A Gentleman’s Wager – “loser” runs.

So my running-blogging buddy Jon over at My ourney: 1,000 Miles in 2014 and also at Inspired Race Events has challenged me to a bet.  Before I get to that, first you should know that Jon and I have never met.  He lives in San Antonio, TX and I live in Dallas, TX.  We only know each other through the blogosphere and our interactions on Twitter.  But now we’re in the middle of a wager.

This came about because both of “our” respective NBA teams are currently playing each other in the NBA playoffs.  He’s a Spurs fan, and I’m a Mavericks man.  These teams are pretty big in state rivals, and so we were taunting each other on Twitter.  Finally he said we need to have a bet.  I agreed.  He asked what it should be over.  I suggested the ‘loser’ has to run an uncomfortable workout.  He agreed.

On the court after a game last year.  Dirk is peeking out of my shirt.

On the court after a Mavs game last year. Dirk is peeking out of my shirt.

How the playoffs work is the two teams play each in a best of seven game series:  The first team to win four games wins and moves on to the next round.  Loser goes fishing.  The series could be over in 4 games, or it could go up to 7.  We decided that the ‘loser’ will have to run as many 400’s as the number of games the series goes.  If it goes 7 games, the loser has to run 7 400 repeats.  It is currently tied at 2-2.  Hopefully I won’t have to bust out my lucky retro Mavs jersey that I was wearing when the won the title a couple years ago.

My secret weapon.

My secret weapon.

I personally think the bet should be weighted somehow considering the Spurs had the best record in the NBA regular season and are a #1 seed.  The Mavs are the #8 seed.  But oh well, I guess you throw that all out in the playoffs.  Hopefully my main man Dirk Nowitzki can bring home the win!

Pic I took getting Dirk's autograph at an FC Dallas match.  See, I told you we're tight.

Pic I took getting Dirk’s autograph at an FC Dallas match. See, I told you we’re tight.

In the end, the wager isn’t that bad.  Truth be told, I’d probably be doing 400 repeats anyway, hahaha!  Either way, at least one of us will be on the track running 400 repeats at a pace that should induce dry heaving.

From my track workout last week.  Luckily I didn't puke on my pretty shoes.

From my track workout last week. Luckily I didn’t puke on my pretty shoes.

How about you?  Ever make a ‘run’ bet?  Any other ideas for what we could’ve had the ‘loser’ run?  Anyone else have ‘lucky’ clothes?


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26 thoughts on “A Gentleman’s Wager – “loser” runs.

  1. All I will say is GO SPURS!!!!!!! Growing up in San Antonio will do that to a girl. I will live and die loving those Spurs, so I do hope for my sake, you lose the bet. And as you said, you’d be doing it anyway!

  2. What a terrific idea. I love the bet you guys have. Friendly wagers are fun and add a bit more excitement.

  3. Good luck! I hope whoever (whomever?) loses will post pics of his dry heaving (I’m evil that way.)

    • Ha, you really are a jerk! Sorry, but as I’m doubled over grasping for air, I don’t have the wits about me to take a selfie!

  4. You guys are awesome! Maybe now I’ll actually pay attention to the playoffs. I think there should also be some kind of t-shirt wearing for your 400s – like “The Spurs suck” or general advertized embarrassment of the wearer.

  5. Sounds fun!!! I think you guys should incorporate some kind of women’s clothing into the track bet…a sports bra perhaps?

    • You mean besides the sports bra I normally wear? 😉 Ha, I might have a tutu at home that would work. I’ll have to think about that!

  6. First time reader, great bet between bloggers. I’m a Heat fan so I’m open to bets at any time. Perhaps the finals?

    The playoffs have been amazing thus far and your Mavs are more than holding their own. Look forward to reading in the future.

  7. Cat

    That sounds hideous. Fingers crossed you win! 😉

  8. I agree with the above, something needs to be added in. Repeats are hard but easy in a way? Push ups in between the repeats?

    • OK, I’m seeing a theme here in the comments. I guess I really need to think about an additional punishment.

  9. I’ve not been a big better, but now I see a fun way to bet. Good luck!

  10. I think you should make this SUPER uncomfortable and the loser has the wear the other team’s jersey while running said workout.

    • Ha, you’re like the 5th person to suggest that we need to make the punishment a little more painful. I’ll have to contact him and see what he thinks.

  11. Hey, you both sort of win if you have to do the repeats, right?

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  13. Hahaha LOVE this!! What a fun bet!-er sorry, gentleman’s wager.

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