Runs (Long & Social) + Yoga (With Zombie Mannequins)

The weekend was another busy one.  It basically started with the weekly social run.  The run started/finished t at a very cool Tex-Mex joint that is always very friendly to our group.  I was glad to see my friend Pepsi show up (yes, her real name) as I knew we could pace each other.  We ended up going between 3-3.5 miles at 7:20ish per mile pace.

The photographer always has to photoshop himself into the pic.  Haha.

The photographer always has to photoshop himself into the pic. Haha. Pepsi’s next to me in purple. (click to enlarge)

On Saturday, I did my long run.  I decided to go 10 miles for my first double digit mileage in a few months.  It was warm and sweaty, so I guess that means I’m going to have to start getting up earlier as the Texas summer is coming.  Good news is that my recent speed work seems to be helping as I ran the 10 miles at an 8:20ish per mile pace.

BTW, am I the only ones who think about our running and/or blogging friends around the world who we also know are running a workout or race at the same time?  This morning my mind wandered a bit to our blogging friend Salt, who I knew was running her first 20 mile distance.  I hoped she was doing well, and I’m sure she was!

Anyway, on Sunday I met some of my other running friends for yoga at Lululemon.  It was an interesting practice.  It was the first time that I’ve ever been in the corpse pose at the end and the instructor didn’t tell us when to stop and get up.  She left it up to us (without telling us that’s what she was doing).  Looking back, I wish I would’ve just laid there on the floor for a long time – like, even after they opened the store – strictly for comedy.  Oh well, next time!

My dead-eyed twin and I tried on headbands after class.

My dead-eyed twin and I tried on headbands after class.

How bout you?  Ever run with someone who you know will push you (not literal)?  Any weird interesting yoga classes?  Ever think of other runners when running?


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37 thoughts on “Runs (Long & Social) + Yoga (With Zombie Mannequins)

  1. Awesome group run, I think my fiance and I are gong to join some group runs. Great job on the ten miles. I am always thinking about how the other running bloggers are doing in their runs.

  2. I always think about my bloggy friends when I run! I think it helps. Especially if I get to a point in my run where I’m feeling a little bit miserable…it helps to think of other people out there getting it done too. And then I’m less miserable. Thanks for thinking of me!! Maybe that’s why it went so well!

    I wish the Lululemon near me did yoga classes. I think I’m going to email them and see what they can do. I’m always so jealous that you get to do that! I’m so glad you got to hang out with Pepsi again! (I love her name.) And boy do I have some crazy yoga stories. There was the lady that blew her nose on her pants leg. And the guy who needed to wear tighter shorts that was in front of me one time. Endless (mostly disgusting) comedy.

    • You’re run totally inspired me. I was going to stop at 9, but then I remembered you were doing 20, so I decided to go half that! Hahaha, yes, we’re all miserable together!

      I’m surprised that they don’t. I’ve heard of other ones doing it, and I assumed they all did. You should contact them. Here, each month is sponsored by a different yoga studio who sends their instructors for the month. It’s always different!
      Yes, Pepsi is such a great runner. We were definitely pushing eachother.
      Sorry about your yoga dude’s shorts, hahaha!

  3. If I run with my Tuesday run group I can pretty much guarantee they will push me! Great job on your 10-miler too, although I don’t envy you the Texan humidity!

    I took a yoga class a few weeks ago where there was a lot of chanting and talk about fire in the pelvic region. I’m more into the stretchy/post-holding yoga, so this was weird to me. And fire in the pelvis sounds more painful than anything else.

    • Same here! I’m almost always faster than when I run alone. And thanks! Yes, I was pretty sweaty after – and slightly sunburned!

      Hahahaha! I’ve never chanted, but we did some weird “shh” breathing over and over yesterday. And I once had an instructor who would say stuff like, “This pose massages the reproductive organs.” and “This pose massages the area between the anus and the reproductive organs.” So apparently our taints were getting a workout, haha!

  4. Cool post and wow, neat yoga class!! You should definitely chill on the floor until the store opens next time!! Haha! That would be pretty funny!!
    I definitely DO think about other bloggers while I run!! When a blogger has a race, I always cheer them on in my head and hope they’re loving their race!!!

    • Haha, I was kicking myself later for the missed joke opportunity. But in my defense she took us all by surprise and many were confused as to what was going on at first because as soon as we got in the pose she said something inspirational and ‘namaste’. Nobody knew whether that meant class was over or not.
      Good for you!!! I find it works both ways, as I know I have people out there who know when I have a big workout or a race and it helps push me to know they are watching from afar.

      • Yep, so true!!! During my half marathon, it was really cool to know people were thinking about me/wondering how it was going!! It really pushed me to the end!!

      • Yes! It was especially true for me at the Dopey Challenge knowing that I had set up my facebook and twitter to post my splits of the races as I ran. I knew people would be seeing in real time how I was doing. That helped me when things got tough!

      • Ohhh, that’s so cool!! I’m sure it really helped you to finish strong!!

      • It definitely helped me to run when I wanted to walk!

      • Oh, that’s great!!! 🙂

      • Super great! 😉

  5. I really enjoy and sometimes dread running with faster runners. It is a great way to keep pushing yourself though. I definitely think about other bloggers and use that to inspire and push me on my longer runs.

    It would have been awesome if you were still laying there when the store opened. It would have been hilarious to hear what people would say. I once took a yoga class from an instructor who’s brothers were martial artists. He did a yoga/martial art flow class. I felt like such a flexible bad ass 🙂

    • I hear ya. It’s always hard to leave your comfort zone, but that’s the best way find new limits! Yes, I agree, it is inspiring to think about others. It’s definitely helped on my runs!

      Ha, yeah, the store opens immediately after class ends and people always come right in, it would’ve been funny to see their confused faces cause some guy was just laying on the floor. haha. Hmmmmm, yoga + martial arts? Interesting. That’s kind of what I picture Tai Chi to be. Go on with your bad ass!

  6. 10 miles!!! Holy crap, I’m happy if I can finish a 5k! I totally feel you on the running earlier in the day now. The Florida heat is already here and trying to run past 10am feels like you are trying to run through a sauna.

    Could you imagine walking in to Lulu and seeing people just laying on the ground!! Hilarious image!!!

    • Ha, you can do it, you just have to keep putting one step in front of another! 😉 I know what you mean about the muggy Florida heat. My sis lives in Orlando and we’ve both run Disney marathons and such over the years. Last year was horribly humid and hot!

      Haha! I’m really kicking myself for not noticing that comedy opportunity!

  7. Awesome job on your run! I love social runs – much more fun than tackling long distances solo…and good motivation to drag my butt out of bed early! It would have been hilarous if you laid on the floor until the store opened! I think about other bloggers all the time when I run – all of you inspire me and keep me motivated!

    • Thanks! Yeah, it definitely takes more mental concentration when doing a long run by yourself. And yes, having accountability is a great motivator! Next time I am definitely going to just lay there and have everyone have to walk around me. Ha! Aw shucks, thanks! I also think about all of you too, and it helps motivate me!

  8. Your social runs always sound like a good workout and a good run! Plus the photo shopping is amusing 🙂 Great 10 miles!

    • They are a lot of fun, for sure! Ha, yeah, he’s always adding himself in. Usually when he sends the routes out, he’ll add monsters and stuff along the course. Haha! Thanks!

  9. I love social runs. It is a nice little change up in training. I was definitely thinking of our good friend Running Out of Wine when she ran her full marathon!

    • They are a lot of fun! And you can always find someone to pace with, which is nice! Very cool, I hope she had plenty of wine left to enjoy after the race!

  10. It definitely sounds like your speed work is paying off- that’s awesome!
    My husband can definitely push me on runs- sometimes it’s good and sometimes it sucks!
    I sometimes fall asleep in corpse pose at the end of class, and it’s the instructors voice that wakes me up again. It would be quite a shock to wake up to shoppers instead!

    • Thanks! It’s fun to pick up the pace a bit.
      Ha, I know what you mean! Getting out of your comfort zone can be…uncomfortable. 😉
      Ha, I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to find the place in between awake and asleep in corpse pose! Ha, you could’ve been there for who knows how long, hahaha!

  11. Yay for double digits! I totally think about other blogger runners when I run–especially Salt since she’s my brf. (<–that too closely looks like barf) anyway, our lululemon had yoga classes but it's tough to get to with my kids. They also have a weekly night run which I so want to do soon.

    • Thanks! It has been inspiring to think of everyone on my runs. And Salt inspired me to try the turkey bacon egg sandwich that she’s always yapping about! Ha!
      I know it’s tough. I actually brought our 5 year old to one class. But he sat there and played games on my phone most of the time. I hope you get to one of their runs soon!

  12. You totally should have just stayed in corpse pose for a looong time. If someone came up to you, just say “shhh, I’m dead”. Awesome.

    • Haha, I really should have. I’m sure the staff would’ve been confused as they have to put all the furniture and displays back after class.

  13. Awesome job on the 10 miler! If a yoga instructor left me in corpse pose without telling me to get up, I’m pretty sure I’d fall asleep! I also think about my fellow bloggers when I run.

    • Thanks!!! Haha, I think most of us were confused. She said namaste right away, which usually means class is over. I definitely didn’t get my normal zone out cause I was wondering if we were done or not. Haha. It would’ve been funny if someone fell asleep though!

  14. I totally think about my bloggy friends when I’m out for a run. I also think “wow, this would make a good post” but only 1/2 of the ideas make the cut.
    That would have been awesome if you would have stayed laying down while the store open….that would have sold me the class you took – so into it!

    • Ha, I do the same thing. I think of something on a run that I should write about, but then I quickly move on to something else. Oh well.
      I am definitely going to stay laying down next time! Still kicking myself that I missed that comedy opportunity!

  15. I always think about my running buddies running at the same time as me! It usually pushes and motivates me! There have been times where I’m dreading running just 6 miles and just thinking about a blog friend who is doing a marathon or half gets my lazy butt out of bed!

    • Yes, same here! It totally helps motivate. And guess what, we’re probably motivating others with our posts about our runs, so we must keep doing it Amy!

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