We Don’t Run, We Fly!

You’ll have to forgive me as I cannot for the life of me remember where I saw this inspirational picture and caption and who posted it, but it went something like this: “We run because it’s the closest we humans come to flying.” 

This idea reminded me of how every photo of our boy running, he is always in mid air!

He's flying (literally).

He’s flying (literally).

I was thinking about this on my last couple runs.  When I did think about it, I found that I subconsciously elevated my posture to run ‘lighter’ and my pace quickened.

The wings on my shirt don't hurt the flying.

The wings on the design on my shirt don’t hurt the flying.

I realized this idea is right.  When we run, we probably spend more time in the air than we do on the ground.  As we fly along, our feet are merely tapping the Earth.

And we all float on.

And we all float on.

How bout you?  When you run, do you ever feel like your flying?  Do you ever think about your feet just lightly tapping the Earth as you go?


PS. If whoever posted that quote on their Blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, or on Instagram, or wherever it was I saw it sees this, please holla so I can give you credit!

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71 thoughts on “We Don’t Run, We Fly!

  1. Haha, I definitely don’t fly. I think I shuffle more than anything. I am definitely not light on my feet.

  2. Oh, I absolutely love this!!! Wow, I’ve never thought about it like that (“my feet lightly tapping the Earth”), but I will now! So cool!!

  3. I love that photo of your son. He’s so determined.

    • Ha, thanks! It was at Disney. Mickey was at the finish line and I told him to run right to Mickey (he did and won the race)!

  4. Great picture of your boy! I never really think of running like flying–I tend to feel like I’m pounding the pavement like an elephant rather that being light and bouncy!

    • Thanks! I like to think he gets it from me. Still thinking though.
      Ha, I know what you mean, some days my legs feel so heavy and my shoes seem to make a lot if noise. Kind if like the Trex in Jurassic park as he approaches the car and his steps make it vibrate.

      • I used to have shoes that squeaked inexplicably too, which made it worse.

      • Ha, that could not have been good to hear a thousand times on a run!

  5. What a cool thought. Never looked at it like that but will try to remember that next time I feel like I am plodding along. Adorable pic of your little one!

  6. Such a great post, every bit of it exCEpt the one part that keeps me from hitting the like button. Bc it was not an intentional mistake.

    • I probably flew in my dreams bc I was a poor runner. My way of skipping what I wasn’t good at. LOL. And like the others, yes, I really do love the shot of your son. Dad’s all right.

      He he.

      • Haha, no way! Nobody is a ‘poor runner’ – as long as we’re running, we’re all good! I love my flying dreams, but they are few and far between. I know the psychologists have dream “interpretations” that say what different dreams mean, but hmmmm.
        Thank you! He totally gets all his cuteness and awesome running form from me. 😉

    • Ok, just re-read it and my first sentence is horrid- run on, missing punctuation, etc. Is that it?

  7. Nope. The Godmother doesn’t bother folks with issues of style. Clue: It’s after your last photo.

  8. Your son is so cute! I read before that kids always have perfect running form. I like the thought of flying when I run. I’ve been trying to be quieter but some days are better than others.

  9. I love that saying! And I love the photos of your son running each time I see them- he’s concentrating so hard!
    On the trails I feel like I’m flying! (Especially when I trip on a root or rock and literally go flying!)

    • Thank you! And yeah, I was looking for photos of me with both feet in the air running, but then I remembered that all of his are like that, haha!
      Haha, be careful out there! Try to stay somewhat grounded!

  10. I seriously wish I ran like he does. I should try thinking about floating next time I run 🙂

  11. Your son is adorable and has mastered the art of flying! Lol. I saw a similar quote at sports basement and took a pic and posted it, it said “because running almost feels like flying.” And I’d have to agree – to both quotes! Ha!

    • Haha, thanks! Hmmm, maybe I saw it on your post? I really don’t remember where I did, but it definitely stuck with me!

  12. Your boy has the same relaxed race face that you do! Sometimes when things are going really well on a run, I get that feeling of flying. I love it!

    • Oh wow, thank you, I never noticed that. I know what you mean, some days I plod along, and other days it feels like I was shot out of a canon! Keep it up!

  13. Ahhh! Your son is the cutest!

  14. I haven’t thought of running as flying yet, but now I will. Good imagery! I usually think of myself as a mack truck trying to keep going… so far it’s worked out ok 🙂

    PS I mentioned you on my blog today http://wp.me/p4hcdz-12X Almost all nice things were said!

    • Yes, give it a go and let me know how it feels! Haha, I guess you could run over the competition that way!

      Oh wow, thank you! I will check it out now! I hope you captured my good side 😉

  15. Yes! Most often I feel like an elephant stampeding, but there are those runs, those moments where my feet barely touch the ground. I think posture, leg turnover, and frame of mind have a lot to go with it.

    • Haha, I think we all have those days of elephanty runs. You are absolutely correct, I think posture is huge. And yes leg turn over and you attitude definitely play into it!

  16. You’ve got me singing Modest Mouse now! 🙂 Love your little boy…

  17. I definitely plod rather than tap. Something to aspire to, I guess!

  18. I’ve had some runs like that, especially in the spring when there’s a slight breeze.

  19. Um I LOVE THIS. I have no idea where that quote came from, but it’s my new favorite. I kind of felt like this yesterday. (My new shoes are very light and I almost felt like I was gliding along.) Such a cool post!

    • Thank you, Salt! Yes, I saw the pic of the new shoes, glad you liked them. It’s always a great feeling when you just feel fast on certain days. Love it!

  20. I remember seeing something similar on Tumblr a while back. It was something about, “runners spend x% of time in the air. We run because it is the closest thing to flying.” I just tried to find it, but I couldn’t. Anyway, I want to see if thinking about that helps my strides feel lighter on my run this afternoon! I had forgotten about the quote. 🙂

    Sidenote: your son looks like a mini-professional out there.

    • Oh wow, very cool. I need to see if I can find it somewhere. It definitely stuck in my mind. Yes, definitely think about trying to land lightly and float along!

      Ha, thank you! I need to post the video, he is really moving along!

  21. I definitely felt that way during my 10K in March (http://rockymtnpearls.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/happy-st-patricks-day-prs-for-everyone/). It was a sprightly moment in my running history, and it is a good feeling!

  22. If only I could have had this thought while running HILLS today. Flying up them!!!! PS – your little man is a cutie…so focused and in the moment!

    • Ha, thanks! Mickey was at the finish line and I told him to not stop running till he got to him. Good luck flying up those hills!!!

  23. I can’t say I’ve felt like I’m flying so far – unless sticking your arms out and making aeroplane noises while running around a downhill corner counts, in which case I did it this morning!

    I do know what you mean though, for me when I get into a good rhythm I fell more springy, like I’m bouncing along rather than stomping and it is an awesome feeling 🙂

    • Hahaha, that totally counts! Maybe you should run the whole way like that?!?!

      Yes, that’s a good way to think of it – bouncing along like Tigger! I do sometimes try to think of my legs as springs sometimes too. Good idea!

  24. Just catching up on blogs, and I come across this gem 🙂 On my next run, I will definitely be thinking of flying!

  25. I do try to run as lightly as possible….wouldn’t say I’m flying though, that’s for sure!

    • Ha, well keep working on it! I do notice that when I’m laboring more that my feet seem to be making a lot more noise….good idea to run lightly!

  26. I run pretty light (kind of a high-ish cadence helps that), although the last few miles of my race today, my foot felt pretty mashed up.

    Your son will be outrunning you soon with that awesome form he’s got going.

    • Yes, it’s always better to run light. I try to make as little noise as possible when I run, but it doesn’t always work out. Sorry to hear about your foot!

      I have no doubt he’ll be outrunning me soon. But I won’t let him win without a fight!

  27. I used to hate running because I was forever pounding the pavement. I spent last year changing my running style and one of my many mantra’s is keep it light and easy!

    • Yay! It does get easier. I know what you mean. I do notice when I’m running ‘heavy’ and can hear my loud footsteps along the way. Always much better when it’s a ‘quiet’ run.

  28. I typically feel like an elephant running for its life in the middle of a stampede. I kid- well for the most part I kid. I do notice when I focus on posture my overall form is much better. But I don’t do well with too much thinking 😉 I’ll try though 🙂

    • Pwhaha, don’t swing your trunk and tusks around too much! You might knock people over! 😉
      I hear you, whenever I focus on keeping my shoulders up, it always helps! Yes, run dumb! 😉

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