Social Run & Dynamic Warm-Up Class

Last night I met up with the uber cool TNSR at Lululemon for the weekly social run. (click on images to enlarge)

Why no, there was no photoshopping involved.  They're just super acrobatic.

Why no, there was no photoshopping involved. They’re just super acrobatic.

I cranked out a sunny/windy 5k at 7:45 per mile.

Not sure what I was looking/laughing at.  I guess I was a happy runner.

Not sure what I was looking/laughing at. I guess I was a happy runner.

There were a few people there who had just run and/or spectated the Boston Marathon, so it was cool to get their stories!  One of them is the super speedy Dr. Logan Sherman.  He’s still sore from his 2:30-something finish, but he and his co-horts from the chiropractic office took time to teach us some good dynamic movements.

Dr. Sherman instructing us.

Dr. Sherman instructing us.

Hey, I've done this in yoga!

Hey, I’ve done this in yoga!

I've done this in yoga too!

I’ve done this in yoga too!

They might have been messing with us on this one.

They might have been messing with us on this one.

But it was all smiles in the end.

But it was all smiles in the end.

It worked!!!  Look how fast I am - like I'm flying!

It worked!!! Look how fast I am – like I’m a flying blur!

Anyways, some good tips.  I still need to read the handouts they gave us, so hopefully I can report back with some more specifics later on.

How bout you?  Do you do dynamic warm-ups before a run?  Did you know incorporating moving yoga poses in your warm up could help your running?  What could I have been looking at during the run?!?



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20 thoughts on “Social Run & Dynamic Warm-Up Class

  1. Nice pictures!! Wow, some neat stretches!! Before running, I do some moving yoga poses! They definitely help to loosen me up!

    • Thanks! And sweet! I usually do a bunch of warm up moves, but I learned a few new ones this night. The walking revolving lunge one was pretty good!

  2. Those have me a bit inspired to stretch more. Just a bit 😉 Impressive blurry running….does make me want to consider it a bit more. Isn’t it fun to have speedy friends to live vicariously through?

    • Ha, thanks! Yeah, they did the class after our run and made sure to scold us for not doing a proper warm up before our run! I think it makes a big difference. And yes, it’s nice to have speedy friends. Can you believe he was actually disappointed with his finishing time?!?! He was hoping to run in the low 2:20’s he said. Crazy!

  3. Yeah, share more about the stretching.

    You were looking for the side breathing dude.

  4. Looks like a great group to be out running with. I haven’t done a lot of dynamic warm-ups for running….but probably should.

  5. I think you were probably laughing at a clown on a unicycle. They need practice, too.

    I’m an injury waiting to happen at all times, so I always make sure I get a dynamic warm-up in and MUST stretch and roll after. I’m like a giant pretzel, kind of like you guys look in your pics.

    • Haha! Funny story, there’s a place here that I like to do my long runs, and there’s always a group of dudes riding unicycles. Weird!

      Good for you!!! Dynamic warm up + post run stretch and foam roll = injury prevention!!! And yes, you can’t be afraid to look a little silly.

  6. That looks like fun! I haven’t been to the group run at my local running store in a long time, as in months. Maybe I’ll start going again this summer!

    • You should go! It’s always fun to run with others (and to socialize with them too). My non-running friends get tired of my run talk, but my running friends dont! 😉

  7. I love that your lululemon does all of this, mine has the weekly yoga classes, but I’ve never seen a class like this one there. You know I love me some yoga with my running! : )

    • It’s kind of a merger between a social run group and Lulu. One of the gals from the group works there and since the run group is so large, they’ve been bringing in experts to give us occasional presentations. Pretty cool! Maybe you can get something organized with your Lulu…

  8. Haha I wish they had a club like this near us!!

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