Post Storm Run, Lululemon Taco Futures, & Johnny Football to Cleveland!

Last night was supposed to be the popular Katy Trail 5k and After Party for many of my friends.  But Dallas had a massive windy thunderstorm blow through town and they had to cancel the event.  Bummer for those runners.  The weather did clear up later on and so a group of us met at Lululemon for Thursday Night Social Run.

Notice the folks still wearing their race bibs.  At least the got used somehow.

Notice the folks still wearing their race shirts bibs. At least the got used somehow.

I got in a quick 5k at a 7:20-something pace.  It was a bit slippery and humid, but not too bad.


“Rock on!” says my hands.

Afterwards we did the social part of our run and went to a local joint for a little grub and a little brew.  And one of the organizers of TNSR had a surprise – Lululemon gave him some gift cards to a pretty ba-darse local Tex Mex hotspot as a ‘thanks’ for hosting so many of our runs at their store.  He decided to have a number guessing contest to give them away.  And guess what else?  I guessed correctly and won one of the cards!!!

Yes!  More tacos are in my future!  Thanks TNSR and LULU!

Yes! More tacos are in my future! Thanks TNSR and LULU!

Anyway, as we socialized, the NFL draft was on the TV’s.  Being that I live in Texas, Johnny Manziel gets a lot of attention around here…as he also does nationally, but more so here.  So all eyes were on him.  Many people wondered if the Dallas Cowboys were going to draft him.  But they did not, instead the team I root for picked him.  Yup, he’s going to the Cleveland Browns (I’m originally from Ohio, hence my team choice).

I do not know if he will be a bust or a hero, but either way it’s bringing a lot of energy and attention to the Browns.  Something they haven’t had in a long long time.  They have been a bad team for even longer.  It’s been hard being a Browns fan, but we are loyal.

All aboard the Browns Bus! My Dad, my boy, and I before the game last season they played here against the Cowboys.

All aboard the Browns Bus! My Dad, my boy, and I before the game last season they played here against the Cowboys.

Here’s hoping the Browns finally reward some of our loyalty!

How bout you?  Ever had a race cancelled (They also cancelled the Dallas Marathon back in Dec due to ice)?  Who loves free tacos in their mouths?  What do you think of Johnny Football going to Cleveland?  Who’s your NFL team (I know Salt, you root for the evil 😉 Ravens)?


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39 thoughts on “Post Storm Run, Lululemon Taco Futures, & Johnny Football to Cleveland!

  1. I am not a Lions fan but being from Michigan I can understand being loyal to a team that doesn’t produce. As a Cubs fan, we can certainly understand. When we were in Aruba our cab driver asked who we rooted for and he responded with, “Oh…long time no win.” Pretty exciting stuff for Cleveland.

    • Haha, yes, I’m very used to ‘long time no win’. I’m an Indians fan, but I always kind of root for the Cubs too. Gotta break that curse!
      It was exciting in Cleveland, but we couldn’t even go 24 hours without being brought back to reality – just announced our best player – league leader last year in receiving yards – is probably going to be suspended for the year by the NFL. Ugh.

  2. I love me a free taco! I’m a 49er fan since I was born and raised in the SF Bay Area!

    • You need to come run a race here so we can eat all the tacos after! I did enjoy watching Jerry Rice back in the day. But I did not like when a college girlfriend of mine had a crush on Steve Young.

  3. Hey!!! Great run!! I really like Johnny Manziel!! I’m cheering him on! I hope he’s the hero! My favorite NFL team is Washington! Have a great weekend!

    • Hiii! Thanks! Felt good. He takes a lot of heat, but I do like how he’s a different QB – makes plays more than just stands there and throws. Hopefully it works out. I do like RGIII hopefully his knee is ok.
      You have a good one too!

      • Ohhh, I totally agree!! Manziel takes a lot of heat, but he is a really cool QB! He definitely keeps my attention! RGIII is awesome!! He’s my favorite!!

      • Well, we’ll see if he can stay out of trouble. 😉 and RGIII is from Balyor (down the highway from Dallas)

  4. Cat

    Free tacos are the best tacos! Although all tacos are good times.

    I’m not a football fan… being from the UK I didn’t grow up with the sport and I just don’t get it. However, many people around here are Bengals fans and frown upon the Browns (hey, that rhymes!); I also know plenty of Browns fans though. I prefer baseball and real football… excuse me, soccer 😉

    • Oh you just wait…I’ve got some epic free taco news coming up! And these aint’ no Ohio tacos (no offense, but I remember out only Tex Mex joint in C-bus was Chi-Chis – blegh)

      Believe it or don’t, but real football (soccer) is my first love. I’ve played it since I was 4. I love getting up to watch BPL matches on Saturday mornings. Funny story though, last time in Scotland my friends took me to an ‘american’ sports bar and they had NFL highlites on TV. Along with ‘meatloaf’ on the menu. Haha
      I grew up in Westerville, so in the middle of the state we had to decide between Cincy sports and Cle sports. I preferred the blue collar of Cle (kind of like Newcastle), so I chose Browns and Indians as a youngling.

      • Cat

        There are actually some pretty good Mexican places around here… you have to look for them though! The usual chain.local chain places are gross.

        I can believe it about the American sports bar in Scotland. Sorry you had to go through that, haha!

        And the first ever major league baseball game I went to was in Cleveland! I have a soft spot for the Indians, although I have been to many more Reds games. It’s always a good time when the Indians are in town to play the Reds!

      • I bet it has changed a lot since I left. Maybe my next visit I’ll give some Oh-Mex a try. Maybe. 🙂

        Ha, it’s ok, I actually found it amusing.

        Very cool! I’ve been to a game in Cleveland and it was fun. I’ve been to a lot more in Cincy though for some reason. Being that I grew up in Columbus, I always rooted for both teams, but I always kind of leaned towards Cle. I bet those in-state games are a blast!

  5. LOL I love free tacos in my mouth. Never had a race cancelled because we rarely get harsh weather here aside from rain. And if you can’t handle rain in Vancouver you shouldn’t live in Vancouver.

    • Haha, yes for mouth tacos! Well, this was tornadic winds, so they no choice – it was blowing down trees on the course.
      Ha, yes, Vancouverites can handle some rain I bet!

  6. Boo for cancelled races and wind, yay for free tacos!

  7. Bummer about the cancelled race, but sounds like a fun night regardless.

    I, of course, am a die-hard Patriots fan. I understand about the loyalty and I hope he helps your team out. I personally could care less about the kid, but good luck!

    • Yeah, they were kind of bummed, but we tried to make the best of it!

      Ahh yes, we almost beat you guys last season. But as the Browns often do, they fell apart in the 4th quarter. Maybe next time!

  8. TartanJogger

    I think he’ll be a good fit for the Browns 😉 For my sins, I’m a Jaguars fan. Huh.

  9. Jane Likes to Run

    I have had a race cancelled due to ice. Yuck. They never seem to cancel due to wind though……Then we would probably never race again! I think that everyone was shocked he didn’t go in the top 10. I know there is some criticism here for the Vikings using their top picks for another QB. Which….we all know how good the Vikiings are. Browns fan, huh? That is rough as well 😛 I grew up in Pittsburgh… you know everyone has terrible towels in all the colors. I’m a little worried that they are going to be terrible again this year. I think that the Steel Curtain is now geriatric.

    • Yeah, ice is tough to run on. And dangerous too! Ha, yeah, I think wind is just something we have to deal with. Just gotta hope they calm down some on race day.
      Hmm, well you guys do have a good running back. Maybe they’re trying to find a QB to match. Oh yes, Cle and Pit are mandated to hate each other. It’s funny how the Browns fans were almost giddy over the Steelers troubles to start last season. Yes, they are getting old, maybe the draft will get them some youth.

  10. Never had a race cancelled, that must have been some storm! Who doesn’t love free tacos? I don’t follow football much, but I still root for the Vikings when I see them play, I used to live in Minneapolis.

    • Yeah, I saw a picture from the start line and a tree had fallen on it! Yes, tacos are great and even better when free!
      Oh cool! I’ve been to Minneapolis once and had a great time. There’s a chance I could be going there again in the fall for a conference. Hope so!

  11. I just want you to know that for better or worse, every time I see a Lululemon I think of you. So there’s that.

    • LOL, thanks! Funny thing is that I’ve never bought anything there and hadn’t been in the store ever until a couple months ago. But now I’m a regular and have gotten to know the workers. Ha, so I got that going for me.

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  13. I’ve had a race that was postponed by an hour for thunderstorms. Once the lightening left the area, the race was on. By the time the race was over, the sun had come out and it was super humid!!

    • Yeah, you don’t want to be running in lighting, that’s for sure!
      Ugh, I can imagine how humid it was when the sun started evaporating all the rain water! Yowza!

  14. Go Steelers!
    And the “in their mouths” qualifier after “…free tacos” made me laugh out loud. It is early. Shut up.

  15. [waves tear-soaked stupid towel right in your face anyway]

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