I Saw a Real UNICORN on my Run!

I did, I really did, but before I get to that, let’s recap the week.


This week saw some crazy up and down weather, but I took it all in stride – literally (see what I did there?).  It started on Saturday with a hot and humid 10 mile run at around 8:30 per mile pace.

It continued Sunday with a successful yoga practice.

The window don't lie.

The window don’t lie.

It went on on Tuesday with a morning 4 miler at about 7:40 per mile pace.  Followed by a weight session.

It ran on on Wed with a windy track session.  I went 4 miles with an average pace of 7:04 per mile.  The 400’s are getting faster by the week – most of them around 80 seconds!

If you keep your race timing chip, you can pretend to race each run!

If you keep your race timing chip on, you can pretend to race each time you run!

It carried on on Thursday with a weight session followed by a social run.  I ran 3.5 miles at a 7:15 per mile pace.

Boom SHAKA Laka.

Boom SHAKA Laka.

It was great to see some old running friends there.  And of course, after the run came the social part where we got to catch up with one another and swap running stories (for some reason my non-running friends don’t want to talk about running all the time).

I was getting in my Zen Zone.

I was getting in my Zen Zone. (BTW, click any image to enlarge and get a better look)

But what was even cooler to see was a real. life. UNICORN!  The route we ran took us by a few fields of wildflowers.  There were three or four photoshoots going on in said fields.  And one of them was a little girl with a unicorn!  I’m sorry I didn’t have my camera to take a pic, but someone did capture a half human half zebra on the run though…

Centar....no, Zebtar?


But for reals, the white pony had a sparkly tail and a horn on it’s forehead.  Chances are it was a fake horn that was attached to the horse.  So I did a quick net search and found the local folks who take the unicorn pics.  If you’re interested in taking Unicorn photos, here’s their website.  In the meantime, here’s an example of their work…

This is EXACTLY what I saw (but with a different girl).

This is EXACTLY what I saw (but with a different girl).

But maybe not, maybe it was real.  I’ve written before about my fascination with North Korea.  And it was reported recently that North Korea has found an actual ancient Unicorn Lair.

So who’s to say what’s real and what isn’t.  Life’s more fun when you believe anyway.

I'm a humacorn.

I’m a humacorn.

How was your week’s workouts?  Ever see a ‘mythical’ creature?  How long do you leave your timing chips on your shoes after a race?


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61 thoughts on “I Saw a Real UNICORN on my Run!

  1. This is awesome. One time during an 18 mile traing run in Sleepy Hollow NY we came up on a real headless horseman. It was their high school mascot for a fundraiser but we laughed about it for several miles. What are the odds?

    • Thanks! Haha, that’s awesome! I always loved the headless horseman story for some reason. I hope the one you saw had a jack-o-lantern head!

  2. I can’t say I’ve seen a unicorn while out on a run. I’ve seen Firefighters wearing their full gear, paddlers with PFD’s and paddles (both raising money for a charity) both running a 5k race, a few men in kilts but that’s been about it!
    This week’s workouts weren’t awesome as I’m battling a head cod/stomach thing….but I feel hopeful for my race on Sunday! I take the timing chip off ASAP if it’s attached to my shoe. Lots of races have them attached to your running bib so….that stays on.

    • Very cool! I’ve actually seen firefigthers in full gear and boots running half and full marathons. I cannot even imagine. I hope the kilt dudes didn’t suffer any wardrobe malfunctions.
      Don’t worry, you’ll crush it on Sunday! Yeah, I like the ones on bibs, I don’t understand why races still have the separate shoe ones.

  3. TartanJogger

    There are loadsa hairy highland haggis running around here…

  4. No mythical creatures here. And for some reason that zebra mask really freaks me out. Nice workouts! I’m hoping to do a test run on Monday.

  5. Salt is going to freak when she reads this post!!!

    I’ve seen some crazy things out here in the desert…I was always looking for the Chupacabra because growing up, that’s what adults always threatened would get you if you misbehaved. I think my brother even had a Chupacabra shirt lol!

  6. Holy crap you’re 400s are improving so much!! Way to go!!! Now you’re making me feel like I need to get back to them (which is a good thing). I typically take off the D-tag right away. I discovered after my first half that my cat thinks it’s a chew toy. I don’t want her eating it…

  7. This post made me laugh. Your 400 pace is impressive – nice work!


    (I just finished laughing my butt off at Helly’s comment too. She knows me so well.) Basically no other post title on the planet has ever grabbed my attention like this. I NEED TO FIND THIS PHOTOGRAPHER AND HAVE BETTY’S PICTURE TAKEN WITH A UNICORN. Betty was a unicorn for her first Halloween.


    I also love those rubber masks and have considered getting myself one. Of a unicorn. I was actually just discussing this with my coworker the other day.

    Anyway, this is the best blog post of all time. And your 400’s are awesome. You have a great week!

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! YES! Helly was right! I’m so glad I got to cause/see a Salty freak out! I love this!
      YET one more reason for you to come run a race here!!!! Race, then unicorn photo shoot, then tacos, then salt bar, then wine, repeat. !!!!

      You. Are. A. Nut! 😉

      They dude in the mask said his sis has a unicorn one. You TOTES should get one!

      Wow, you humble me. I’m glad you liked it! I hope the 400’s translate to a good Double Douliche next week! You have a great one too!

  9. I love your North Korea information!
    And I liked what you did with the boom SHAKA laka!
    Congrats on your speedy track times 🙂 Are you running more short races this year? You should!
    I’m always scared I’m going to see the ogopogo, a lake monster in a lake we frequently visit in summer. It’s actually also where the old Ironman Canada/new Challenge Penticton races swims.
    If I jump into the lake off a boat, I seriously get freaked that it’s going to get me!

      • Wow, that is crazy. Never even heard of it. But it sounds totes legit. 😉 Funny story, I grew up in Westerville, Ohio and we had Hoover Reservoir. I convinced some kids in grade school that people had confirmed a lake monster in it. Since they couldn’t read the newspaper, they believed me. Ha!

    • Ha, I always click on the news stories I see about them. Some really CRAZY stuff! (Just look up their World Cup excuses from 4 years ago)
      I’m so glad that somebody picked up on my Shaka comment! I feared it’d be over everyone’s heads! Thank you!
      An ogopogo? Does it bounce on a stick? 😉 Never heard of it. I thought y’all’d have a Yeti.
      I hope it doesn’t get you. But it probably will. 😉 JK, just joshin’.

  10. I see deer and rabbits while running and then peacocks at work but no unicorns. I am missing out. ha!

    Our timing chips are on bibs and since I wear mine on my race belt it comes off when after the race.

    Workouts have been good. Did some road riding before work and some running. Even one day of weights and one day of yoga. Win!

    • We have deer and rabbits all over here to, but no peacocks. I haven’t seen one since I lived in Ohio. Very cool!

      Yes, races here are starting to go to the bib chips, but it’s still rare, I wish they would go that route already!!!!

      Glad to hear! You’ve had a kick arse week it sounds like. Winning for sure!

  11. missadventuresinrunning

    I hate to admit it, but my boyfriend has one of those horse head things. His is actually a unicorn! Maybe you just saw him running around! 🙂

    • Ha, that dude who was wearing it said his sister has the Unicorn one. But you’re probably right, it was your bf I saw running around Plano, TX for sure! 😉

  12. I saw Elvis once while running.

  13. You are so silly for keeping that chip on your shoe. Who does that!! Lmao!

    • Ha, out of all the ridiculous stuff in this post, that’s what you picked up on?!? Haha, I don’t know why I haven’t cut it off. It does make for a conversation starter tho – “What race is that from?”

  14. Always believe. And I am so jealous of your 400s! I have interval envy!

  15. Ohhh, I LOVE unicorns!!! So cool!!! WOW, great runs!! You’re pushing hard and going to PR all over the place (in lots of your races)!!! Awesome!!!

  16. Great paces! have to say that I have never seen a unicorn, I probably would have paid more attention to that and stopped running 🙂

    • Thanks! Ha, I was just hoping someone else would notice it so they could get a picture…but nobody did. It definitely gave me something to think about the rest of the run!

  17. This is the best post title ever! That would be so awesome to see a real life unicorn on one of my runs! 🙂 I’ve never seen a mythical creature on one of my runs…..user jealous! I have seen two gorillas running holding bananas at a park near my house! That cracked me up!

  18. That’s so funny! What cute ideas for kid pictures.

  19. Amazing!! I’ve never seen a mythical creature on any runs. I’ve come across some tents that belong to homeless people on some trail runs before?

    Workouts of the week were good; no running but lots of heavy lifting and lots of bike sprints which left my muscles happy 🙂

    • Hmmm, I was once threatened on a run by a bunch of homeless folks as I ran past their camp down in Houston one time. But they decided not to chase me. I def picked up the pace!

      Great to hear! Keep those muscles guessing!

  20. I’m fascinated by North Korea too. My mom lived in South Korea for a year in 2000 and I visited her and wanted to go to the DMZ but we didn’t. Little did I know they were executing people for random reasons in North Korea then and now! But I’m still fascinated by that country.

    • Oh really, how cool! Too bad you didn’t get to visit DMZ, but maybe that’s a good thing? Did you see my post on the North Korea Marathon? Crazy stuff!

      • Yeah, I did see that. North Korea is interesting!

      • Such a bizarre place. I remember in the last Women’s World Cup – they would make excuses when they lost like, “In training our team was hit by lightning bolts.” Crazy!

  21. You really nailed the pics on this one. Well played.

  22. You kook. I had planned to visit – told myself I would while I was out on the road – and then for real, I was JUST about to come in when I got your like. Seriously, happens to me a lot with my readers. Really something.

  23. – told myself out on the road, not told myself i would visit from the road.

  24. Serendipitous, ain’t it? I was just trying to catch up on your writings when I got the notification on my phone that you had commented on mine. And here I thought you had finally gotten bored with me (as you said we would)

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