Weekend Recapin’: Runnin’, Walkin’, & Yogain’

Like most of us, the weekend started with a ‘long run’.  I took our dumb dog with me (the smart one has bad hips in old age).  I didn’t really have a plan, but thought 9 miles would be good.  It was.  I felt aight.  Picked up the pace as I went and ended up with an average pace around 8:30 something per mile.

And of course, since the weather is nice, we’ve been taking the both dogs (dumb and smart) and the rug rats (both are smart, of course) on walks.  They love it when we have time to stop at the park to play.

Keep calm and slide on.

Keep calm and slide on.

Sunday the weather experts on TV had predicted crazy winds, hail, massive storms, and basically the end of days.  Turned out it was only a little windy.

Either way, I needed a yoga sesh, so I met some friends at Lululemon for their weekly practice.  It must’ve been a tough class cause there was lots of grunting (not from me), and today I am sore in parts.  Afterward I snapped a pic of our group, but didn’t like the way it looked, so it got deleted.

Sorry folks.  I know how much you wanted to see another selfie of me and my motley crew.

Sorry folks. I know how much you wanted to see another selfie of me and my motley crew.

Anyway, the weather has been pretty decent, and the flowers have taken notice.  Everything is in full bloom now, so my mom took the rug rats to the arboretum check some of them out.

I'd like to point out some of my favorite plants...there's the green one, and the other green one, and that green one...

I’d like to point out some of my favorite plants…there’s the green one, and the other green one, and that green one…

And to top it all off, my Dallas Mavericks won their playoff game in dramatic fashion with a three pointer at the buzzer.  Which was good, because when the Mavs win, “It makes for a much more pleasant household.” (according to the wife)

How bout you?  Good weekend?  Flowers flowering?  Run, yoga, or other workouts?  Goin on any walks?



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46 thoughts on “Weekend Recapin’: Runnin’, Walkin’, & Yogain’

  1. Ha, I saw that 3 pointer at the buzzer. Pretty crazy. I love a good dog, smart or not. I have dog fever these days so they are all awesome to me 🙂

  2. Oh, I love flowers flowering! So pretty and yes, it was a great weekend!! I’ve been going on some great walks with my dog, Prince, too!! Just lovely! 😉

    • Very nice, enjoy the weather/walks! The Texas bluebonnets have bloomed here. They only last a couple weeks, but they look pretty cool when they do.

      • Very nice!!! Well, the weather is pretty gross this week, but hopefully will be nice again this weekend!! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!!

      • That’d be better than it being nice all week and crappy on the weekend!
        Thanks, you too!

  3. So cute! I love the turtles shirt – does he eat pizza daily?

  4. Yoga sesh = great day!!! Love how you paid homage to the picture you took since you deleted it, hilarious!

    Love the flowers! Spring is so great seeing all the flowers bloom. Looks like the cute little rug rats like them too!!

    • Haha, thanks! I guess I’m too vain to put up a photo that was too unflattering. 😉

      Agreed! Right now in Texas the roses and bluebonnets are in full bloom. Very colorful! Ha, yes, the rug rats like the colors too!

  5. Melanie

    My husband and I ran a marathon at the University of Toledo, our alma mater and birthplace of our love.(Sorry for the lovey-dovey junk!) We set a new personal record by 9 mins. We also got registered for Dopey this week. Any advice???

    • Very cool! I met my wife at Ohio University! I really want to run the marathon/half in Athens. Maybe next year??? Congrats on getting in to Dopey! My advice is to take it as easy as possible the first three races – I set personal worsts. But I still had fun by wearing costumes and taking videos/photos along the way. I was still able to PR the marathon this way! I blogged about all of it from the expo to the post Dopey festivities. I can get you those links if you want. In the meantime, here’s the link to Day 4: https://piratebobcat.wordpress.com/2014/01/27/disney-marathon-recap-dopey-challenge-day-4/

  6. Two kids AND two dogs? That’s a lot for the two of you to corral…kudos!

    • Ha, tell me about it. If the wife is there, then it’s a little easier, but if I’m by myself I always get comments from people like, “Looks like you got your hands full there.”

  7. Lol- love your daughter’s expression on the slide!!
    The flowers look so nice! Our spring is still brown, but everything is budding!
    Great weekend. Bike, strength, and one run. I think it was my last one for a while 😦 I have to deal with this leg of mine!

    • Ha, thanks! She’s new to slides, so she’s not quite sure about them yet. Sorry about your lingering winter views. Hopefully spring will kick in for you soon!
      Sounds like you had an active weekend! Bummer about your bum leg…sending good healing vibes your way!

  8. Super cute rugrats!! Good weekend despite aforementioned less-than-stellar run, flowers are definitely flowerin’ here, and in an attempt to preserve my IT for next Sunday I am doing as little walking as possible haha. My bike will be getting lots of love this week!

    • Thank you!! Oh man, I hope it cooperates for you. If I were you I’d be very aggressive with it until your race – foam roll like crazy, ART, Graston, stretching, ice, etc. Good luck!!!!

  9. Glad the storms weren’t as bad as predicted! It sounded like it was going to be pretty bad.

    • Haha, yes. In fact they scarred my friends from even running cause it was supposed to be so bad. But we didn’t even get one drop. Oh well.

  10. Great weekend! We had cooler and windy weather than we would have liked but it didn’t stop us from hangin outside. We definitely took some nice walks with the dog and saw plenty of flowers flowering. Glad you had a good weekend too! I loved watching Mark Cuban’s reaction to the Maverics win… he just stuck that tongue right out like a goof.

    • Great to hear! Glad you were able to get outside! Gotta take advantage when we can!! Ha, yeah, people either love or hate MC, but he definitely loves his team and wants to win. And he brought us a title, so we put up with his shenanigans. 😉

  11. Sounds like a nice weekend! I ran my first ever 10 mile race (or run, for that matter) on Sunday.

    • It was! Congrats on double digits!!! I ran my first 10 mile race a couple years ago and loved it because unlike a 13.1 or a 6.2 or a 3.1 or a 26.2, once you reach mile 10 you are done! No pesky .1 or .2 to go.

  12. elihawkins6

    Hope you’re in a safe area, considering all the tornados and high-winds that whipped through that portion of the nation the weekend.

    Looks like you still got out and had a blast. I’m loving this spring in our area for once! Usually spring is about 3-5 days long in Cintucky and then it’s right into extreme humidity and summer.

    Have a good week!

    • Thanks! Yes, tornados always seem to be around here, but never seem to hit the city/suburbs. We’ve been lucky so far.

      I did! Ha, Cintucky, that’s a good one. I remember visiting friends there and we’d always drive across the river to the giant liquor store warehouses, stock up, and drive back to Cincy. I do not however remember it being very hot…but maybe my perspective has changed since moving to Texas.

      Thanks! You as well!

      • elihawkins6

        Haha. Our giant liquor outlet has grown to include a small distillery too!

        Also, the temps have nothing on other places, that can be true, but ignorant driving in the winter and heavy humidity are the sticking points here.

      • Oh wow, nice! Glad to hear it’s growing!

        Oh yes, I remember the bad drivers. But there’s some bad ones down here too. Ha, I guess they’re everywhere!

      • elihawkins6

        They’ve got to be. I”m sure the bad ones down there also transferred from up here, You know all about ‘dem Ohio drivers, don’t ya? haha 🙂

      • You are correct! Most people around here are transplants from somewhere else. Driving on the freeways is like living in the Wild West. People are nuts!

      • elihawkins6


  13. Cute kiddos! It was a relaxing weekend here, your pictures have me looking forward to Spring flowers, I hope we get them soon!

    • Thanks!!! Oh man, I hope you get springy soon! I’m trying to enjoy it before the Texas summer melts us!

      • I have a couple friends from Texas, and I’ve heard stories about the heat and humidity. I’m in Park City, UT and I woke up to four inches if snow yesterday.

      • Oh yes, it can get pretty nasty here. Scary hot.
        I visited PC, UT once and loved it. Saw the biggest snow flakes I’ve ever seen! The liquor laws were confusing though. Sorry about the snow (unless you enjoy it)

      • Thanks! I could definitely use less snow right about now.

  14. Great weekend! Played with kids at the park and let them enjoy the outdoors before the really bad weather hit on Sunday! I did swim, bike, run in preparation for the triathlon in May! glad you had a nice weekend as well!

    • Good to hear you got to enjoy it before the bad weather hit! Best of luck on your tri, I’m sure you’ll rock it!
      Thank you!!!

  15. It was a very good weekend! We had some nice days too. My run on Saturday morning (7 miles) was not the best, but the rest of the day was fun. Took the kiddo to a spring festival and then the bouncy house place in the afternoon. Then 5K on Sunday and an oyster festival where I celebrated my 2nd place with lots of wine.

    The end of days weather is upon us over here now and it’s back to being 40 degrees. I can’t count on spring anymore I guess. 😦

    • Sounds like you had a busy and fun weekend! I swear we take the 5 year old to a bounce house birthday party at least every other weekend! Congrats again on your 5k pr! Mmmm, oysters, wine, celebrating…mmmmm

      Ha, yes, spring is out of control. It was close to 90 and now there saying there’s a frost warning the next couple days. Wacky!

  16. missadventuresinrunning

    Glad you had a great weekend! The beautiful weather definitely makes weekends much better! I’ve even noticed a spike in speed on my runs. The beautiful flowers are inspiring!

    • Thanks! And agreed – good weather just lifts the spirits. I have also noticed I’m going faster on my runs, love it!

  17. No flowers where I live yet, but DC was all abloom this weekend when I was there.

    Your son is a ham… like his dad.

    • Hopefully you get spring soon! I heard the cherry blossoms were blossoming!

      Thanks! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  18. Hmmm … I had a lazy weekend – all I did was take the dogs on a couple of walks to their favourite duck pond. We’re heading into winter here so all our flowers are disappearing 😦

    • Oh no, I forgot you’re in a different hemisphere. Hope you don’t have too brutal of a winter! I’ll be thinkin of y’all as I enjoy the sunshine! 😉

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