Running in a Human Pack (or herd, or gaggle..?) & Seis de Mayo!

First off, I hope everyone had a festive Cinco De Mayo!  I certainly celebrated with some authentic cuisine…

I'm assuming that in Mexico they celebrate with a big plate of spaghetti.

I’m assuming that in Mexico they celebrate with a big plate of spaghetti. 

Today I continued the celebration with an early morning 5k+ run, a gym sesh, and a margarita at a local taco joint.

Feliz Seis De Mayo!

Feliz Seis De Mayo!

On my pre morning run, I got to thinking.  Dangerous, I know.  But seeing as how I dedicated this Spring to trying to get some of my speed back, I thought of how some of the faster runners I know run training runs in a sort of human pack….

…Or are human packs called something else, like herds, flocks, gaggles, swarm, school, pride…?  Or do we need to invent a word?  Like a ‘sapiencrew’ of humans.

Anyway, I see these fasties running in their tight little flocks and they seem to be on unit pushing each other along.

My super speedy friend Logan running in a pride of Kenyans at a recent race.

My super speedy friend Logan running in a pride of Kenyans at a recent race.

I thought about this when I ran with my friend Pepsi (yes, real name) the other day.  We pushed each other along at a decent pace.  We talked about this afterward and now I want to add some more people to our herd.  I have done this in the past, and it does help.  But it’s been a couple years.  I need to get the gang back together…or maybe start a new band.  I shall work on this!

How bout you?  Ever run in a sapiencrew?  Do you celebrate the days of May in Spanish? 


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46 thoughts on “Running in a Human Pack (or herd, or gaggle..?) & Seis de Mayo!

  1. We had spaghetti last night too! It was delicious. 🙂
    I want to run in your sapiencrew! Why is Texas so far from Maryland!?

    • Ha, I guess we needed our carbs!

      I know! That would be so much fun. I’m sure we’ll get to run together at some point. Maybe a destination race. We’ll see!

  2. I think that the term sapiencrew is totally legit and I want to join one now too. Brilliant idea and I think you are onto something.

  3. I must admit we had Mexican for supper last night, but we eat it at least three days a week so it was only fitting 🙂
    I like the idea of your sapiencrew. However, I’m a solo runner! (Or with my hubby.) I definitely bet it helps on faster runs!

    • Ha, nice! I love Tex-Mex. I could eat it every day. I must say though that I don’t trust it north of Texas, so not sure how I’d feel about Can-Mex. 😉
      I usually run solo too, but it’s always much easier when I run with others. And yes, it helps to push you too!

  4. I want a sapiencrew! I have one friend who runs only slightly faster than me, she and I have done long runs together, it’s great to run with friends!

    • Do it! That’s great that you have a friend you can run with who can push you some too. Runfriends are great!

  5. Sapiencrew, that’s awesome! I have troubles finding one person to run with let alone a crew!

    • Ha, thanks! Maybe you can create an ad in the personals – Wanted, Males or Females to join in an open running relationship… 🙂

  6. I could definitely use some motivation from a sapiencrew, especially during a race!

    • I usually jump from on person to the next in a race to try and keep my pace up. Sometimes I imagine the person in front of me has a rope that’s tied to both of us and he/she is helping to pull me along.

  7. I’ve never really enjoyed running in a pack (I do think that’s what it’s called!) because most of my running friends are significantly faster than me so I am constantly worried about being dropped, and usually do end up dropping off. I love to run with one or two friends though, especially if they are around my pace or willing to slow down. It’s a very different dynamic and since I’m not trying to push myself too hard right now, it’s a nice relaxed way to share the run. 🙂

    • Oh yes, I’ve run tons of times with people at a slower pace, and that’s great too. We’ll end up talking about everything and anything along the way. It really helps the miles go by, and you really get to know people!

  8. I like sapiencrew. I think that’ll work. I’ve tried keeping up with a sapiencrew in training class before, but I’m SO much slower than they are, there was really no keeping up with them.

    • Ha, thanks! Yeah, that’s the key isn’t it? Trying to find people you can all keep a pace with. I’ve been on both ends, where I was faster or slower than the group, so I understand!

  9. I totally expected a Taco pic!! lol!
    I love running with faster people–it totally motivates. I even like having fast friends who I’ve never met (like you and Salt) because reading about your journeys motivates me 🙂 So get moving!!

    • Oh dang, haha! I actually scarfed them down before I had a chance to take a pic! Yes, I think the trick is to find people who are only slightly faster than you, so you’re pushing but not burning out.
      Oh wow, thank you so much! You’re no speed slouch yourself! And you totally motivate me with all your runs! I don’t know how you do it after all that travel!

  10. elihawkins6

    I’m on a mission from God.


    I’ve noticed the speed pack phenom also… and am just now breaking into those secrets by trying to hang with marathon champs in my local running group on our Wednesday night runs. It doesn’t hurt that these folks have made it their personal mission to make me a champ as well… I like flying with the fast like freaks pack.

    Good luck on the speed training. May your shins take all the abuse you hand them.

    • Very cool! It’s great they’re so supportive. My elite friends are like that here – they say they can get me to Boston, but for them a 7 minute mile is easy. I’m always in awe when I see a pack of them pass me on the training trails going 5-6 minute miles!

      Haha, thank you so much! I’m working on it!

      • elihawkins6

        Just turn your brain off and do as they say. Have trust and they will get you there.

      • Hmmm, good point. Our minds are our own limitations. Thanks!

      • elihawkins6


  11. I am thinking I need to join a crew…somebody to kick me in the ass and tell me to run faster! I also had spaghetti last night…honest truth.

    • Yay, pasta twinsies!
      Yes, it’s easy to cut a workout short when you’re by your self. But when others are there, the accountability is powerful!

  12. TartanJogger

    A ruck of runners? A jostle of joggers? A higgle of humans? I could have fun with this…..

  13. Sapiencrew – I love it! I’ve never run with a group (solo 6AM runner here) but would love to try it out. I did have tacos on Sunday and burritos on Monday – but that’s just a normal week for me.

    • Never ever?!?! You need to try it, it will change you. Most of them here run early like you because it gets so hot when the sun comes up. Haha, I’m like you, I could eat Tex-Mex everyday!

      • I know – I need to find me some running peeps ASAP!

      • Let me know how it goes! I found a new group to run with last night, I might join them Sat morning. They say they will push my pace!

      • Lucky you! – that will definitely help you get faster. I found a trail group that I might try out – as soon as I can run again.

      • Cool! There’s a trail group here that I was running with for a while, but they had to change their schedule. I need to look to see if they’re still meeting.
        Get healthy soon!!!

  14. I think the key to running well with a group is being of similar pace. Or at least someone faster who can pace a slower runner well. I haven’t found that yet. Or maybe I’m too hornery to run with others. Prolly the latter.

    • Yes, that is the key, finding others of similar pace. You’ll always go a little faster than your normal solo pace that way – kind of like at a race. And yes, you are super ornery (or were you trying to type horny? haha).

  15. Wait, how is there NOT a word for a herd/ flock/ gaggle of humans??!

    I’d love to find a running group to join, but I haven’t really found anything in my area : (

    • Hahaha, I’m sure there is, but I’m either not smart enough to know it, or too lazy to look it up. Probably both. Haha

      There’s got to be some up your way. Search the internet! Or do you have a regional Competitor Magazine? They list them as well. We have several here – North Texas Runners, Dallas Running Club, etc. They each cost $25-30 per year and you get a shirt, access to all their runs, etc. There’s also several free social runs from different groups and running stores.

      • There are a TON of running groups in the city, but for some reason where I am right outside of the city all I’ve been able to find is a group of random people who meet on Saturday mornings in my town for a few miles…there’s really no organization or anything. : (

      • Maybe you can start one?

  16. I would totally run in your sapiencrew- although I would be the one holding every one back…maybe I’d run with a fanny pack filled with water balloons and chuck them at all you speedy people to keep you motivated and cool.

    • Please fill out an application to my sapiencrew and I’ll review it and decide if you will be let in. Haha, JK, you’re in. Ha, no! You don’t want to be doing anything to make people want to run away from you..maybe you can run with balloons filled with wine and that way we’d run to you for our post run bevvies!

  17. I’m far too nervous nellie to be in a sapiencrew…I am a one woman wolf pack. OUUUU!!!

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