Running Debt Paid & Dressed in Drag

I wrote a little while back about a bet I had going on with a running-blog ‘friend’.  You can chickity check it HERE.

Well, I lost the bet.  His team beat my team in the NBA playoffs.  And of course it went the maximum 7 games, which meant I owed him 7 400’s on the track.  Today I did that to pay off the debt.

Photo taken after...hence the sitting on the track.

Photo taken after…hence the sitting.

He tweeted me in jest after the final game and said he’d like to see my splits from the track.  Well, I don’t run with my phone (camera), so I just tried to keep track in my head.  Best I could make out with my math skills were that it went something like this:

1 – 89 seconds, 2 – 86 seconds, 3-7 – 85 seconds.

It was tough.  The winds were between 25-30 mph, with gusts much stronger than that.  The whole back side of the track was a wall of wind and it felt like I was running in place.  Hopefully that made me a stronger runner though.

The flag is holding on for dear life.  It's like that every spring here.

The flag is holding on for dear life. It’s like that every spring here.

Luckily I forgot to mention to him how the gaggle of my fellow bloggers commented that they wanted us to up the ante with an embarrassing costume, or the opponents team jersey.  In fact, I had planned on wearing my throwback Mavs jersey in spite, but I forgot it at home.



Truth is, I don’t get embarrassed easily, so it wouldn’t have bothered me too much to dress up for it.  You know this if you followed my Dopey Challenge races.

Knee out. Hands on hips.  It's slimming.

Knee out. Hands on hips. It’s slimming.

Besides, if I had been dressed in drag like some of your suggested, I might have gotten a visit from the cops as I was running on a middle school track – and their girls soccer team was practicing on the infield.  I can hear the 9-1-1 call now, “There’s a creepy man in a sports bra and tutu running laps at the middle school.”

The Drag Queen Bee. Or Prom Queen Bee.

From a Halloween past – The Drag Queen Bee. Or Prom Queen Bee. Whichever you prefer. Aren’t you impressed I found heels to fit me? And a prom dress for that matter?

In the end though, it wasn’t all bad.  Sure, I’m disappointing that my team didn’t win, but hey, I got a good workout out of it!

How bout y’all?  Lost any wagers lately?  Dressed in drag lately?  Besides my blogging friend at hellyontherun (who let’s me know via Twitter) is anyone else interested in the NBA playoffs?  Anyone want to go to the prom with me?


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40 thoughts on “Running Debt Paid & Dressed in Drag

  1. That is a stunning photo of you. I am speechless 🙂

  2. Oh I meant to say that those splits were impressive…but again..speechless.

  3. Haven’t lost any wagers or dressed in drag lately…but I was voted Faculty Prom Queen last year. It was pretty awesome–I was 7 months pregnant.

    P.S. Who you putting in the finals? I’m going Spurs/Heat although I’d much rather see Thunder/Heat….

    • Ha, maybe we should wager on next season Mavs-Suns games. Congrats on winning the preggo prom queen award! 🙂

      I’m not sure about the West. Spurs have a lot of experience. OKC has a good team and crowd. LAC isn’t there yet I don’t think, but they may be inspired.
      All I really care about now is that MIA does NOT win. I really do hate them. A lot. I could make a long list of why I hate them and their fans.

      • Oooooh!!! we should do a blog link up of why we HATE the Heat. I reeeeeally hate them. Heck, their team name is an anagram for hate (sorry, I’m an English teacher lol!)

      • Oh yeah! I’m down with that! I have many reasons to dislike them! Just let me know!
        Haha, I hadn’t thought of the anagram!

  4. Wow, props for posting that picture online. Nice dress 🙂

    • Ha, I’m not afraid to look silly if it brings a laugh! Thanks! I borrowed the dress from a friend who was kind of ashamed that it fit me. Haha

  5. It’s like the Bee Girl from that Blind Melon video met Honey Boo Boo and got loaded. So Brave. Bravo for following through. I’m impressed! 🙂

  6. Haha, nice pics. The only playoffs I care about right now are the Bruins. I don’t even like hockey that much, but if a Boston team is in the playoffs, you KNOW I’m watching.

    • Ha, I know what you mean. I’m from Ohio originally and still root for those teams. I’ve been in Dallas for a long time now and still do not care about the Cowboys. Go Bruins!

  7. You make the best drag prom queen ever, and I love your slimming tip…knees out, hands on hips. I plan on trying it out for my finish line race photo this weekend! 🙂 And gee, your splits smell terrific!

    • Ha, thanks! Glad I could help with my tips. 😉 I can’t wait to see your photo! Good luck on your race!
      PS, my splits smell like BO in person. 😉

  8. TartanJogger

    Love the wager. I found out last week that the Spanish love basketball. I had no idea!

  9. Way to man up and knock out that bet. I’m a Miami fan so I’m definitely watching the playoffs.

  10. I am glad you fulfilled your end of the bet, and in good form and fashion (and not in drag). And GO SPURS!

  11. You are rocking that drag outfit! And nice workout!

  12. That’s some dress you’re wearing! Sorry you lost the bet, sounds like it wasn’t all bad, except for the wind.

    • Ha, thanks! The friend I borrowed it from was a little embarassed that it fit me, but truth is I was squeezed in it like a sausage! And I may have bust some of the seems. Haha

  13. Ha! I remember you running in the Alice in Wonderland apron, I love it! Basketball is really the only sport I follow at all, although BOTH of my teams (Suns & Warriors) are out for the season!

    • Ha, thanks! Funny story, I just watched Alice in Wonderland the other day as it was on the kids’ Disney channel. It reminded me of the costume!
      Oh, sorry about your teams!

  14. Well you definitely make an “interesting” looking girl. Can I borrow that dress sometime? JK!!!!

  15. You make a beautiful Queen Bee!

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