Race Photos (not all bad)

The other week I ran in a 5k (Abby’s Run for Dandy Walker Syndrome).  I wanted to do well because I know the race directors and the race was raising funds for a good cause.  And I did do pretty good – 5th overall and 1st in my division.  You can read the recap HERE.

In the recap you can see some other photos from the day (including the super awesome medal).

Anyway, they recently posted the official race photos, so I thought I’d share the ones that have me in them (because I’m so shy and modest).  Click on them to enlarge…

Milling about before the start - I'm off to the side behind the flag pole talking to my friend Pepsi.  Yes, her actual name is Pepsi.  I guess her parents were fans of sugar drinks???

Milling about before the start – I’m off to the side behind the flag pole talking to my friend Pepsi. Yes, her actual name is Pepsi. I guess her parents were fans of sugar drinks???

And we're off!  I'm in there somewhere.  BTW, none of those determined kids were able to sustain that pace past 50 yards.  So yes, I had to do some weaving to get around them.

And we’re off! I’m in there somewhere. BTW, none of those determined kids were able to sustain that pace past 50 yards. So yes, I had to do some weaving to get around them.

I was wishing that guy wasn't trying to draft off me.

First mile.  I was wishing that guy wasn’t trying to draft off me.

Managed half a smirk.  That dude

Managed half a smirk for the camera. That dude behind me is wondering why I’m ahead of him – we have the same shoes after all!  Pepsi is back there in the hat.  She would’ve been next to me, but her hat fell off at the start and she had to run after it.  Yes, her real name is Pepsi.

The blue shirt same shoes dude is no longer in my photos!

The blue-shirt-same-shoes-side-mouth-breather dude is no longer in my photos!  You can however spot Pepsi (white hat) behind the silver grocery getter about to turn down the home stretch (2nd female finisher). Yes, her real name is Pepsi.

5th place finisher!

At the finish – All alone in 5th place!

Trying not to get my race director friend sweaty in our hug.

Award ceremony – Trying not to get my race director friend (Ann) sweaty in our hug.

Yay! I got a photo with Abby (who the race is named for) and her mom.  Ann photobombed us.

Yay! I got a photo with Abby (who the race is named for) and her mom. Ann photobombed us. Not sure why I’m standing bow-legged.

The next one is not an official race photo.  A friend snapped it and emailed it to me later…

I'm all thumbs.

I’m all thumbs.

So there they are, the long lost race photos (from two weeks ago).  Not too bad – compared to how I usually look (not flattering).  And it’s really cool of them to send them to us for free!!!!  Such a great event all around!

How bout you?  Any recent race photos?  What do you think the dude behind me the first mile was thinking?  Do you know anyone named Pepsi?  Why do kids always line up at the front of the race (I mean, come on)?


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51 thoughts on “Race Photos (not all bad)

  1. Haha, great photos and I love your questions. So funny!! I’m not sure what the guy behind you is thinking, maybe something like “How does this guy make it look so easy?” Honestly, you (in your pictures at least) run pretty effortlessly, which is great.

    • Thank you so much! I try to run as relaxed as possible, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t hurting! It’s funny, I had a friend at that race volunteering at a water stop halfway through, and he told me after that those of us at the front didn’t look like we were moving fast, but I’ve always found that those who look relaxed are actually moving faster than those who look strained.

      • SO SO TRUE!!! I definitely agree and can relate! I get that a lot during my runs in the morning…people always tell me I run very relaxed. I guess it’s a good thing!!

      • Yes, definitely a good thing!

  2. Dude behind you is probably thinking “how is this dude in front of me running so fast?” I don’t know anyone named Pepsi. Are you sure that’s her real name? I love how kids line up in the front of races and go out way too fast – no clue on how to pace themselves yet.

    • Ha, thank you! That guy actually was helping me because I wanted to break away from him – and at mile 2 I did! Ha, yes it’s her real name. She’s a pretty cool chica too! And yes, kids have no sense of pacing. You’ll see them sprinting, then stop to walk, and then when they hear your footsteps coming they start sprinting again. I want to trip them, haha!

  3. Abby’s a cutie!

  4. Free photos is great! And they didn’t come out too shabby either – you’re lucky!

  5. Cat Hiles

    Great photos! The guy behind you looks like he’s breathing out the side of his mouth for some reason. Do people breathe like that in real life?

    • Thanks! And hahaha! I had mentioned that in my caption. I’m sure he’d be a more efficient runner if he used his whole mouth to breath!

  6. Hooray for an awesome race that gives free pictures. Usually they are super pricey and I look terrible in all of them. So bonus for looking good in them too! I was fairly certain the guy was just checking out you svelte racing legs. Can you blame him?! He does seem a bit distraught with the realization that he won’t be able to keep up.

    • I agree! They have gotten so pricey, and you’re right, they usually aren’t all that great either. Haha, you’re probably right! I thought it was my shoes, but it probably was my sweet gams! Ha, I wasn’t sure if he was in my age group or not, so I wanted to make sure to try and beat him. Luckily when I picked up the pace around mile 2 (as we hit the wind), he wasn’t able to stay with me!

  7. That’s awesome the race gave free photos- and good ones at that!

  8. Pepsi is a cute name. Captions are hilarious, especially the side breather dude. He was thinking: “Should I be mad or nah?”

    • And it’s fun to say too! Thank you!!! Yeah, both photos he’s breathing like that. I don’t know why. Haha, I should’ve asked him, “You mad bro?”

  9. There’s an older lady I know who lines up in the front for races if they don’t have a starting chip time but she runs 30 minute 5ks and takes walk breaks. Nothing wrong with her pace, but it’s just rude and potentially dangerous for other runners.

    The kids haven’t figured out pacing I guess. I grew up thinking I hated running because I’d go all out and die after a few yards. Silly me.

    Love the race photos. Is her namd really Pepsi?

    • I agree! I wish all races would announce that slower paces and walkers should move toward the back of the start. I’m lucky I didn’t trip when I was weaving around people/kids. Sorry about that lady, maybe she was super fast when she was younger and still thinks she should be up at the front. 😉

      Yes, kids have no sense of pacing. What makes them (you) think they can sprint all out for 3.1 miles? Haha!

      Ha, thanks! Yes, and people always ask that.

  10. I always look weird in race photos, you look great! Especially in the one with that guy behind you, he looks like he’s struggling to catch you, and you look very relaxed. Nice job on the age group win!

    • Ha, I usually look awful. Thank you very much! I consciously try to stay relaxed when I run. I really think it helps. If you look at the super fast runners out there, they never look like they’re struggling!

  11. Great pics! I totally noticed that guy had the same shoes as you. I bet he was wondering why his shoes weren’t as fast as yours? and kids shouldn’t be in front. That’s not safe. :/

    • Haha, thanks! You’re probably right! He was all like, ‘why aren’t mine helping me move as fast?’ Haha! And yes, it isn’t safe – especially when they realize after 50 yards that they can’t hold the pace and suddenly stop right in front of you!

  12. You got some great shots! I usually look pretty pained in my pictures. The guy behind you just seems to be focusing veeery intently on his side-mouth-breathing. And I definitely don’t know anyone named Pepsi.

    • Thank you!!! I’ve been concentrating on trying to stay relaxed, even when it hurts. I think it really helps! Hahaha, maybe the side breathing is a special technique that he’s working on?!? Ha, we had a kid in high school who’s initials were RC, so we called him the ‘Cola Man’ for RC Cola (does that still exist?)

  13. Great pics! A bunch of kids lined up at the front of my trail race last weekend and I was thinking a similar thing but 90% of them finished faster than I did!

  14. I wonder how many jokes she hears about having a sister named Coca-Cola.

  15. I don’t know about the kids, but I ran a 5K in December where they did the same thing and I almost tripped over about 10 of them.

    I just got my race photos from my 10K and they aren’t too bad. As usual I’m not real fond of my face in them, but the rest of me looks okay. These are all great! I especially love the one of you and Abby and her mom (the bowlegged one). Abby is adorable. 🙂

    And no I don’t know anyone named Pepsi.

    • Yes, they go out at a full sprint, and then will suddenly stop to walk! I don’t know why they think they will be able to go all out the entire race…youthful ignorance or extreme confidence? Haha

      Ha, can’t wait to see your pics. Maybe you can photoshop your face and replace it with a portrait shot? Yes! I’m glad I got to see Abby this year – and so I had to get a picture! I must’ve been squatting a little to lower myself for the photo – hence the bow legs. Weird.

      Well I guess I’ve got you beat then. 😉

  16. Going out on a limb here, the guy behind you was probably, at the last-minute, really self-conscious about his monochromatic outfit. Head-to-toe-royal blue is different in practice than in theory (as it should be). So he wasn’t drafting, he was HIDING. (great race pics, by the way!)

    • Hahahaha, I like your theory! And here I was annoyed that he was trying to draft off me the first 2 miles, I should’ve been more supportive of his hiding attempts. Ha! (and thanks!)

  17. Question- is her real name Pepsi? Or is that a nickname? 😉 My story for your drafter friend was that he went to Ohio’s rivalry school and he didn’t want you to win.

    • Ha! I had to put that in there because she hears it all the time. Oh no! He went to Miami (OH)?!?! Well then now I’m really glad that I beat him!!!!!!! 😉

  18. Awesome shots, buddy. For some reason, it’s a good pose of you leaning over your fallen friend. Your son is precious!

    • Thanks bro! 😉 ha, I’m sorry she’s so spread eagle towards the camera. That’s actually how she fell! And thank you, I like to think he gets it from me. 😉

  19. I still don’t believe that your friend’s real name is Pepsi. Haha.

  20. Bowlegged, but strong muscly bowlegged! And is her real name Pepsi? I wasn’t sure!

    • Haha, thank you! Maybe that could be a new nickname – Strongbow (like the hard cider!)
      I had to keep repeating it because she gets asked about it allll the time. Haha!

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