad time for tacos?


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39 thoughts on “Running with an Elite to get Tacos!

  1. I’ve never run with an incentive besides finishing. Maybe I should try.

    So is it like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon that you’ve now run with the Kenyans too?

    • Ha, so your goal in running is to just be done?

      Well, technically I was in that same race, but of course like 40 minutes behind them, so not really the ‘same’ race.

  2. Ohhhh tacos are sooo good!!! I just made tacos the other night and NO, I don’t think tacos are ever a bad idea!!! YUM!!! Nice pictures!!! What a great run, too!!!

    • Yes, homemade tacos are also the best! Yes…tacos all the time!!! Thank you! It was an unexpected morning for sure!

  3. Hooray, tacos! Sounds like a good time 🙂

  4. Tacos are awesome morning, noon, and night. I often run with an incentive. It’s usually the only thing that gets me started.

    I like running with faster people. I’m too lazy and undisciplined to run tempos on my own. So I need them.

    • Agreed! All times are good taco times! Nice, it’s good to have something to shoot for.

      Very true! It is much more difficult to run hard on your own. It def helps to have people doing it with you – a shared misery!

  5. Fun event! And wow, he is fast! Way to run that speedy in the morning. Tacos would make me run fast, too! I think tacos would maybe be a bad idea before a fast run!

    • Twas! Yes he is. He’s trying to qualify for the US Olympic trials in the marathon. Oops, good point! No tacos before the run, hahaha. Especially since I ate like 3 of the bean ones!

  6. haha, my lunch yesterday looked like tacos and I thought of your taco obsession 🙂 Breakfast tacos do sound pretty yummy though.

    • Interesting. A taco looking dish that isn’t tacos. Hmmmm.
      I find myself ordering breakfast tacos at all hours. I love em!

  7. I think I need to move somewhere where I can bribed to run early by things like tacos (or cupcakes). That is one speedy dude…and a doctor? Overachiever 😉

    • Ha, yes you do! Maybe someone could make you some cupcake tacos? Yeah, it’s crazy to see him run his race pace in person. So fast! Yes, he graduated chiropractic school last year and does a ton of sports chiro stuff. He helps a lot of runners stay healthy! Totally an overachiever!

  8. You are getting so speedy! I am a southwestern girl myself and I love tacos too! Have you ever had a cactus taco? My new favorite!

    • Thank you!!! I’m working on it. Hmmm, I’ve had nopales, but I don’t think in taco form. That sounds awesome. BTW, I remember one trip to Tucson and we went to a Mexican hot dog place – it was a couple hot dogs wrapped in bacon covered in beans served in a bun. Wacky!

  9. There is something so awesome about a good taco. Almost awesome enough to wake up at the crack of dawn. Way to kill a 7 mile run. In my head I was thinking that would have been a race pace! Makes the tacos so worth it!

    • Truth! Tacos are so great. Yeah, I almost didn’t get up cause it was early and I was still sleepy, but the tacos were calling. Thank you!!! I think that’s the furthest I’ve gone at that pace. Totally worth it!

  10. Jane Likes to Run

    There probably never is a bad time for tacos. Except maybe right before a race. So is a breakfast taco different from a regular taco? Like Taco Bell breakfast taco?

    • Ha, true dat! About a year and a half ago they had a race here called the Great Taco Ten Miler. After the race, all these local taco joints were handing out free tacos!!!! Score!
      The breakfast tacos have stuff like eggs, potatoes, chorizo, etc. Definitely NOT like the Taco Bell ones, hahaha!

  11. That’s so cool you got to run with Logan!! I think a bad time for tacos (for me) is before any run/workout. Just the thought of that upsets my tummy. Any other time though…NEVER! And I could totally be bribed into running.

  12. Omg I would wake up that early for Taco Cabana!! That sounds like an awesome, productive, and rather rewarding run!

    • Ha, I ate several there, and then when I saw extras, I snagged a few to eat later at lunch! It was a great run, and totally unexpected!

  13. I would run anywhere anytime for tacos! So cool that you got to run with a sub-elite. You are going to get so fast!

    • Heck yeah!! Run and free tacos can’t be beat. Yes, Logan is shooting to qualify for the US Olympic trials in the marathon. He’s so close to qualifying based on his last half. It’s crazy to see a friend in person at a race run sub-5 minute miles! Thanks!!! I’m working on it, and it seems to be paying off!

  14. Men should wear tanks more often to show off their beautiful shoulders. Ex: Dr. Sherman in the action shot.

    And why is the guy next to you in the group photo ext making a pouting face? Did you steal his taco?

    • Haha, yeah. They ladies do like Dr. Sherman. I didn’t realize it was for his deltoids. Ha!

      Haha, actually he made the face because he said that’s how he felt trying to keep up with Logan’s “jogging pace”.

  15. I’d run for free tacos, anytime! I set myself up with incentives, like cookies. 🙂

    • Yes, tacos were a great incentive for me. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so cookies don’t really appeal to me, but whatever works for you! 😉

  16. elihawkins6

    Way to keep up with the “Titans”!! Well earned tacos.

  17. I think I may need to come visit your neck of the woods…my area os seriously lacking in the taco/ tex-mex department…

  18. Haha – you and your tacos! I’ve never heard of a place doing a breakfast taco run, but it sounds fantastic. What a great incentive to get out there. I would wake up early to run for tacos, burgers, doughnuts, pizza… well, you get the picture 😉

    • Ha, thanks! And yes, some places here embrace the taco run. And many more of us do it after a training run on our own. Soo good! Ha, I get your drift!

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