My Pukey Instructional Track Video & When did become a thing?

Are you dudes on Vine?  I love that app.  You basically have 6 seconds to make a video.  It’s a fun little way to be creative.  I was making videos on there pretty regularly…until my app stopped working…for months it was down.  But now it’s back!  And so on my run yesterday I made a quick one to let people know how a track workout should go:

Haha, yeah, you should be hurting.  But the good news is that if you do it regularly, you’ll see results.  I’ve noticed an increase in speed on my other training days.  That, and doing interval workouts is the best way to burn fat.  That’s good too, right?

After my run, the boy ‘graduated’ from pre-kindergten.

Luckily that bridge was in the classroom to cover the lazy river.

Luckily that bridge was in the classroom to cover the lazy river.

When did this become a thing?  From what I hear, kids now-a-days have several graduations – Pre-K, K, etc. etc.

Yes, they had diplomas, performances, presentations, and even celebratory cake.

Yes, they had diplomas, performances, presentations, and even celebratory cake.

{Grumpy old man voice} In my day, we only had one graduation – High School.  Then another if you finished college.  Kids these days!  {Back to normal voice}  That said, it was pretty cute seeing these kids in their caps and gowns and such.  It was actually a fun event.  And I suppose it’s good to give kids a fun reward for school every so often.

"Now that you've graduated, it's time to get a job.  Go apply at that law office."

“Now that you’ve graduated, it’s time to get a job. Go apply at that law office.”

Most important to him though, the graduation came with presents from family members.  Hopefully he’ll remember these incentives as he gets older. Haha!

How bout you?  How do you feel on track/speed workouts?  Ever been to a kid’s graduation?  Anyone have an internship available for a 5 year old?



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37 thoughts on “My Pukey Instructional Track Video & When did become a thing?

  1. I think it’s a little much to have graduation for pre-k, pre-school, etc. but that’s just me 🙂 (Your son is so cute though I could see pics of him everyday!)
    As far as internships, think maybe he wants to baby sit to earn some extra cash? Kidding. Kind of.

    • Yeah, I thought that too, but actually seeing one, it was harmless and fun. Especially when they came in marching to that graduation song. Haha.
      Ha, he can’t keep his toys from breaking, so I don’t think it’d be much smarter to have him in charge of a human!

  2. Ohhh such a cool app!! Wow, you were moving!!! Speed work is great!! I definitely feel like it should translate into some great races (well, hopefully).
    Pre-k graduation!! Looove it!!! So cute!! What adorable pictures!!!

  3. I thought there was a lot when my kids were doing it (they are 16 and 17) and now there are even more! Yeah, too much – but who cares, if it gets more positive association with kids and school, that is all good. Plus kids are so cute at that age (love the pics, btw).

    I did Vine for a bit but never really hooked into it much, so I deleted the app a while back … maybe should try again …

    • Agreed! As much as we can make school a positive experience, the all the better!

      Ahh, well I’m a video producer in real life, so it’s a fun little extra practice for me. When I was making them back a few months ago, I was brainstorming the ideas with the little one. I think we made a few funny ones!

  4. Ugh intervals kill me! But I have definitely noticed that I’m faster than I was before I started doing them. If only I made time to do them more consistently, I’m sure I could be even faster!

    • Tell me about it! But you are right, they do make you faster. I’ve been doing them weekly for at least two months straight now, and I’m really seeing improvements. Will test it at a race on Sat. Good luck to you getting into a groove!

  5. I LOOOOOOOOOVE speed workouts! LOVE. They are one of my favorite things about running. I don’t do them on the track though (at least not yet…I got invited to some track nights with my run club though!)

    Your son is so cute in his grad gear! I can’t really talk when it comes to excessive graduations. I graduated from 6th, 8th, 12th, and college. So yeah. Lots.

    • Ha, it’s easy to love them when you’re as fast as you are! Yes, try them out on a track and see how it goes! Although I did read that Meb stopped doing them on the track a few years ago because he’s ‘training for a road race’ so he did his intervals on roads.

      Oh wow, you graduated a lot!!! And thanks, I guess he is kind of cute 😉

  6. I hate track workouts because they make me feel like puking but I love them 5 minutes after I’m done because I feel like a badass and how they make me consistently faster. But during…during I just want to throttle someone and/or lie down in the grass with a milkshake.

    • Yeessss, I’m the same! They hurt so much, but it’s so rewarding to see the results! Hahaha, I can imagine you just giving up in the middle of a lap, grabbing a milkshake from your cooler and lying on the infield. You should do that sometime!

  7. I’ve been wanting to try some track workouts but they fall on a morning I jave 5:15 am spin class. After work I’m dunzo! I may have to rearrange my schedule a bit.

    • Maybe you could do them at lunch. I’m sure your coworkers wouldn’t mind the sweaty mess sitting next to them too much. 😉

  8. It is a bit much, I think, but if it comes with such adorable pictures, it’s totally worth it! He is adorable!

  9. My son “graduated” pre-K today too. They didn’t do it up quite as fancy as your school did though, just a certificate handed out by the teacher.
    Next year I’ll have kindergarten, 5th grade, and 8th grade graduations happening. Luckily my kids’ school only really does 8th grade & high school graduation ceremonies.

    • Congrats!!! Yeah, I was surprised – they had rehearsed songs and everything! Good luck on all your kiddos and their graduations!

  10. I have Vine but totally forgot about it. Maybe I’ll start back up again! Adorable pictures.

  11. Love the graduation photos!! I ‘graduated’ playschool, grade 6, grade 9, grade 12 and university. When it came time for my second degree’s grad, I most definitely skipped out!
    He could intern as a flower/garden waterer and dog walker? Interested?

    • Thanks! Wow, you had a lot of graduations. I guess I missed out with only having high school and college. Yes, I think he could handle that internship…is it paid? 😉

  12. Hilarious video!!!

  13. I had a kindergarten graduation ceremony too, only our mortar boards were made from manila envelopes and a stapler, a little less fancy 🙂

    • Hahaha, I’m sorry, but that’s pretty spare…or genius! These ones belonged to the school, so I guess they use them every year. I only hope they are washed!

  14. We both have track on the brain! Congrats to your boy!

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  16. Haha – love the video. I have yet to attempt track workouts. I’m not quite that advanced yet. Back in my day, we had graduation from (maybe 6th grade? Is it sad I don’t remember whether we did or not? Either there wasn’t one or I missed it haha) Junior High, High School, and College. Kids are so spoiled these days 😉 But seriously, congrats to him on his graduation – hope he enjoyed the celebration!

    • Ha, thanks! Silly. Track workouts hurt, but they work! I didn’t jump into them. I eased in by starting with maybe a few tempo runs, then a few runs that had hill repeats. They help prepare you.
      Ha, yeah, they have it so easy! Haha. Thank you, he did have fun – but mostly cause he got a balloon and some toys. 😉

  17. Lol you old fart. Don’t you know that graduations for everything is hip these days? Even when I was a kid we had one for kindergarten, middle school, and then high school (college too duh). I went to my little cousins’ kindergarten graduation. It was adorable but everything I touched felt like it was covered in jam. I’ll hire the new graduate. I have some legos that need sorting.

    • Ha, I should probably retire and move to Florida. Wow, you had a lot. You’re so spoiled!
      Ha, I hear ya – everything in our house has some sort of syrup, or cheese, or chocolate stuck to it. Can’t avoid it.
      Yes, that’s awesome! Does it come with health insurance?

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